Season 6 episode 1 - house of heal – The legend of The Angry black Woman, component 1

In the very first of a four-part one-of-a-kind event, Iyanla Vanzant invites eight women to move right into her house of Healing. The women, including a solitary mother, several victims of son abuse, and a set of twins among whom was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend every share one point in common: They have actually all to be labeled as angry black color women. Iyanla\"s intentionally is to prove the this stereotype is inaccurate, untrue and dangerous. Air date : 10th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 6 illustration 2 - residence of healing – The myth of The Angry black Woman, part 2

Air date : 17th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 3 - residence of healing – The legend of The Angry black Woman, component 3

Air date : 24th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 6 illustration 4 - residence of heal – The myth of The Angry black Woman, component 4

Air day : 1st-Oct-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 5 - resolve My damaged Family, component 1

Air day : 8th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 6 illustration 6 - settle My broken Family, component 2

Air date : 14th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 7 - Lotto Drama

Iyanla works with a mom of 4 whose life is in shambles after ~ winning a the lottery. Air day : 22nd-Oct-2016Read More

Season 6 episode 8 - house of Healing: resolve a black color Man’s Heart, part 1

Iyanla invites six men right into a house of healing to assist fix the black man’s heart. Air date : 29th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 6 illustration 9 - solve a black Man’s Heart, part 2

Air day : 5th-Nov-2016Read More

Season 6 illustration 10 - fix a black Man’s Heart, part 3

Air date : 12th-Nov-2016Read More

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