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The Music of The Night
Song information : Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics: Charles Hart. Info: indigenous the musical \"The Phantom the The Opera\".

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Time: 5:03. Uncovered on CD: song From The silver- Screen. uncovered on DVD: song From The silver Screen.
hear to 30 sec. That this tune : Your web browser does not support the audio element.
text : Night time sharpens, heightens each sensationDarkness stirs and also wakes imaginationSilently the senses abandon their defensesSlowly, gently night unfurls that is splendorGrasp it, sense it tremulous and tenderTurn your face away indigenous the garish light of dayTurn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling lightAnd hear to the music the the nightClose her eyes and surrender to your darkest dreamsPurge your thoughts of the life friend knew beforeClose her eyes, allow your heart start to soarAnd you\"ll live as you\"ve never lived beforeSoftly, deftly music candlestick caress youHear it, feeling it privately possess youOpen up your mind, let her fantasies unwindIn this darkness that you understand you cannot fightThe darkness of the music that the nightLet her mind begin a journey through a strange new worldLeave every thoughts of the life you knew beforeLet your spirit take you whereby you lengthy to beOnly then have the right to you belong to meFloating, falling sweet intoxicationTouch me, trust me, savor each sensationLet the dream begin, let her darker side give inTo the power of the music that ns writeThe strength of the music of the nightYou alone can make my song take flightHelp me do the music of the night
former cover for \"Songs because that The silver Screen\"
back cover because that \"Songs because that The silver Screen\"
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Date: 2012 Source: Jackie Evancho Vevo
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