Kanji is super complicated! even Japanese people could do mistakes if castle didn’t know about the society behind each kanji. So, if you have no idea around it, friend don’t need to feel bad at all.

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I’m so happy that I received a inquiry from a viewer after a kind of lengthy time! Thank you for contacting inter-base.net!(*’▽’)

Can you help me finding the appropriate kanji because that warrior? This is the one I uncovered on the Anime series “Dragon Ball”.


I see, this is 武. This kanji is regarded “Fight”. Its common idioms space bellow.

武術家, 武道家 (bujutsuka, budouka: Martial Artist)武闘家 (butouka: Fighter)武士 (bushi: Samurai Warrior)武力 (buryoku: military Force)

天下一武道会(tenkaichi-budoukai: world Martial art Tournament)↑This is a Dragon sphere thing!(

And likewise 武 is typical Japanese boy’s name. Once this kanji is person’s name, generally it’s pronounced “Takeshi”.

The Japanese Kanji because that Warrior

The indigenous “Warrior” is usually translated to “戦士 (senshi)”. So, if girlfriend are searching for the kanji word “Warrior”, “戦士” is the answer.

However, this kanji doesn’t have a nuance the Japanese format warrior, by the way. Japanese format warrior is an old thing and also we speak to it “Samurai”.

On the various other hand, “兵士 (heishi)” method a soldier fighting in a contemporary war.

Which Kanji have to a Warrior Wear?

Basically, it’s as much as you! However, there room some ideas.

In the popular Anime “Dragon Ball”, Goku acquired his an initial orange uniform from understand Roshi. There was a Japanese Kanji “亀” on it. Due to the fact that Master Roshi’s original name is 亀仙人(kame-sennin) in Japanese.

 Explanations about Master Roshi’s Name


Everybody knows son ogong is a disciple of grasp Roshi since of the symbol. Kurillin is still wearing it!

However, the Kanji on the Goku’s garments has readjusted to “悟” as cultivation as a martial artist. The kanji “悟” is one of the kanji in his surname 悟空 (Goku / Gokuu). Now everything is top top his own.


That’s why, if you want to follow that culture, i recommend warrior to wear one of 2 options.

the Kanji or the Kanji native which is provided by his or she Mentor (Sensei)One Kanji from His or she Name

The kanji from your mentor, have the right to be his or she Name, Dojo’s Name, Slogan, or Motto. Also American name, sometimes deserve to be analyzed well to kanji symbol if it has the beginning of word, choose “Drake (It’s origin is dragon.)” → “竜”.

I hope my answer helps you!

Thanks again for questioning me.

Today’s Kanji shirts is “Fighting Spirit”! That’s a cool motivational slogan for Warriors.

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