Aww! Cindy Crawford turn a red carpet occasion into a family day night together she to be spotted attending the 2019 Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai Luncheon v her daughter, Kaia Gerber, and her mother, Jennifer Crawford-Moluf. The 3 generations of Crawford ladies were every smiles as they posed because that pics on the red carpet ~ above November 6.

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Cindy, 53, looked stunning, together per usual, while standing alongside her mama and her 18-year-old mini-me. The event, which was hosted at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles was in assistance of the Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai — an company that inspires invention in terms of healthcare and research in ~ the hospital.

The According come Jim star struggle the red carpet on Wednesday afternoon attract a gorgeous, orange-colored skirt, a black peak that featured a turtle neckline and also cut-outs ~ above the shoulders, and also a pair the strappy heels. Kaia, on the other hand, wore a basic white dress and pumps similar to her mom’s. The family’s matriarch additionally looked gorgeous in a dark eco-friendly maxidress, a scarf and chunky, black heels. The Crawford clan is gorgeous!


During the event, Cindy to be honored v a mrs of achievement Award. As well as the handing the end of trophies, the red-carpet VIP luncheon likewise included “a luxury silent auction special fine jewelry and also designer handbags and also a fashion show,” according to the event’s website.

Prior come the prestigious luncheon, the Fair Game actress took to Instagram to provide fans a sneak emergence while getting all glammed up. “So unique spending the day with my mother and 
womensguild,” Cindy captioned the pics. In one of the photos, the TV personality and also her mama can be checked out sitting in robes and also hair curlers when sipping ~ above coffee. The 2nd photo verified the trio smiling for a pic if all prepared for the event.

Fans of the House the Style star — that shares Kaia and 20-year-old kid Presley Gerber through longtime husband Rande Gerber — couldn’t help but gush over she adorable household outing. “Wow, 3 generations the gorgeous women,” one user wrote in the comment ar of Cindy’s posted. One more fan chimed in, writing, “All 3 so beautiful inside and also out.” A 3rd echoed, “Stunning genes.”

It looks choose we’ll need to stay tuned because that the next time the 3 Crawford females make a distinct appearance together!

Scroll v the gallery listed below to watch pics the Cindy, Kaia and also Jennifer on the red carpet the the Women’s Guild luncheon! 



The beloved beauty had her mama and daughter in tow as they posed for pics together. Kaia seemed to resemble she grandmother together she was showing off her beaming smile at the yearly event.


Although Cindy has actually recieved backlash because that letting Kaia model at a young age, she recently explained why she no difficulty with her daughter complying with in her footsteps. If attending a dashboard at Vogue‘s forces of Fashion Summit in beforehand October, the doting mom defended her choice to allow her daughter to model before 18.

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“I had actually no trepidation in ~ all about saying yes to Kaia,” Cindy revealed when attending the event alongside her gorgeous little girl. “I feel comfortable and also I was like, ‘Go because that it, have fun and also I’m constantly here if you have a question.’”

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