Profile:J.I the Prince that N.Y
Age:20 year Old
Height:5ft 4in (163 cm)
Net Worth:US $1 Million


J.I. Aka The Prince of new York is one American rapper the end of Brooklyn, new York. In 2016, the earned spotlight attention after his rapping an abilities landed him a role on “The rap Game” (season 2), a Lifetime’s truth television series, hosted by Jermaine Dupri, which functions young artists in between the ages of 12 and also 16 completing for an chance to acquire signed. Rapid Forward to the present, J.I. Has become an developed young artist and also an significant media personality. Some of his most famous songs incorporate “Need Me,” “Blame on Me,” “Company,” and also “Own Shit.” He has collaborated through artists favor Lil crucial and Nova. As of November 2019, J.I. Appears to it is in an independent artist releasing most, if not all, the his music listed below United Masters, a platform wherein artists retain rights to your work.

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J.I. Was born Justin Rivera on September 23, 2001, in Brooklyn, brand-new York. The is that Puerto Rican descent. Growing up idolizing musical legends, Tupac and Nas, J.I. Committed self from an early age to go after the Art. At period 11, the youngster began rapping seriously. ~ failing to do the basketball team in middle school, J.I. Offered music his undivided attention and pursued the art relentlessly.

CAREER In 2016, J.I. Denote his talent to the civilization after make an figure on “The laboratory Game.” despite not to win the event and getting signed, his competitive spirit earned him respect, attention, and popularity. Aside from his at an early stage breakthrough, he also demonstrated his talent through engaging in many rap battles, both local and around the country. Consequently, his social media existence on communication such together Instagram and YouTube increased immensely.

Simultaneously, J.I. Started uploading monitor on various media platforms. Several of his faster work can be discovered on music-hub, SoundCloud. 3 tracks that highlighted his talent to be “Right Now,” “Look in ~ Me Now,” and also “Quiet Storm.” in ~ mere months, they would be streamed thousands of thousands the times. In 2017, J.I. Released the famous singles “Loved U” and also “Why U Mad” ft Nova & Lil Key. “Why U Mad,” the much more popular the the two, was released in June and the accompanying music video was uploaded in August. To date, both have actually been streamed end 3 million times.

From 2018 come the present, J.I. Continued to cross hurdles and brake obstacles by constantly releasing new content. In 2018, the unveiled the popular singles “Run that Up” and “Lose Control.” Both tracks to be streamed immensely and also would pave the means for his most successful year yet, 2019. In 2019, J.I.’s career take it a enormous jump. Not just did he relax his first project, however he likewise dropped a barrage of singles the each boasts end a million streams.

On October 11, 2019, J.I. Released his debut album, Hood Life Krisis Vol. 1. A solo effort, the project, released under G.STARR ENT, featured 7 tracks. It to be spearheaded by few of his sexy tracks including “Need Me,” “Blame on Me,” and also “Own Shit.” the year, at least 7 of his tracks collected north that a million streams.

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PERSONAL J.I.’s height is around 5ft 4in. His network worth is estimated at $1 million. J.I.’s music began going viral in 2016 after ~ his figure on “The lab Game.” throughout an interview, he described that, though he received huge support, a lot of of people hated him because that no obvious reason. He likewise explained the he grew up in poverty; his mother and also father lacked the financial means necessary come live comfortably. Before blowing up, his alias, The Prince of new York, was never his name, but, the title of his Instagram account. He flourished up come the sounds of Nas, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Biggie. His Instagram account is house to some 642K+ followers. His personal YouTube channel has actually 28M+ views and 258K+ subscribers. His relationship status is currently unknown. In one of his Instagram photos, J.I. Is seen acquiring comfy v a certain female.

J.I the Prince of N.Y real Name, Birthday, Wiki

Real Name:Justin Irvin Rivera
Birthday:September 23, 2001
Age:20 years Old
Place of Birth:Brooklyn, new York, unified States
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Height:5ft 4in (163 cm)
Years Active:2016-Present
Net Worth:US $1 Million