Joan of Arc, a peasant girl living in medieval France, believed that God had chosen she to command France to victory in that is long-running war through England. With no military training, Joan encouraged the embattled crown prince Charles the Valois to allow her to lead a French army to the besieged city the Orléans, whereby it achieved a momentous win over the English and also their French allies, the Burgundians. After seeing the prince crowned King Charles VII, Joan was captured by Anglo-Burgundian forces, tried because that witchcraft and also heresy and also burned in ~ the stake in 1431, at the period of 19. By the moment she was officially canonized in 1920, the Maid that Orléans (as she was known) had long been thought about one the’s greatest saints, and also an enduring prize of French unity and also nationalism.

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Joan of Arc’s early on Life

Born about 1412, Jeanne d’Arc (or in English, Joan that Arc) was the daughter of a tenant farmer, Jacques d’Arc, indigenous the town of Domrémy, in northeastern France. She was not taught to review or write, yet her pious mother, Isabelle Romée, instilled in her a deep love for the Catholic Church and its teachings. In ~ the time, France had long to be torn apart by a bitter dispute with England (later recognized as the hundreds Years’ War), in i m sorry England had got the top hand. A tranquility treaty in 1420 disinherited the French crown prince, Charles that Valois, amid accusations that his illegitimacy, and also King Henry V was made ruler of both England and France. His son, Henry VI, prospered him in 1422. Along with its French allies (led by Philip the Good, battle each other of Burgundy), England lived in much of north France, and many in Joan’s village, Domrémy, were compelled to give up their residences under risk of invasion.

Did you know? In a personal audience in ~ his castle at Chinon, Joan the Arc won the future Charles VII over by supposedly revealing details that only a messenger from God could know; the details of this conversation room unknown.

At the age of 13, Joan began to hear voices, i beg your pardon she figured out had been sent out by God to provide her a mission the overwhelming importance: to save France through expelling that enemies, and also to install Charles together its rightful king. As part of this magnificent mission, Joan took a vow the chastity. In ~ the period of 16, after she father attempted come arrange a marriage for her, she successfully persuaded a neighborhood court the she must not be compelled to expropriate the match.

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Joan that Arc and the Siege of Orléans

In might 1428, Joan make her method to Vaucouleurs, a surrounding stronghold of those loyal to Charles. Originally rejected by the regional magistrate, Robert de Baudricourt, she persisted, attracting a little band of pendant who believed her claims to it is in the virgin that (according come a famous prophecy) was destined to conserve France. Once Baudricort relented, Joan cropped her hair and also dressed in men’s garments to do the 11-day journey throughout enemy are to Chinon, site of the crown prince’s palace.