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Superman Homepage reviewer thomas Dreyfuss evaluate episodes native the “Justice league Action” animated Series, airing ~ above Cartoon Network.

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Check the end his review of the 10th episode of Season 1 in i m sorry Superman is transported to a world orbiting a red sun by Steppenwolf.

Rating – 4 (out the 5): It’s a Superman episode! Yay! ns mean, it’s a justice League present so castle would never devote whole episode to just one superhero. Still, it’s Superman centric episode (YAY!) which method I obtain to talk around Superman (YAY! YAY!) on inter-base.net (YAY! YAY! YAY!) for every one of you!

Superman is a deceptively tough character come adapt outside of the comics since any significant changes to the Superman mythos operation the risk of destroying the leveling of the character. Whereas the basic audience will lose interest if Superman is depicted as being also “one dimensional” so transforms are inevitable. It’s a breakable balance between old and new. Between the children’s power fantasy Siegel and also Shuster initially envisioned and also the adult strength fantasy catered to modern-day day fans. In the situation of Justice organization Action, the present just assumes you know these characters and also tries not to reinvent the wheel v the hefty hitters.

“Under a Red Sun” starts with Superman, Batman and large Barda fighting versus a legion that Darkseid’s Parademons. However then, Superman is trapped as soon as Steppenwolf transports castle via mother Box (ping ping ping) come a desolate earth orbiting a red sun. Under red sunlight, Superman is calculation powerless therefore he has to outwit Steppenwolf to survive and it’s quite clever stuff. Jason J. Lewis has actually done a great job so much of playing up a confident and laid earlier Superman but here, we gain to view a more vulnerable next to the male of Steel and Lewis delivers. The writers take the “blue young scout” moniker fairly literally together Superman fashions absent traps to outsmart Steppenwolf and his Apokoliptian technology. It’s a clever game of “cat and also mouse” that I wanted to see more of, yet the climatic conference is satisfying.

The B-Story v Batman and huge Barda infiltrating Darkseid’s fortress on Apokolips is likewise pretty fun. Their video game of “who can take under the many baddies” offers for some earlier and 4th for both heroes. And also the interrogation of Virman Vunderbar is excellent in its own right together Batman and also Barda occupational together to literally to express intel out of the Mussolini pastiche. And all of this is drawn wonderfully many thanks to Shane Glines and the entire art room who’ve honed in on Jack Kirby’s initial designs.

Overall, “Under a Red Sun” is a fun Superman story through a practiced excursion right into the Fourth civilization material. Here’s hoping we acquire to see an ext of both in the future.

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