I've spent the critical 2 hrs searching, however I can't seem to discover the OVAs titled:

"the god it s okay dumped" and "the god goes to the hotspring"

Please and also thank you!!!

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The OVA aka Kako-hen is a two component episode. Friend can discover it right here (beware of the NSFW popular music ups and also ads) https://www9.gogoanimehub.tv/kamisama-hajimemashita-kako-hen-episode-1

I discovered this website too, however didn’t watch all the means through. Https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4qmqwc

All the OVAs room subbed. The English actors never tape-recorded them. That a shame that Funimation & Hulu doesn’t add the OVAs come the display list.

I uncovered searching for the OVAs making use of the show’s Japanese spelling: Kamisama Hajimemashita kako hen works ideal when trying to find OVAs through the Japanese location of the OVAs. Hope this helps!!

I have actually been searching with the Japanese spelling :/ The 4 Kako Hen OVAs are different than the 2 OVAs i mentioned. Kako Hen is intended to it is in watched after ~ season 2, yet the OVA I stated were supposed to be watched after season 1. In the first one I'm looking for, the male characters in the shrine acquire drunk, and also the second one Nanami and Tomoe walk on a trip to a hotspring. I've watched this episodes a couple of times prior to myself a couple of years ago, however I'm in search of them because that my friend who just got into the show. Best I have uncovered is the Hotspring illustration without Eng below or dub. Say thanks to you anyways! I'll have actually to shot searching because that the 1st OVA episode title fully in Japanese.

UPDATE: ns only managed to find the Russian Dub that both the the OVA episodes ns mentioned. Https://youtu.be/C_BQxZQcbOc

u/frillyfish the looks like your comment was no posted because inter-base.net can be quite picky about what site web links it permits to be posted in the comments, but I managed to grab it from the an alert I received in my email. I have the right to confirm v a VPN extension on my browser I to be able to check out the English below of the OVA ns was looking for. If girlfriend want, you can repost the connect in a spaced out way so that perhaps inter-base.net's detection doesn't record it so ns can provide you a inter-base.net reward! Or if girlfriend prefer, I deserve to just try to short article it myself. Either way, thank you so, so, so, so, so lot for safety so lot finding it and also sharing it through us!



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