Karsandas Pay and Use full Movie Download — Karsandas Pay and also Use is a Gujarati crate office romantic comedy that was both penned and also helmed by Krishnadev Yagnik and also co-produced through Nilay Chotai and Vaishal Shah. Noted below are the details because that Karsandas Pay and also Use full Movie Download in addition to the download link.

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The Plot of the Movie

The main character of the movie is Tilok, that both runs and administers a pay and also use toilet with his younger brother Sundar. Tilok and Jaya occur to loss for each other at very first sight. Jaya (Deeksha Joshi) is the eldest daughter that Chinubha and Amba amongst their 6 children. Chinubha is one auto-rickshaw driver. Jaya’s dad discovers their love and is reluctant to accept the relationship. He gets right into an altercation with Tilok end this, and the whole culture bashes increase Tilok. Tilok then dares Jaya’s father and promises to prove his prominence in the culture within a month.

The cast of the Movie

Mayur Chauhan as TilokDeeksha Joshi together JayaHemang shah as Sundar

About songs of the Movie

It has 3 monitor in TotalMusic exit on 5 may 2017Music Label: Ananta ProductionNative Language: GujaratiMusic composed By Kedar & BhargavSong Lyrics created By Bhargav Purohit

Aai Jyo

Singer(s): Nakash AzizSong Duration: 3:57 mins

Mane Kahi De

Singer(s): Jigardan Gad havi and also Vrattini PurohiSong Duration: 4:14 mins

Tane Love Karu

Singer(s): Pravin LuniSong Duration: 2:22 mins


Music of this movie is easily accessible online on the listed below mentioned link:


Some interesting Facts about the Movie

The film to be shot in various areas in Ahmedabad and also Vadodara.The film to be released on 19 may 2017. Released in 144 theatres the Gujarat and Mumbai. The movie was later on released in Australia.Abhimanyu Mishra the The times of India provided it 4 out the five and also praised both that is story and direction.

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Karsandas Pay and Use complete Movie Download Here

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