Both, the real Halong Bay off Vietnam and also Phang Nga Bay, room cramped through beautiful limestone karsts. The islands soar majestically out of the blue waters, hiding little sand beaches beneath. The unique scenery provides them famous tourist clues – and also James link Island aka Khao Phing Kan stands out as among the highlights.

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How you gonna acquire to James bond IslandThe island is among – or also the one – traveler attraction of southerly Thailand. You will certainly find plenty of operating tourism – both indigenous Phuket and Krabi. Lock all incorporate a drive to Phang Nga national Park, a watercraft trip, canoeing, lunch at a Muslim fisher town and the visit of numerous islands, consisting of Khao Phing Kan.The problem is: If you publication one, it will be neither cheap nor special. A tour costs in between 2800 and 3500 Baht every person. A driver will certainly pick friend up roughly 9 am at her hotel and together with hundreds of other tourists you’ll be on James link Island about noon. But there are two other alternatives for a much more private visit.

How to get to James bond Island top top a budget – or through an exclusive private tour:

Try to do your way up come the island individually. A regional bus native Phuket costs about 100 Baht and takes two hours up to Phang Nga, a expedition from Krabi is similar. In ~ Phang Nga, you require to get in the nationwide park and hire a longtail boat. Relying on your bargaining skills, it will cost in between 1500 to 2000 Baht. Climate there is a little entry dues on James shortcut Island, 300 Baht every person. In total, 2 person can make the expedition for less then 3000 Baht.Book a exclusive tour to James link Island – yet head out early on morning. Those tours offer the same as the traveler tours, yet you have actually the longtail watercraft for her own. Hence you can start the as beforehand as 6 am – and be top top Khao Phing Kan roughly 8 am already. The sun is up, but the various other tourists haven’t even started. Prices for a private tour variety from 8000 to 10.000 Baht.

As we were traveling through our six months old daughter, us opted because that the exclusive tour, but excluded trips to various other islands and also the fisher village. We spend two hours on Khao Phing Kan, and found an nearly empty beach. When we left, the number of selfie acquisition influencers had increased by the tenfold. We paid 8000 Baht, including the island fee – our operator was the well-organized Raina Tours.

See some an ext impressions native our pilgrimage to James shortcut Island:


Good to knowJames link Island actually is composed of 2 islands: The main one is Khao Phing Kan. It is the one, where Bond crash-lands and Scaramanga constructed his hideout right into the mountains. Much more famous is the smaller one off the coastline – the characteristic needle. It is called Khao Ta Pu, which way “needle island” in Thai.Khao Phing Kan is pretty small, and gets smaller, the much more people come for their selfies. Over there is no concealed lair, yet only part tourist stalls. And also there is no vast beach simply a small strip. But feel no discouraged. The genuine adventure is not to it is in on the island, but rather to reach it.The scenic drive v Phang Nga just in the morning mist is just wonderful. The limestone islands increase up like ancient dinosaurs. Once the driver steers the watercraft along, you will most likely feel peace and awe.

Phuket – a have to or a miss?We opted because that a stay on Phuket itself and not for among the remote islands in the Phang Nga Bay like Koh Yao Noi. The archipelago sure space beautiful, but a expedition to Scaramanga and Nick Nack from over there is far more expensive together they are much more exclusive.Nonetheless we had a relaxing stay at “The Marina” – a reasonably stylish hotel v a pretty rooftop pool and also a practically beach shuttle. The closest coast is Patong – rather touristy – yet still beautiful.In the night the area about Patong Beach it s okay even more bustling and practically annoyingly loud. You find plenty that restaurants for every taste. But as the adventurers that us (still) are, us went the other method into the “residential area” north of the center. Especially about Nurul Islam Mosque are plenty of local food stalls, which offer the many delicious Thai food – noodle soups, duck with steamed rice and some quite tasty chicken feet. With 50 Baht because that a food you obtain a real bang for your buck.

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If you continue to be on the island Phuket, don’t miss out on the city Phuket. Neighborhood blue busses (30 Baht a trip) roam every beach and also bring you to the center of Phuket’s old city – a small area with narrow lanes and old colonial houses. The most beautiful dwellings are along Thalang Road, Krabi Road and Dibuk Road. Some require renovation, rather are currently painted v pastel-colored facades and also now residence hip cafés, clothes stores and also coffee joints. Try out Eleven 2 & Co. Because that a pretty rest and also some iced latte.


We really delighted in our trip to Khao Phing Kan and the Phang Nga just – specifically as it was the first Bond location for our daughter. Sure, she probably won’t remember much – but we do. And isn’t acquisition your infant for her very first splish-splash suffer in the open sea not rather special in former of the distinctive sight of Scaramanga’s beautiful island hideout?