Playing a game of cards at sundown over tea through my family has become a preeminent part of mine quarantined life. As lot as ns love play cards, ns was constantly dismayed by the antediluvian power structure of the challenge cards wherein the Queen is always worth much less than the King. Though some might argue the the cards in a deck have no ranking, and each video game can set its own rankings because that the cards, yet nevertheless the reality remains the the King is the highest-ranking challenge card, and always outplays the Queen. 

I know, i know, it’s simply a game and I need to take that easy but isn’t this just one more classic example of patriarchy?


In those times once the countries were headed by a king, this pecking order would have been acceptable (though unfair even then) however in today’s time and age, it is fully dysfunctional.

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Making a Difference
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In 2017, one Australian life in brand-new York, note Gilray, developed the first-ever collection of playing cards where female ‘face cards’ were not outranked by men. Then, really recently, one Israeli teenager, Maayan Segal has also launched a project dubbed ‘Queeng’ to renovate the classic deck of cards to represent sex equality. This brand-new deck that cards instead of Kings, Queens and also Jacks as provided in regular playing card decks, supplies Monarchs, Duchesses and also Dukes as well as Prince and also Princesses, and also even a woman Joker so the the high cards in the deck’s hierarchy might be both male and also female.

Dear society, the readjust will not happen and gender-equality will continue to be a far-off dream if we room not conscious about the inequality the translates into our everyday life. Before things, that is our thought procedures that should be changed. However, the major difficulty with an altering such a id system is the patriarchy has seeped into the smallest nooks of ours culture. To bring out inclusivity in our daily discourse, we have to be aware of gender-neutrality. It needs to be a component of our language, ours infrastructure, and also the daily things that us use and see.

Towards a far better Tomorrow

Gender inequality in the deck of cards is much from genuine life issues however the suggest here is that the representation matters. The trouble herewith is depiction of gender or the discourse of sex leading come a limit or a normative id that guys are superior to women. It is very improbable to think that such a kind of representation does not affect people. It has an exceedingly adverse impact on their method of thinking and also the means they perceive the world and also themselves.

Dear society, the change will no happen and gender-equality will continue to be a distant dream if we space not conscious around the inequality the translates into our everyday life. Before things, it is our thought processes that have to be changed. However, the major difficulty with changing such a belief system is the patriarchy has actually seeped into the the smallest nooks of our culture. To bring out inclusivity in our day-to-day discourse, we need to be aware of gender-neutrality. It needs to be a part of our language, our infrastructure and the daily things us use and see.

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We must take representation an extremely seriously if we wish because that an equitable society and constantly seek out brand-new ways for identification and also representation that upholds our worths of equality and equity. This power structure of sex representation in the deck that cards wherein the Queen’s worth is less than the King is profoundly antithetical come our equality ideals and also subtly reinforces legitimization the the heteronormative patriarchal status.

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It is around time that us see with these uneven representations and stop accepting and also normalizing masculine dominance. The is about time that we present a new set of playing cards that are not weighed under by ours patriarchal notions and also beliefs and also are important representative of our times and also devoid of gender-bias!