Here is a video that i discovered on youtube that shows all of the key-blades in kingdom mind 358/2 days!


I choose the Heretic Flare. It have the right to take out a healthbar in ~ a time, if you"re strong enough.

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From what ns heard, read and also was told, is that DWR isn"t a fully diff character it"s simply one of the Unlockables friend can obtain through story mode on a certain day. The is usually the same but you deserve to weild 2... That"s all I understand bout that

From what ns heard, read and also was told, is that DWR isn"t a fully diff personality it"s simply one that the Unlockables girlfriend can achieve through story setting on a particular day. That is basically the same however you can weild 2... That"s every I understand bout that


i"ve to win the game and also I still don"t have actually him DX despite you play as him top top the critical day and also every combo the he has actually takes down 3 healthbars.

If ns remembered whereby i read it identifier let friend know but i yes, really dont ns sorry however i did right here u unlock the o! wait walk to then lookin it up its in the cheat section

You should equip Zero Gear and also equip other else...Sorry i can"t assist you much, yet that"s all ns remember. Zero Gear, and something else.

To usage DW roxas you require Zero gear and 3 capability panels DUH and my FAV. Keyblade is...*drumroll in the backround* means To Dawn,Oblvion(Hence mine name),OathKeeper,KingdomKeyD+ and Omega Weapon+ aren"t lock awesome!!?

I love Oathkeeper.......... Really detailed........ Okay and Two end up being One i beg your pardon is likewise detailed.......

The Kingdom key+ will constantly be my favorite 358/2 job Keyblade. It can kill an Infernal engines HP bar in ONE strike come the ram.

The Kingdom key+ will always be my favourite 358/2 days Keyblade. It have the right to kill an Infernal engines HP bar in ONE strike to the ram.

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