A an individual vision can be lonely as soon as others don"t conveniently see it. That"s the case, us think, v the Wax Museum of St. Louis, also known as Laclede"s Landing Wax Museum. Every little thing its name, it"s original.

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The museum"s history is a riddle; the owner, Michael Scauzzo, the male with the vision, continues to be out the the spotlight. We think he"s been i stabbed it by past criticism, made by those who"ve been unable to evaluate what he"s created. According to Sammie Mosley, his museum manager, Michael is working hard to do his ar in a well-known St. Louis traveler area bigger and also better. Frankly, the museum is wonderful just together it is appropriate now.

All smiles, and deserving recognition.

Don"t expect a super-polished Hollywood Wax Museum or mam Tussauds experience. The Wax Museum that St. Louis fills three floors, a basement, and also a sub-basement of a structure well end a century old. Floors creak, hallways wind like a maze, staircases room everywhere. The ar is dark and labyrinthine. Sammie stated that"s deliberate, because Michael want it come be amazing like a funhouse.

Part the the fun is do the efforts to number out who you"re looking in ~ (For example, we believed Johnny Cash to be Steven Seagal). Props help. Michael Jackson is recognizable in his red splendors jacket, but his confront looks much more like ray "Ghostbusters" Parker. Cutting board Edison (who resembles President lyndon Johnson) holds a irradiate bulb; George Washington Carver holds peanuts. Both space brilliantly group in a room who theme appears to be people with stunner hair, consisting of Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, mark Twain, and also someone us guessed was Howard Hughes.

Killer Clown -- among many.

Michael is willing to bend history, logic and science to create visually memorable displays, an approach we wish much more wax museums would follow. Neil Armstrong, because that example, stands on the moon, gazing wistfully up at the blue earth through the vacuum that space, there is no his helmet ("Otherwise girlfriend couldn"t see his face," stated Sammie). In standard wax museum shorthand, the Allied leader of people War II have actually improbably gathered because that a summit meeting in a bombed-out building, however it instantly conveys the mess of war. Douglas MacArthur has somehow flown in native the Pacific; Winston Churchill offers a cheery V for win sign.

The museum likewise has what may be the only Flip Wilson/Geraldine dummies on display screen anywhere, a nod to African-American cross-dressing comedy. Sammie beamed v pride. "It"s history!" she exclaimed, adding that many young human being think a black guy dressing together a woman on TV was created by Jamie Foxx or boy name Lawrence.

Neil Armstrong, planet sez: put your helmet on!

The museum"s three above-ground floors are specialized to celebrities, historic figures, and also Jesus. The basement and also sub-basement are booked for its chamber of Horrors -- and also Michael has spared no price in assembling a wide-ranging and also gruesome collection. "His vision to be to have horror without gaining too spooked out," said Sammie. "No civilization coming in and grabbing you." amid prerecorded screams, sirens, and also buzzing electric equipment, we experienced gut-exploded corpses and torture tableaus, cinematic serial killers such as Jason and also Freddy, and a memorable collection of insane, gore-spattered clowns attach by maddening circus music.

The sub-basement, through its absent walls, is like a claustrophobic dungeon. Michael again pushes the envelope with a wax diorama the heroin junkies ("Drugs space horrible," claimed Sammie) and also the museum"s final display -- of Satan and Hitler. "Hitler was a demon, a fear person," yelled Sammie end audio that Hitler ranting mingled with police sirens, a Phantom of the Opera organ, and machine gun bursts. And also was that Bob Marley us saw earlier there through the heroin junkies? Wow.

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"He"s gained a big imagination," claimed Sammie of her boss. "I think the did an exceptional job." us agree.