The ras Vegas open 2017 registration is officially open! Grab those tickets while they’re hot as they’re moving very fast.

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LVO 2017, February 3rd-5th, Bally’s Casino, ras Vegas, Nevada!


This is going to be the best LVO by FAR! With more than double the square footage because that gaming goodness and some incredible brand-new partnerships, we’re past excited for what this year holds because that the LVO.


We recommend booking her hotel room early.

We’re at Bally’s again this year by renowned demand. The room block often tends to to fill up quickly and you don’t desire to end up remaining at a different hotel! The occasion is just much more enjoyable once you only have to walk a short distance to acquire to the convention hall. Together of this writing, the room block is already 30% booked, we recommend booking sooner than later.

See what occasions you desire to get involved in!

There is so lot to pick from this year, it’s nuts! We’ve gained 40k, 30k, Warmahordes, Infinity, age of Sigmar, Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander, understand Classes, X-Wing, RPGs, society Events, Seminars and so lot more! Championships tournaments, stare events, casual events, open gaming, and every various other flavor of gaming you might want. This truly is a diverse event, with something for everyone. Friend can also search by date for events that fit your schedule.

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As that this creating these events are running low on space:

And we’re adding an ext events! If you’d like to run an occasion at the LVO, you re welcome reach out to us through your proposal: 

And that course, this will be the culmination of the 2016 ITC season! Our best season yet, through participants involvement the fun from all roughly the world, whomever wins the coveted ITC title this year will be composing their name right into 40k background and taking residence a big check!

And, we have much more events ~ above the way. Stay tuned for more information.


Alan “PJ Pants” Bajramovic, 2015 ITC Champion


Paul “Dark Raptor” McKelvey, 2014 ITC Champion


Grab those tickets!

The LVO sells out every year, therefore don’t hesitate in grabbing tickets because that the occasions you want to beat in. Don’t wait to get the main event tickets, especially! They tend to sell out fairly quickly. Also, don’t forget come grab her Convention Badge! You need that to get into the convention hall. You purchase individual occasion tickets separately or you deserve to participate in the plethora of totally free events that your Convention badge gains you access to! If you really desire to carry out it up, obtain the High Roller Package (already offered out!) which gets you a premium swag bag, custom dice, T-Shirt, pint glass and every kinds the glorious swag!


We shall view you at the event. The whole Frontline Gaming employee is so excited to share an additional amazing occasion with girlfriend all. Give thanks to you come everyone that helps to do this occasion possible. Drop any type of questions in the comments section, below!