Finding himself with much more time to emphasis on the the end Man and his vlog in Season 6 of the sitcom "Last guy Standing," Mike (Tim Allen) start feeling less overwhelmed by the ladies in his life together his daughters begin to strike out on their own. However, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) has actually other ideas and sets out to build her partnership with the 3 girls and keep castle in she life as lengthy as possible. V Mandy (Molly Ephraim) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) about to get hitched, they should decide exactly how they desire to proceed with their married life. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jordan Masterson) struggles to pertained to terms with Kristin (Amanda Fuller) becoming the family breadwinner, i beg your pardon has results for Boyd (Flynn Morrison). Elsewhere, night (Kaitlyn Dever) provides a life-changing decision and Ed (Héctor Elizondo) receives part shocking news around his health.

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Episode 1

Papa Bear

Thu, Oct 4, 2007 31 mins

In the sixth-season opener, a be afflicted with wanders right into Outdoor man after Kyle pipeline a door open on the loading docks. Meanwhile, Kristin"s extra efforts at work-related leave Ryan feeling neglected at home.

Episode 2

Gameday Forecast: Showers

Fri, Sep 30, 2016 31 mins

A wedding shower head is planned because that Mandy and also Kyle, however it drops on the same day as a huge football game. Mike climate persuades them to have two separate showers, yet the men"s shower gets out of hand many thanks to Ryan; and also Ed"s superstitions become a problem.

Episode 3

Where There"s Smoke, There"s Ire

Fri, Oct 7, 2016 31 mins

Mandy takes increase vaping, lot to her parents" chagrin, but it likewise stirs up fond memories because that Vanessa. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kristin stumble ~ above a concealed safe in your home; and Vanessa and also Sheryl worry about an impending teachers" strike.

Episode 4

Boyd will certainly Be Boyd

Fri, Oct 14, 2016 31 mins

Boyd transforms 10 and also Mike desires to buy that a shotgun and also take him hunting as part of a family members tradition, however Ryan is vehemently opposed to this. Meanwhile, Vanessa make the efforts to sway Kyle to have a mother-son dance with her at his wedding.

Episode 5

Trick or Treat

Fri, Oct 21, 2016 31 mins

The Baxters litter a Halloween party and also Mike must pick the theme, for this reason he makes household members dress up prefer each various other while he dons a Donald trumped costume.

Episode 6

A new Place for one of Our People

Fri, Nov 4, 2016 31 mins

eve receives a hard lesson around life in the real people from Mike, who"s struggling come be supportive of her void year. Elsewhere, Kyle do the efforts to obtain a great wedding present for Mandy by bartering.

Episode 7

Bridezilla vs. The Baxters

Fri, Nov 11, 2016 31 mins

Mandy becomes intolerable together her wedding work nears, and she fires she wedding planner. Before long, a fed-up Ed drops out of the wedding party, leaving Mandy to uncover a new best guy for Kyle.

Episode 8

My dad the Car

Fri, Nov 18, 2016 31 mins

Mike covets Chuck"s car, i beg your pardon Chuck just inherited indigenous his so late father, but Joe also wants to buy the vehicle. Meanwhile, Vanessa is honest around how much she dislikes Kyle"s Thanksgiving household heirloom; and also Ryan has actually some brand-new house rules because that Eve.

Episode 9

Precious Snowflakes

Fri, Dec 2, 2016 31 mins

Mike gets to deliver a speech because that a graduation ceremony at Mandy"s service school, but he need to adhere to a politically correct tone. Meanwhile, Cammy come home and also brags around her great university experience, which pipeline Eve feeling lousy.

Episode 10

Help Wanted

Fri, Dec 9, 2016 31 mins

Vanessa can"t find a job, therefore she hovers over she family and also tests their patience, prompting Mike to uncover a method to get her come resume law the job-related she loves. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kyle get competitive v their zombie knowledge.

Episode 11

My name Is Rob

Fri, Dec 16, 2016 31 mins

The Baxters meet Rob, Eve"s brand-new boyfriend, at Christmastime, and Mike learns a mystery about him. Meanwhile, Mandy persuades Kristin to drop ideas to Kyle around what the should acquire his mam for Christmas.

Episode 12

Three Sisters

Fri, january 6, 2017 31 mins

night asks because that money from she parents and also they turn her down, but Kristin fulfils her request, which annoys Mike. This leads to a it s too dirty dinner in ~ the Baxter residence in i beg your pardon the 3 Baxter siblings have actually a fight. Meanwhile, Kyle and also Ed"s bond intensifies.

Episode 13


Fri, january 13, 2017 31 mins

A museum looks for an artefact donation indigenous Mike, however Ed feel left out because he"s wanted this honour. Meanwhile, Mike and also his poker pals bond during colonoscopy prep; and also the Baxter gals get nostalgic and also have a slumber party, which Vanessa crashes.

Episode 14

A residence Divided

Fri, jan 20, 2017 31 mins

screens of affection have to be toned down in the Baxter home in stimulate to save everyone comfortable. Elsewhere, night is rental to play in ~ the Grill, however Ed desires her fired ~ she delivers a less-than-stellar performance.

Episode 15

The Fixer

Fri, jan 27, 2017 31 mins

Mike create a competition in between his sons-in-law together he attempts to bolster your handyman skills. Meanwhile, Eve"s friend declares his love for her, a pronouncement she finds quite unexpected.

Episode 16

The Force

Fri, Feb 3, 2017 31 mins

Mike and Vanessa press Eve to apply to university, and the institution she finally chooses puzzles them. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mandy try to keep the storage of Ed"s freshly deceased dog by having actually the pet stuffed.

Episode 17

The Friending Library

Fri, Feb 17, 2017 31 mins

A contest winner gets to show up with Mike top top a vlog, which he thinks contain secret messages. Meanwhile, Vanessa forms a local lending library; lining adapts come spending time top top his own after his wife begins her brand-new job in Los Angeles.

Episode 18

Take Me come Church

Fri, Feb 24, 2017 31 mins

The girl don"t attend church anymore and also this worries Mike and Vanessa, that attempt to make church more interesting because that everyone. Meanwhile, Kyle is a guest on Ryan"s podcast, and also they have a conversation they don"t expect their wives come hear.

Episode 19

House the Tutor

Fri, Mar 10, 2017 31 mins

Vanessa follows Mike"s advice around her tutoring business and also expands it, but she doesn"t appreciate his extreme input. Meanwhile, Kyle to adjust his sights on ending up being a successful entrepreneur.

Episode 20

Heavy Meddle

Fri, Mar 17, 2017 31 mins

eve doesn"t get invited to an anniversary party because that Rob"s parents, and Mike and also Vanessa give Eve conflict advice on just how to resolve this. Elsewhere, Kristin and Ryan think one escape-room challenge is also perplexing for Mandy and Kyle.

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Episode 21

Bad heir Day

Fri, Mar 24, 2017 31 mins

Mike and also Vanessa think it"s time because that Mandy and also Kyle to move out, but then Mike has 2nd thoughts after lining relays some unanticipated news around Kyle"s absentee mum. Meanwhile, night tells Ryan that Boyd is making up stories around his dad"s actual job.

Episode 22


Fri, Mar 31, 2017 31 mins

In the sixth-season finale, Mandy task shadows Mike and also causes a dispute in between Chuck and also Joe, yet her conflict-resolution an abilities differ indigenous Mike"s. Meanwhile, Kristen and also Eve invite Vanessa to your kickboxing course so she can blow off part steam.