Please aid me to understand also the distinction in between "leaning up against the wall" and also "leaning against the wall".

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I discovered this consumption in a short story referred to as "Casting Away" by Alice Munro. Here"s the context:

When she gotten in the Tvery own Hall she always felt he can be tright here before her, leaning up versus the wall awaiting her arrival.

Usually what does "up" change when it is used through other verbs?


The "up" doesn"t go through "leaning" here but with "against".

"Up against" have the right to suppose to be firmly pressed against somepoint. It"s more commonly used in phrases choose "pressed up against" than with a word favor "leaning". It can likewise be offered figuratively: to be up versus the wall means that you metaphorically have actually nowbelow to go.

up versus someone or something in opplace to someone or somepoint, as in a dispute. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; go ~; run ~; team ~.) Let"s team up versus Paul and also Tony in the foomap. We came up versus a very strong team. See also: versus, up

up against something 1. Fig. resting firmly versus something. (*Typically: be ~; place something ~.) The automobile is up versus the back of the garage! Back out a little! 2. Fig. in conflict via something; facing somepoint as a barrier. (Fig. on 2. *Typically: be ~; go ~.) I am up versus some serious troubles.


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Thank you very much. So it's a literary tweak to depict a much more romantic scene.
Feb 20 "14 at 12:56
Thank you very much for your in-depth and also beneficial comments and also answer.
Feb 20 "14 at 13:14
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