I'm searching for a .nds rom because that the video game mentioned over in order come play that on a flashcart. I haven't been able come locate any kind of site that has actually the rom.

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If you are trying to find roms: walk to https://www.inter-base.net/r/Roms/comments/ba1gkm/rom_links_megathread_v2_romcenter/

For retro games, go to the archive.org link. Click view materials next come the .zip come download separation, personal, instance games.

For more recent roms or anything no in the archive.org link, go to the bit.ly link. Click the tabs in ~ the top/bottom that the page to navigate it. ~ above going to a tab, you will uncover links to roms because that the consoles do by that manufacturer.

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https://ia800305.us.archive.org/zipview.php?zip=/24/items/No-Intro-DSi-DLC/Nintendo%20-%20Nintendo%20DSi%20(DLC).zip i eventually uncovered a perform of these games looking with this subinter-base.net

you are the choosen one, we are all so proud of friend :'( you deserve an award

edit: no wait, im gaining a white screen, im gonna i think it's your fault and i thereby will hate ~ above you genuine hard, until i uncover a solution

Found this (it’s the european version btw) https://archive.org/download/No-Intro-DSi-DLC/Nintendo%20-%20Nintendo%20DSi%20%28DLC%29.zip/Nintendo%20-%20Nintendo%20DSi%20%28DLC%29%2FLegend%20of%20Zelda%2C%20The%20-%20Four%20Swords%20Anniversary%20Edition%20%28Europe%2C%20Australia%29.zip

No, it's the one the came with a connect to the past for the gameboy advance, only that the was transformed to present the anniversary logo design at the begining and to be able to play it alone (you readjust between various links) the initial for the GBA had to be play by at the very least two people together


I have actually the rom you desire dw http://www.mediafire.com/file/9flgnbf4hnw4hmp/Zelda_Four_Swords_Anniversary_Edition_Nintendo.7z/file have actually fun :) Zip password is 5612