The novel is about the months the Ingalls invested on the Kansas prairie approximately the town of Independence. Laura describes how she father constructed their one-room log house in Indian Territory, having heard the the government planned to open the are to white settlers soon. The Ingalls face difficulty and risk in this book. They all fall ill from malaria, which was ascribed to breathing the night waiting or eat watermelon. American Indians space a usual sight because that them, as their home was built in Osage territory, and Ma"s open prejudice about Indians contrasts with Laura"s an ext childlike observations around those that live and ride nearby. They start to congregate at the surrounding river bottoms and their war cries unnerve the settlers, who concern they may be attacked, however an Osage chief who was friendly through Pa is able to avert the hostilities. By the finish of the novel, all the Ingalls" job-related is undone as soon as word comes that U.S. Soldiers space being sent to remove white settlers.--Wikipedia.
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Laura Ingalls Wilder, née Laura Ingalls, (born February 7, 1867, Lake Pepin, Wisconsin, U.S.—died February 10, 1957, Mansfield, Missouri), American author of children fiction based on her own youth in the American Midwest.Laura Ingalls flourished up in a family that moved frequently from one part of the American frontier to another. Her father took the family by extended wagon to Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Indian Territory, and also Dakota Territory. At age 15 she started teaching in rural schools. In 1885 she married Almanzo J. Wilder, through whom she live from 1894 top top a farm close to Mansfield, Missouri. Part years later on she started writing for miscellaneous periodicals. She contributed to McCall’s Magazine and also Country Gentleman, served as poultry editor because that the St. Luigi Star, and for 12 year was residence editor that the Missouri Ruralist.Prompted by she daughter, Wilder started writing down her childhood experiences. Her stories centred ~ above the male unrest and also female patience of pioneers in the mid-1800s and celebrated your peculiarly American spirit and independence. In 1932 she published small House in the big Woods, i beg your pardon was collection in Wisconsin. After composing Farmer young (1933), a book around her husband’s childhood, she published tiny House ~ above the Prairie (1935), a reminiscence of she family’s stay in Indian Territory. The “Little House” books were well obtained by the analysis public and critics alike; your warm, truthful portrayal the a life made it s as beautiful as picture by its an extremely simplicity charmed generations of readers.Wilder ongoing the story of her life in top top the financial institutions of Plum Creek (1937), through the Shores of silver Lake (1939), The lengthy Winter (1940), small Town on the Prairie (1941), and also These Happy gold Years (1943). Her publications remain in print. Their popularity was enhanced by the success of a television collection (1974–83) based on Wilder’s stories.--Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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