Logistics defines the managing of goods and supplies items or services through transport from one destination to another. It includes material handling, inventory control, order fulfillment, stimulate monitoring, shipping, etc.

Logistics thus facilitates the appropriate commodity, come the ideal location, to the appropriate customer at the right time, in ~ the stated time limit.

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Managers have to decide as soon as to make decisions themselves and when they must involve a group. Part of that decision have to be

Group Decision Making


More point out of viewMore feasible solutions to consider more creative


Possibility for much more disagreement/conflict "Groupthink" = human being going in addition to a poor idea since they room afraid come speak up/rock the boatFew world can overcome the conversation

In lecture, we listed that______.a. SCM replace instead instead what we have previously learned about management, eliminating previous practices.b.

A bond v a 10 percent coupon price pays attention semiannually. Par worth is $1,000. The bond has actually three year to maturity. The




For this question, we usage the existing value formula the is reflected on the attachment below:

Data detailed in the question

Future worth = $1,000

Rate of interest = 12% ÷ 2 = 6%

NPER = 3 years × 2 = 6 year

PMT = $1,000 × 10% ÷ 2 = $50

The formula is displayed below:

= -PV(Rate;NPER;PMT;FV;type)

After resolving , the present value that the link is $950.83


Margaret sells hand-knit scarves in ~ a flea market. Every scarf sells for $25. Margaret pays $30 to rental a vending an are for one d


The inter-base.net is 3 units


Break also sale is the lot of sales a firm or company needs to market to break even , the is, the quantity to market to neither make profit nor loss.

Break even sales = Fixed cost ÷ ( unit sales - change costs)

$30/($25 - $15)


=3 units

Break even sales is 3 units. That way Margaret demands to 3 devices of hand-knit scarves to neither do profit or loss. Units over 3 will result into profit making while units below 3 will result into ns making.

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In the long-run, a agency will pick a manufacturing plant dimension that has the Multiple selection minimum average full cost the pro


minimum average complete cost of creating the target level the output.


Firms will always seek a benefit maximizing output. This method that castle will choose a manufacturing plant that permits them come sell more units while maintaining the lowest feasible marginal costs. This method that castle will focus on picking a manufacturing level the minimizes the average full cost for a specific amount of expected production.