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Things to carry out in London because that £5 or much less this week.

All week

Cheeky chappies at Croydon legacy Festival

CROYDON HERITAGE: In the run as much as the Croydon legacy Festival beginning 24 June, a organize of command up events will obtain your brain in gear, from historical displays to speak on attracting bees to your garden. 16-30 June

LONDON RIVIERA: As part of the London bridge City Summer Festival, live music and DJs, yoga classes and family-friendly entertainment are just some the the free events on sell at the London Riviera. This week, choose from reggae aerobics, a film screening, and more. beside City Hall, free, simply turn up, until 31 August

Monday 19 June

ITS Digital Archives in ~ The Wiener Library

HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS: The Wiener Library is home to the the Digital Archive, i beg your pardon has provided researchers with an possibility to explore the under-researched topic of displaced Hungarian Jews that fled to security in the face of the Holocaust. Discover out much more in this talk. The Wiener Library, book ahead, 6.30pm-8pm

WRITING THE NORTH: how does the environment and also natural landscape form your writing? Poet and presenter Ian McMillan and author Marie-Elsa Bragg discuss how notions that nature, folklore and society are end up being intrinsically connected to text and also influence just how you write, in relation their own work. Waterstones Piccadilly, £3/£5, publication ahead, 7pm-8.30pm

IN STITCHES: friend may have actually seen Tim crucial on TV comedy favourite Taskmaster. Watch him perform brand-new and old material. The bill Murray (Angel), £5, publication ahead, 9.30pm-10.30pm

WEEKDAY RAVE: If you"re already lacking the next from the weekend, Popcorn: home Dance RnB has actually you covered with four rooms the Deep & tech House, Vocal Progressive, Techno, Dance and Rnb & i know well Hop. Heaven Nightclub, £5, publication ahead, 11pm-5am

Tuesday 20 June

Between Dog and Wolf Guided Exhibition

LONDON LIFE: Russian artist Natalia Avdeeva presents she latest collection "100 illustrations in 100 days", paintings and drawings the London"s landscapes and also life. Bankside Gallery, free, just turn up, 20 June-2 July

GUIDED EXHIBITION: uncover the histories of three areas of southern London: Battersea, Herne Hill and the Brighton roadway in the exhibition between Dog and Wolf, i beg your pardon contrasts historic images, archival documents and objects with modern watercolour landscapes, mapping and also sound recordings. Morley Gallery, free, publication ahead, 7pm

CHEEKY PREVIEW: Laugh the end London gift two height comedy acts, Live at the Apollo star Ivo Graham and also the brilliant Eleanor Tiernan, prior to they head out to Edinburgh Fringe. The Antelope (Tooting), £4 (advance)/£5 (just revolve up), 7.30pm

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GIGGLE FACTOR: acquire in the competitive heart with this stand up comedy compete in the setup of an award-winning, modern Mediterranean restaurant. Who will gain through the heats for the can be fried prize? Grove Bar and Restaurant (Hammersmith), free, book ahead, 7.30pm-9.30pm

Wednesday 21 June

Summer Soave alcohol tasting

EMPOWERING WOMEN: Shop because that unique minimal edition fashion in ~ this Female strength Pop up by the London developers Collective and also freshen up the summer wardrobe. 35 Thayer Street (Marylebone) free, just turn up, 10am-7pm

ORGAN VIBES: Performing a Rheinberger programme with students native the imperial College that Music, knowledgeable organist Laurence long will lull you v the mid-week blues with uplifting organ music. Union Chapel (Islington), free, simply turn up, 11am

WINE TASTING: What better way come celebrate it"s mid-week than an evening sipping top top wine all the means from the Venetian hills in #SummerofSoave? Clerkenwell London, free, simply turn up, 4.30-8.30pm

BREXIT BOTHER: If Brexit is tho leaving you confused and out in the cold, acquire up to rate with this class on the results of the british Referendum decision and also the implications going forward. Museum the London, free, simply turn up, 6pm-7pm

Thursday 22 June

Strongroom Cider & Cheese Festival

FOOD TRUCKS: optimal chefs make an additional appearance at this food van festival which has moved come Stratford City, along with a selection of the centre"s best loved restaurants, offering an array of brand-new concepts and also cooking and also cocktail masterclasses. Westfield Stratford City, totally free entry, just turn up, 12pm-8.30pm (until 25 June)

CIDER and CHEESE: get that festival emotion at the Strongroom Cider & Cheese Festival in Shoreditch. Cider lover can get masterclass in the great stuff, and also fruity friend can try the apple pushing station where you can make your very own juice, to a backdrop of live music and also DJs. Strongroom Bar, free, just turn up, 5pm-1am

UNREAL ENTERTAINMENT: to walk the line between virtual and reality in a festival i beg your pardon explores alternate realities with art and technology. Will an innovation improve our future, making it efficient, sustainable and also happy or might it be our downfall? featuring exhibitions, installation, performance and workshops. 47/49 Tanner Street (London Bridge) free, simply turn up, 6pm-10pm (until 25 June)

MENTAL HEALTH: find the benefits of the an imaginative arts to wellness by gaining stuck into hands top top workshop nursing the Image, in assistance of the very stressful nursing profession. Imperial College of education Library, free, simply turn up, 11am-1pm

Friday 23 June

Naked Dough"s popular music up cafe

RURAL ARTISTRY: A huge art arsenal hits The Photographers’ Gallery with an exhibition the American artist and photographer Gregory Crewdson"s Cathedral the the Pines. The Photographers" Gallery, cost-free (until noon)/£2.50/£4, simply turn up, till 8 October

COOKIE DOUGH: It"s your last opportunity to gain your hand on naked Dough"s edible cookie dough in Old Street underground Station. With flavours favor Unicorn Food and Nutting Better, you"ll be i m really sorry to miss this fun pop increase cafe. Old Street station, simply turn up, 8am-8pm

UNDER TRACKS: Railway arches are several of the ideal spaces in London, largely because of what countless have to be turned into. Examine out this photographic arsenal by Ted Kinsey documenting how arches are supplied today, from an aerial trapeze gym to micro-breweries. The Underdog Gallery, free, just turn up, 11am-7pm (until 25 June)

MIDSUMMER FEST: storage Midsummer"s night at Aquavit in St James"s Market. Live music, pop-up bar, food stands; all your favourite London festival entertain in one location for a magical evening — as lengthy as Puck doesn"t turn up to reason mischief. Aquavit, free, book ahead, 5pm-10pm

Saturday 24 June

Vinyl Night at Studio 45

IT"S every INSTRUMENTAL: even if it is you"ve never touched an instrument or when put a violin down and also forgot to choose it increase again, discover to play Weekend is offering totally free music lessons because that both adults and also children on piano, guitar, violin, trumpet and drums - or shot something brand-new on the Yamaha Venova. Yamaha Music store, free, just turn up, 11am-5pm

EMERGING ARTISTS: Split between the imperial College of Art"s two campuses in Battersea and Kensington, the very best the emerging contemporary art and also design is on present from over 600 postgraduate students. Lot of the work-related will also be on sale or commission, so acquire yourself a piece of the action before they"re famous. Free, simply turn up, noon-6pm

LONDON FOLKLORE: Discover the Legend of the Peckham Toymaker and also other London folklore v London Dreamtime"s Vanessa Woolf. Based on a lost Southwark board of directors oral history project, this storytelling experience is for adults only. Goldsmiths University, free, just turn up, 3pm-4pm

VINYL NIGHT: The summary of cool, this vinyl only night that music has actually all the Soul, Ska and also Rhythm "N Blues you"re feather for, with special guest artist Abi Clarke and French Fred. The society (Little Portland Street), free, just turn up, 7pm-1am

QUIZ & TWIST: execute you know your sporting activities trivia? If so, challenge the members of regional football team Raynes Park united CFC in ~ their society for a themed quiz. When the final whistle blows, dip and also twist the night far to the DJ right into the beforehand hours. Prince George"s club (Raynes Park), £1, simply turn up, 7.30pm

Sunday 25 June

Unusual Antiques at Adams Antiques Fair

MAKERS MARKET: Sizzling street food, workshops, art, craft, music and an ext is wait for you at Beckenham Market. A good way to invest a summery Sunday in the an excellent outdoors. Meet 28 (Beckenham), £2/free, just turn up, 10am-4pm

AMAZING ANTIQUES: explore the longest running antiques fair in London and find a hidden treasure you just have to have. This particular fair specialises in well jewellery, silver, ceramics and paintings. The royal Horticultural Halls and also Conference Centre, £4, simply turn up, 10am-4.30pm

MASTERFUL MUSIC: hear to the brilliance of Franz Josef Haydn together the Cathedral Choir comes together with the City that London Sinfonia to carry out his orchestral masses under the dome the St Paul"s Cathedral. Free, just turn up, 11am-12pm

SHADOW WORLD: Winner of ideal Documentary function at The Edinburgh worldwide Film Festival, ‘The zero World’ reveals just how the global trade in weapons fosters corruption and creates extensive suffering. A discussion with Andrew Feinstein (author that The zero World) & Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei (Bahrani person rights activist now living together a refugee in London) will follow the screening. The scout Hut, Raynes Park, £5, publication ahead, 7pm