The Goo Goo Dolls haven"t described the an interpretation of this energetic rock tune but it appears the narrator is concurrently afraid of reconnecting with an ex (who has been cast aside by her latest lover) and of being alone. "I don"t think I"ll do it on mine own," frontman john Rzeznik sings.

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This to be featured ~ above the soundtrack come the 1996 disaster flick Twister (in the film, that blares ~ above the storm chasers" auto radio). The tape filmed a dizzying video clip for the movie, which featured them performing on a revolving stage. Goo bassist Robby Takac said Tulsa World: "We had to stop prefer every 15 minutes and also take a break because everybody was obtaining vertigo. It was crazy."
Lots that "90s bands, consisting of The Cardigans and also The Flaming Lips, appeared on Beverly Hills, 90210 come rock the end at the fictional nightclub Peach Pit after Dark. Yet the Goo Goo Dolls landed a various gig top top the teenager soap: They played "Long method Down" plank a ship for affluent boy Steve Sanders" birthday bash in the 1996 episode "You to speak It"s her Birthday: component 2."
Pork and BeansWeezer

The video clip for Weezer"s "Pork and Beans" functions YouTube stars kris Crocker, The chocolate Rain Guy, The "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" Banana, and also the Star battles kid.

Pink CadillacBruce Springsteen

"Pink Cadillac" was a B-side for Bruce Springsteen in 1984, yet after Aretha Franklin sang around pink Cadillacs top top "Freeway of Love" the following year, Natalie Cole spanned the song and had a hit v it in 1988.

grounding In The center With YouStealers Wheel

"Stuck In The middle With You" by Stealers Wheel was the unlikely choice for a torture step in Quentin Tarantino"s 1992 movie Reservoir Dogs.

operation To YouBryan Adams

"Run come You" by Bryan Adams was created for Blue Oyster Cult, and also the guitar part is modeled ~ "Don"t are afraid The Reaper." BOC turned that down, therefore Adams tape-recorded it for his album Reckless.

BlackstarDavid Bowie

At 9:57 Dabid Bowie"s "Blackstar" is the longest song ever to with the warm 100.

take Me HomePhil Collins

Phil Collins" "Take Me Home" is about a patient in a psychological institution and was inspired by the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo"s Nest.

Dave Alvin - "4th that July"They"re playing My track

When Dave videotaped the very first version of the track with his group the Blasters, producer Nick Lowe gave him some life-changing advice.

CommercialsFact or Fiction

Was "Ring the Fire" really provided to offer hemorrhoid cream?

Meshell NdegeocelloSongwriter Interviews

Meshell Ndegeocello talks about recording "Wild Night" through John Mellencamp, and explains why she shied far from the spotlight.

contemporary A Cappella through Peder Karlsson of The actual GroupSong writing

The leader that the modern A Cappella movement talks about the genre.

rick AstleySongwriter Interviews

Rick Astley ~ above "Never Gonna give You Up," "Cry for Help," and his impressive resurgence that provided him an additional #1 UK album.

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70s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

The "70s offered us Muppets, disco and also Van Halen, every which show up in this groovy quiz.