was developed in the year 2012 and also quickly became the largest independent Los Angeles time-lapse video archive ever before created. There are thousands of stock clip websites giving licensing and also exclusive material, however footage acquisition and research coordinators need to spend a far-ranging amount of time when they are looking for prime scene filmed in the Los Angeles city area.

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Here girlfriend can discover everything native Downtown L.A. And also Hollywood come Silicon Beach and beyond. Us have specialized a an excellent deal the time and resources catching the City the Angeles and surrounding locations which encompass the Palos Verdes peninsula, eastern L.A., Whittier, mountain Pedro, Malibu, Pasadena, Echo Park, Angelino Heights, Westwood, lengthy Beach, Chinatown and also Koreatown. Watch our videos!

Scenes from ours archive have showed up in commercials, documentaries, TV shows, music videos and travel videos created by companies and educational organizations around the world. We sell royalty-free clip licensing.

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The Future that the Los Angeles Time-Lapse Archive

The Los Angeles time-lapse archive has been growing non-stop due to the fact that it was established in 2012. We space constantly experimenting the City of Angels. There space so many good spots to do time-lapse photo sequences from the it takes years and also years come cover the entire metropolitan area. Ours time-lapse photo gallery features shots that haven’t been contained in our videos, however we room planning come use some of those never-seen-before scene while producing new videos in the near future.

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