Mayhem erupts at Safaree and Chanel"s music video clip shoot. Misster Ray"s attempt to do nice through Masika leader to a wild encounter v Zell. Keyshia gets recorded in the center of a marital spat.

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Masika doesn’t know just how to relocate forward with Zell, for this reason she turns to Keyshia for advice. Will certainly Keyshia’s advice carry out the trick? song in Monday + 8/7c only on!

Moniece opens up to she girlfriend about what"s walk on through Teairra. A.D. Feels favor Moniece should distance it s her from the drama.

Masika, Zell, and also Misster ray rewatch ring 2 that Misster Ray and Zell. Hazel-E and Moniece share their thoughts top top Hazel taking over Chanel West Coast’s video shoot.

Ryan apologizes for betraying a friend, Phor prepares for fatherhood, and also Charmaine tries to take manage of her shop when a new season of black Ink Crew Chicago premieres October 4.
After month of pain, lose and brand-new beginnings, it"s time to check out if the Chi crew can lastly come with each other on a new season of black Ink Crew Chicago, premiering October 4.
The 305 much better get ready to role out the red carpet because that Joseline Hernandez on Season 3 of Love & i know good Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off v Blueface matches Dreamdoll and also Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.

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Watch KP and his artists" collective turn their city approximately through ink, music and also opportunities once Black squid Crew Compton premieres on Wednesday, respectable 14, in ~ 10/9c.