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Lukas Graham【 10 albums 59 text 】Lukas Graham is a Danish pop and also soul band. It is composed of lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer, drummer note Falgren, and bassist Magnus Larsson. The tape released their first album, Lukas Graham, through labels Copenhagen Records and Then us Take the world in 2012. The album peaked in ~ number one ~ above the Danish charts. Their second album to be released in 2015 and earned worldwide attention with singles choose "Mama Said" and also "7 Years", the last of i beg your pardon peaked in ~ number 2 on the Billboard warm 100 perform (among various other countries" charts). The self-titled worldwide debut album to be officially released in the United says by Warner Bros. Records on 1 April 2016.Members Lukas Forchhammer note Falgren Magnus LarssonPast members Anders Kirk Kasper Daugaard Morten RistorpSorted by > Sorted through album (Time)Sorted by track name (Characters)Sorted through otherAlbum nameRelease Date Song  Happy for You 2021-051.Happy for You(Provided)Share that Love 2020-081.Share that LoveLove songs 2020-051.Love SongsScars 2020-031.ScarsLie 2019-091.LieLUKAS GRAHAM 2016-041.7 Years2.Take the world By Storm3.Mama Said4.Happy Home5.Drunk In the Morning6.Better than Yourself(Criminal Mind, Pt. 2)7.Don"t You concern "Bout Me8.What taken place To Perfect9.Strip No More10.You"re no There11.FuneralLukas Graham (Blue Album) 20151.7 Years2.Take the human being By Storm3.Mama Said4.Happy Home5.Hayo6.When ns Woke Up… (Interlude)7.Don"t You concern "Bout Me8.What happened to Perfect9.Playtime10.Strip No More11.You"re not There12.Funeral13.Better than Yourself (Criminal Mind, Pt.

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2)Spotify Sessions 1.Better than Yourself (Criminal psychic Pt. 2) - Spotify Sessions2.Drunk In the Morning - Spotify Sessions3.Mama said - Spotify Sessions4.7 years - Spotify SessionsAuf den Dächern: Lukas Graham 1.Ordinary points (Live bei tape.tv)2.Criminal mind (Live bei tape.tv)3.Drunk in the Morning (Live bei tape.tv)4.Before the Morning sunlight (Live bei tape.tv)Miscellaneous 1.Ordinary Things2.Nice Guy3.When You"re through Me (Interlude)4.Red Wine5.Apologize6.Criminal Mind7.Don"t hurt Me This Way8.Moving Alone9.Oohhh (Interlude)10.Never allow Me Down11.Before the Morning Sun12.Love Yourself13.Only One - Live - Beta Session14.Ordinary things (Rasmus Hedegaard remix)15.Ordinary things (Live Northside Festival)16.Daddy, currently That You"re unable to do (Ain"t No Love)17.Better than Yourself (Criminal Mind, part 2)18.Ordinary things (Wankelmut remix)19.7 year (Night moves Remix)20.Mama claimed (Radio Edit)21.7 year (Live from BBC Radio 1"s Live Lounge)22.Off To check out the World