I didn"t watch this thread anywhere else on here so ns figured I"d short article it. One more grass/trees mode by SparrowPrince.

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The mod actually used to it is in in action (as Lush Trees), yet was dropped after making the tree look silly. Don"t recognize if that"s tho true - I use Grass on Steroids because that my grass.


I installed this yesterday and also it looked pretty good at very first sight. I didn"t check it correctly though.


It comes v 2 different kind of trees currently - vanilla and brand-new ones the are different type. It additionally comes through an installer that allows you to choose what you desire to install (I set up trees and also skipped grass, as I usage Grass top top Steroids as well).

I provided this one for a while together well, but have to agree that some of the tree did watch off, or silly together was mentioned. What i did choose what how it fill them the end though. The made the trees look more full which was nice.

Just changed from ultimate lush overhaul back to this... So much I to be happy through it for SFO basic.

ULO in the raw type is just too much, because it additionally makes plenty of plants etc. Have more detailed meshes.

Guess a lite version with just trees might be made of it and then it would certainly look a little better... Yet for no I choose the center ground the this seems to provide.


And yes i am utilizing the vanilla version due to the fact that those other trees really execute look silly.

Just adjusted from can be fried lush overhaul ago to this... So far I am happy with it for SFO basic.

ULO in that is raw form is just too much, due to the fact that it additionally makes countless plants etc. Have much more detailed meshes.

Guess a lite variation with only trees could be made of it and also then it would look a bit better... But for not I prefer the middle ground that this seems to provide.


And yes i am making use of the vanilla version because those various other trees really perform look silly.

Yeah ULO is my favourite so far however you"re best it is quite heavy. Lush is lighter however looks silly. For this reason I"m just using SFO v179e. I haven"t do the efforts 182b/183 yet.

The optimal one is the one ns use... Go not have actually silly looking trees. That would be the "newer" versions. Guess it becomes old trees in this context.

The height one is the one i use... Does not have silly spring trees. That would certainly be the "newer" versions. Guess: v it i do not care old trees in this context.

And it"s compatible through SFO? 




EDIT: Nvm, yes it is.


"Yes, but you have to use the straightforward version of SFO. Make sure if you install this mod over SFO."



Just a note: some of the tree versions have textures and also meshes which look like it overwrites TreesHD.

Been using this for a long time. ULO just is too hefty on my machine. I execute agree that it isn"t easily spotted top top the mod web page that over there is a non-silly tree version as well.

I"m not certain if this will certainly fly well approximately here. :) when it took me a many time and also effort, the performance influence might it is in too much to think about for STEP. I just updated the performance fill for a couple of meshes, but other persons looked weird v visual cut-backs. It renders a nice readjust though if you space sick of the vanilla trees. Oh yeah and the tree meshes do have actually their very own custom paper paths. No vanilla assets in ~ all.


By the way I am not a pan of ULO even though i was (eventually) credited. Also the surname is a ripoff of SFO and also my mode to attract world to it. The leaf meshes room just duplicated over and also over climate rotated. This way most of the leaves will certainly float in the air even if girlfriend can"t see it very well. Ns personally resolved that by opening them in a 3D program and manually making sure they struggle the trunk. Me and my OCD. :D


Edit: by the means what is the "silly" version? new or old? girlfriend still have actually both choices. New trees came about because ns liked just how Vurt was adding new stuff.

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Aiyen 0

Aiyen 0

High KingMod writer 03,384 posts
Posted October 6, 2013

The brand-new ones.

I just personally carry out not really think they fit in an extremely well, however then again its additionally a a matter of textures, and also I am rather happy through what I usage now. And there is that ever going allude that ns would favor to play the video game at some point! :)

That stated then I carry out not think i am going back to ULO. This is fine because that me top top the mesh next of things.

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SparrowPrince 169

SparrowPrince 169

JarlMod writer 1691,165 posts
Posted October 6, 2013

Thanks because that clarifying Aiyen. :) I"m not sure if you have actually tried the recent "new trees" version, however the temp textures I had actually in prior to looked a bit fluffy. The bark was additionally a bland monotone thing. Ns tried to solve these textures up, but it is truly hard to gain the pipeline looking perfectly right (I also tried Vurt"s textures and it didn"t suit them as lot as ns hoped). Yeah i won"t walk on also much about ULO, yet I"m surprised that was accepted on here (at the very least I think that was) being that it deserve to kill performance. Likewise less said around the author"s run-ins through Nexus admins for plagiarism and other dodgy practices the better. ;)

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DoYouEvenModBro 5

DoYouEvenModBro 5

High KingVIP-Supporter 52,337 posts
Posted October 7, 2013

So have actually we determined that we are only going to use the 30 - Old Trees component of this mod? Also, whereby in the download order carry out I placed this? ~ Skyrim Flora review but prior to TreesHD?

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Aiyen 0

Aiyen 0

High KingMod writer 03,384 posts
Posted October 7, 2013

Its as much as you what you desire to use Bro.

Its a mesh replacer, therefore obviously you require to location it ~ SFO, and also perhaps eliminate a couple of meshes native treesHD... Or simply place it after that. Try them every out and see which you like, its simply a couple of times in and also out the the game.


SparrowPrince: yeah the textures room a very huge part the it. Yet sticking v these meshes currently for our little LOD project. So much its looking better each day! I have put a rest on messing with foliage for the moment being and thrown myself over to modifying all weathers of CoT therefore they fit mine ENB! and also that bring away a while... Due to the fact that I cant use the preview in the CK to estimate anything.

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Lush Trees and Grass by SparrowPrince
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