You may have hundreds or also thousands of sex-related experiences in her life — i hope you perform — yet kisses room the persons you will remember. Read an ext below.

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Sex writers commonly talk around the necessity of discerning in between sex and also love, affection and desire. Specifying animalistic urges as different from intellectual and also emotional affection is an important and healthy and balanced for everyone. This discernment helps united state navigate nonmonogamy, polyamory, and also a plethora of open and semi-open relationships. Gay men are masters at knowledge these distinctions. Our relationship often appear less like traditional hetero, two-person pairings and an ext like constellations, v playmates and partners spread out across a network — a family. 

But kissing (often the very first sex act people learn to do) appears to be one action where animal meets mental, desire meets devotion. Kisses room where sex and love collide. Browse these 17 means to kiss a guy from a guy who’s kissed a few.


A kiss ~ above the cheek — or a kiss on the lips, for much more intimate friends — is exactly how we say hello. One of the sweetest hallmarks the gay society is the broad spectrum the intimacy within “friend.” that a loosely characterized label, one ns ascribe to mine casual bar buddies and my greatest loves. 

For queer men, “friends” incorporate fuck buds, gym buds, daddies, mentors, lovers, handlers, boys, pups, sirs, subs, betas, alphas, exes, and also old flames. Most friends get cheek kisses, while a small handful acquire a full-on lip lock (if they want one) prior to we launch into the cursory greeting: “How are you doing?” “Good, good.” Some have actually boyfriends; others are happily partnered. 

A girlfriend kiss no threaten their primary relationship(s) or lay case over them. It’s simply a greeting — one the says, “I think you awesome.” 

Hookup apps space fun, however after year of making use of them, the meetings lock foster start to feeling formulaic and also predictable. When you satisfy a male you chatted with on Scruff challenge to face, a kiss appears somewhat anticipated. Nevertheless if the a coffee date or a fast fuck, you understand the script. A kiss is likely.

When you satisfy guys in person first — in ~ the gym, at a bar, at the bodega top top the corner, in ~ the nearest ice cream cream shop — you’re turn off script. The kiss, if that happens, is nervous and filled v guesswork. Is he offering me “kiss face”? that leans in first?

Who care if Grindr/Scruff meetings space predictable and formulaic? I’m not on apps come date. The Grindr kiss happens hard and also fast prior to you bend over in the general public stairwell of his apartment facility and get bred. What’s her name? Doesn’t issue — here’s my dick. 

He knocked it the end of the ballpark. Girlfriend don’t desire to leave, however work is tomorrow at 7 a.m. This is the kiss of stalling, a kiss delivered gently before you step onto the subway platform or fumble for her keys. Once you break it, go away, yet look back over her shoulder and wave bye in ~ the critical minute. 

5. The bad date kiss.

Don’t kiss ~ a poor date. Nothing fake it. 

6. The movie kiss.

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The movie kiss have the right to be really warm or really cute, depending on your style (and, of course, depending on the movie). I constantly kiss in activity movies, yet adorable man kid films warrant less lip action and an ext hand holding. Much less making out, much more nose nuzzles.

You’re previous the phase as soon as goodnight kisses left friend throbbing and breathless. You’ve made a habit of sleeping at his place and also letting that crash in ~ yours. The indigenous “I love you” may or may not have tumbled the end of her mouth. If castle haven’t, they’re close to it. This kiss brings the evening home, winds girlfriend down. That is a rehearsal because that “I love you” without words. 

Everywhere about you room couples. You’re past the tartare appetizer, previous the foie gras, and also contemplating dessert. 

You desire to kiss him. His lower lip is still slick through butter indigenous the steak. Then, absent-mindedly, you glance at the pair next come you, nod politely, and one that them states it: “You men are adorable.” “You men are yes, really cute.” 

Straight and queer couples have both cursed this unpardonable offense throughout my romantic dinners. They median well, however suddenly girlfriend feel choose you’re in a zoo. 

Do you still kiss the or no? 

We’re queer. Our kisses will constantly be on display. Kiss him choose you’re his tiramisu offered on a platter of flesh. Taste the olive oil ~ above his tongue. 

Every the end gay guy will deliver a protest kiss in his life, regardless if that sees himself as an certified dealer of politics. Queer PDAs will certainly be rooted in politics until the job comes when zealots and antigay lawmakers anywhere stop hurting us. I’m no waiting approximately for it. I desire to love publicly because that every homo forced to stay in the closet because that survival. 

We kiss for the same reasons everyone else does: to present love, to specify our humanity, to feeling intimacy, to share affection. It shouldn’t be revolutionary the we’re two males kissing, yet it is, and also it will remain so. Store kissing and also never to speak sorry. 

You just obtained promoted. You just gained married. You’re acquiring relocated to your dream city. This is the kiss tantamount of a hundred champagne toasts. 

Your mom is in the hospital. Your dog is missing. Your best friend was in a automobile crash. You acquire a diagnosis you weren’t expecting. 

Dealing v the person you love might not be straightforward in times like this. Human being lash out in these moments — generally at the human standing closest come them. Try to be understanding. 

Regardless of what happens, in most situations you don’t must say anything. Few people are in search of words as soon as grief and shock strike. Most want to it is in left alone for a small bit. 

When he is ready, sit down next to him and also rub his back. Skinny over and also kiss that on the shoulder. This is how we say, “I’m through you.”

You have a complimentary evening come kill and also he discovers a target plug in your play chest. You’re just acquiring out of the shower when he produces a set of handcuffs. The kiss wake up — component invite, component seduction, followed by a stumble come the bed. She in for it. 

You’ve been fucking because that an hour and also find yourselves in the halfway lull. The 2nd wind the sex has comprised the many intense sex of my life. You catch your breath, climate kiss him. Slowly at first, transforming him over or tenderness lifting your legs to his shoulders. “Get ready.” 

Telltale sign: “Fuck, ns close.” you in an additional dimension and he’s cumming — now. Traction him in and plant a hard, sweaty, panting kiss on his lips. Breathe right into his mouth and also take him home. Rest the kiss through a roar. 

While the cumming kiss is merely the kiss the orgasm, “cum kissing” is a details sex act. This is as soon as he shoot his pack in her mouth (or angry versa) and also you proceed to pass the load back and forth between your mouths because that as lengthy as you deserve to without swallowing it. 

If this sort of thing strikes her fancy, I must tell you the it it works better in a tiny group setting, because going earlier and forth between two mouths gets a tiny monotonous and tiresome. I’ve additionally done the modified variation where one gentlemen sucks the fill out of an ass and also proceeds as defined above. This kiss is very recommend because that the cum enthusiast in your life. 

Goodbye kisses room the hardest ones. Likewise called “breakup kisses.” The goodbye kiss is as soon as you both recognize it’s time to break up. You sit down like adults and talk about everything, and at the end of the conversation you know it’s time to end things. No shouting, no throw dinner plates, no absurd and also childish threats, no slammed doors. Just a shared decision to perform something that you know is better for both the you. My friend, this will be the hardest breakup girlfriend will ever before endure, yet you will have a friend in a year or 2 — after the dust settles and the pains heals. Kiss him once, offer him a large hug, phone call him you love him, and tell the you’re walking to need some street for a while — no communication, no late-night texts, no unhealthy impulse sex. Friend don’t understand when you’ll be able to see that again without hurting, yet you great him the best. That, my friend, is just how you display love. 

I saved my favourite kiss for the end. These space the persons you’ll miss the most, so cherish each and every one. One thing never changes, nevertheless if the relationship is new or numerous years old: Waking up in the morning and seeing a guy you love sleeping next to you is just one of the greatest treasures that life. Once you kiss him, the light breaking through the window, you space blessed.