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If food essential pleasingYou'd suck every the seasoning offSuck that offWell, law me choose diseaseLike the rats and the fleasA-ha-ha, a-ha-ha!Bang your head like a gong'Cause it's filled through all wrongA-ha-ha, clang-clang-clang!If girlfriend think friend know enough to knowYou understand we've had enoughAnd if girlfriend think girlfriend don't, you most likely willOur tails wagged and also then dropped offBut we just turned back, marched right into the seaWell, treat me prefer the seaOh so salty and also meanAh-ha-ha, oh-ha-ha!Well, act me prefer diseaseLike the rats and the fleasAh-ha-ha-ha!
I'll it is in beating my heart's document for speedingI'll be beating the document for mind skippingIn the dark, our tails wagged, then fell offBut we just turned back, marched into the seaWell, we just turned 'round, marched right into the seaTake all that you needLike my sign says, "For free"'Til it's gone, 'til it's goneWell, discard whom you pleaseLike the pipeline off a treeA-ha-ha, a-ha-haLet's shake hands if you wantBut soon both hands space goneOh-ha-ha, ha-ha!Well, law me like the seaOh therefore salty and meanA-ha-haOh, treat me like the seaOh so salty and meanA-ha-ha
Well, law me favor diseaseLike the rats and also the fleasBang her head favor a gong'Cause you referred to as it every wrongMove her tongueClang-clang, clang-clang, clang-clang, clang-clang!Cut me down prefer the treesLike the lumber or weedsDrag me out of the seaAnd climate teach me come breatheGive me compelled health'Til i wish death on myselfGive me required health'Til ns wish death on myselfAh-ha-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha!Well, us all stumbled 'roundTangled increase in our cordsFrom the phones, VCRsAnd ours worldly woesAh-ha-haMarch on, in march on, in march on, in march onWell, march on!

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