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Mega guy is a significant presence in the debut trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, which has the series’ an initial real story mode. It is a victory for many Mega male fans — but the Blue Bomber’s duty stands as a ache reminder of whereby the Mega guy franchise was standing today.

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The Mega man X version of the character is top the fee in Infinite’s story mode. That’s a beloved spinoff of the mainline Mega man games, the last of i m sorry launched method back in 2004. Infinite even borrows Mega male X’s main villain, Sigma, for the story mode. (In Infinite, Sigma combines with Marvel rogue Ultron to form some even more threatening enemy.)

For some, seeing Mega male X just highlights how long they’ve waited for Mega guy X9, the next sequel in the collection that looks increasingly unlikely to ever before be make — or, frankly, any new Mega guy game. The doesn’t assist that X spends most of the trailer gaining punched up.

megaman franchise properly represented in brand-new #marvelvscapcominfinite trailer

— ryuukan (
ryuukan) April 25, 2017
MegaMan fun Fact: we need another Megaman X game.Please?Please...?Q_Q

— Knuxfan24 (
Knuxfan24) April 25, 2017

It"s fucking sad the I should play Marvel VS Capcom to play together Megaman X. Make MEGAMAN X9 already DAMMIT

— Machias (

#MarvelvsCapcomInfinite looks great but i don"t appreciate how Mega guy X keeps gaining his ass to win in these trailers...

— Alex E. (

#Capcom #marvelvscapcominfinite #Marvel #fanboys #megaman #megamanx

— Enzan (

Another breed of Mega male fan is more hopeful, however. Although X was most recently playable in the project X region crossover fighting games, this marks his first appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom. His prominence in Infinite’s story has actually lent hope to part who have actually longed for an ext Mega male X because that the previous 13 years.

seedbun i never really chosen mvc except for the xmen and they got rid of those. The at least cool mega guy x is prominent due to the fact that that means new game

— Harold (

I typical Mega man X, allow alone Mega man is a dead franchise in ~ the moment. Maybe it"ll a comeback soon?

— SuperSensei (

Putting a number top top it really hammers in the plight the a Mega male diehard. When a clearly shows mascot who popularity rivaled the of Mario and also Sonic, Capcom has put the entire Mega man franchise ~ above the backburner in the last decade.

2008’s Mega male 9 provided the original series of sidescrolling shooters its first new sequel in an ext 12 years. Mega man 10 complied with two year later, but we haven’t checked out an original new release in the collection since then. Various other Mega man spinoff collection died turn off in the mid-2000s; the character to be relegated come a “remember him?” guest spot in other heroes’ adventures.

For Mega man players feeling burned by Capcom to this day, nothing encapsulates that much more than the infinite trailer. Sure, X gets to do some hero service for the first time in many, many years — but Capcom provides sure no to permit him get away through looking too good.

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One the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s brand-new promo shots sums that up, together does this tweet:

Capcom exit this screenshot ~ above purpose, sending out a post to a specific fanbase

— Nibel (

Even if Capcom is make it clean it hasn’t forgotten Mega guy or Mega male X — even still considering that a major staple in that is roster — pan won’t soon forget just just how much your favorite hero has been dumped on over the years.