Mary Todd Lincoln (1818–82,) née mar Ann Todd, was the American an initial lady 1861–65 and also wife of chairman Abraham Lincoln. Happy and energetic in her youth, she experienced ill health and an individual tragedies subsequently and also acted erratically in her later years.

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Born come a slave-owning household in Lexington, Kentucky, mar was wooed through Abraham Lincoln while living v her sister in Springfield, Illinois, and, although your engagement was once broken, she married him in 1842. She to be a sensitive, cheerful woman with a streak that neurosis. Although tales of the Lincolns’s incompatibility together a married pair may it is in fictitious, the is specific that the deaths of three of their 4 sons, specifically twelve-year-old Willie in 1862, carried them lot sadness.

During their years in the White House, Mary uncovered a nearby friend and confidante in the dressmaker Elizabeth Keckley, an ex-slave that may have influenced Mary’s feelings toward African Americans. Mar was criticize for her extravagance and wrongly accused the disloyalty come the Union since of she Kentucky origins and also her brother fighting top top the Confederate side.

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Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, which occurred as mar sat alongside him in Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., disturbed she completely. For lot of the rest of her life, mar was plagued through the paranoiac conviction that she was in dire poverty and also by the compulsion to shop regularly. She to be committed to a psychological institution in 1875 by her enduring son, Robert Todd Lincoln, but was asserted stable the following year. She is buried beside her husband at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield.

Notable biographies around Mary Lincoln include Barbara Hambly’s The Emancipator’s Wife (2005,) Jean Harvey Baker’s Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography (2008,) and Catherine Clinton’s Mrs. Lincoln: A Life (2009.)

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Clouds and also darkness surround us, yet sky is just, and also the job of triumph will surely come, when justice and truth will certainly be vindicated. Our wrongs will certainly be made right, and we will as soon as more, taste the blessings of freedom.—Mary Todd LincolnTopics: Justice

I define to you, exactly and also truly, exactly how we room circumstanced. A greater part of our method is unavailable, consist of of a home in S. Springfield and also some wild floor in Iowa. Nevertheless my great and an excellent husband’s life was sacrificed because that his country, we are left to struggle in a manner…of life undeserved. Roving Generals have elegant mansions showered ~ above them, and the American human being leave the family members of the Martyred president to battle as best they may! weird justice this.—Mary Todd Lincoln

I to be convinced, the longer I live, the life and its blessings room not so totally unjustly spread as once we space suffering considerably we are inclined come suppose.—Mary Todd LincolnTopics: Blessings

My angry genius Procrastination has actually whispered me to tarry ’til a an ext convenient season.—Mary Todd LincolnTopics: Procrastination

Tell me, how deserve to I live without my Husband any type of longer? This is my first awakening believed each morning, and also as ns watch the tide of the rough lake under our home windows I occasionally feel I need to like to go under them.—Mary Todd Lincoln