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Old Devil

General Information around Item:

Informant Data:

Gabriel Onate is a sophomore in ~ College. He was born and raised in what he defines as a “typical mexican household” in Los Angeles, California. His parents are married and he has actually one younger brother. His family’s values are much more conservative and also traditional contrasted to his own, but he tho holds onto lot of the Mexican culture and traditions, also now that he no longer lives in ~ home. On campus, Gabriel is the Undergraduate Advisor for La Casa, a living learning community for Spanish speaking students.

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Contextual Data:

Gabriel was told this proverb throughout his first time visiting Mexico. That was likewise his an initial time meeting his grandparents and, as a tiny kid, the did not know what to mean of the trip. That knew that he would need to respect his grandparents no matter what, even if he did no agree with them, due to the fact that that was meant in Mexican society (respecting elders no matter what). Gabriel’s mom told him this proverb to repeat him that, in spite of his own opinion, an older human being is wiser and also can pass wise points onto him. Therefore, that must always respect them, due to the fact that they most likely know an ext and know far better than him. She told that this come prepare that for meeting his grandparents because that the an initial time, and, come this day, the still respects them regardless of their various opinions.


Orally sent proverb:

“Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.”


“The devil knows much more through gift old than v being a devil.”


“So there was this one time wherein I, um, together a tiny kid…I was conference my grandparents for the first time. Ns was going come Mexico and…I didn’t recognize what to suppose ‘cause I’d never met my grandparents native my mommy side before and also there’s simply this whole social thing about being Mexican wherein you respect your elders no issue what. Even if you disagree with them, which, to this particular day there space some points i don’t agree v my grandparents, yet I still respect them due to the fact that they space my grandparents nonetheless.One of the points I remember gift told is,“Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo,” i beg your pardon literally translates to, “The devil knows more through being old than through being a devil.” and also I think that just went on come like… what my mother meant to describe is the it intended that, like, you had actually to respect larger people. Don’t take wisdom through old period for granted. And that’s simply coming indigenous the fact that possibly I nothing agree with whatever my grandparents say, but they room still wise; they have a lot of wise things that they deserve to pass on come me. It was really nice meeting them because that the very first time.

Collector’s Comments:

This proverb falls into the template of “Proper Behaviors” in Spanish Proverbs.It reflects that in ~ Spanish culture, respecting and also listening to elders are important values.The structure of the proverb, itself, has two clauses, cause and effect, and also follows the “__ 보다 __” Dundes formula. It is likewise a an allegory using a personality (the devil), a usual trend in Spanish proverbs.

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Collector’s Name: using Nguyen


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