The finish of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s “A follow of Hope” mission speak you around the angaran traitor Vehn Terev who is at this time on Kadara Port. You’ll choose up the “Hunting the Archon” mission automatically, so every you need to do is go come Kadara port in the Govorkam (#gesundheit) system.

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fixed Effect: Andromeda guide and walkthrough fixed Effect: Andromeda guide: A follow of expect walkthrough
anyone is shoot at everyone else and also there is hostile wildlife everywhere and maybe just keep your nose out of anyone else’s business. What complies with is really straightforward — journey the the location marked on her map — however we’re walk to break it the end for a minute. Your drive to the camp where the transponder is hidden will take you throughout a good-sized chunk the Kadara, and you’re going to bump into constant fights between the Outcasts and also the cumulative that you have the right to join.

Join the fights if you desire to (XP is XP), but also know the you deserve to just save driving right past them. These fights are component of the assorted side missions and distractions all over Kadara. And also they’ll still be fighting as soon as you come back.


Before you also get to speak to Gil, the team conference on the storm is walk to introduce you to two brand-new priority ops missions. They’re obviously much more important than side missions, yet they’re still distractions. And, in spite of how everyone makes it sound, friend don’t have to do lock first.

The just question below is whether or not you’re a high enough level to take on a big, drawn-out kett fight. We took ~ above this mission in ~ level 25, and also that was appropriate in our wanted sweet clues — challenging, but we to be still comfortable (read: comfortably overpowered). Level 25 is probably greater than essential for this mission (we’ve excellent a most side missions), yet we do need to stress the this is a really long, very tough fight against a lot of bad guys.

Escape the kett ship. Her escape doesn’t go rather as planned and also you’re left v a decision to make. We can’t do this one for you, Pathfinder — the on you.

Either an option you make will lead to an additional long, brutal fight. This time, though, remember the you’re trying come escape — if you start to obtain overwhelmed, nothing worry around killing every single kett you see, disengage and also sprint towards your HUD marker. This won’t acquire you the end of every fight, however it will save you a couple of bullets.

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Here’s a spoiler/hint to assist you decide: saving the krogans will result in them arriving to aid you later, however Pathfinder Raeka will certainly die (to be replaced by another salarian).