ded. Note that ????c, i beg your pardon is periodically symbolized together ????eq, denotes that the equilibrium constant is expressed utilizing molar concentrations. Because that this question, ????c method the very same thing together ????eq.

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Kc = ².

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For the reaction

, we deserve to observe that the substances on the right-hand side have actually a solution phase (aq) the is enabled into the equilibrium continuous K.

Remember, pure solids and also liquids are disregarded and kept at 1.

Therefore, indigenous the an easy formula

^2.}.^3 \ }" alt="\boxed \ K = \frac^2..^3 \ " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula"> we obtain the final result
^2. \ }" alt="\boxed \ K = ^2. \ " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

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In 1864, chemists Cato Maximilian and also Peter Waage together proposed and also developed the regulation of chemical equilibrium, that at a details temperature the chemical mechanism would with a state in i beg your pardon the ratio of the outcomes of the reaction and also reagent concentration is constant. The fixed value is formulated together the equilibrium consistent (K).
, denotes that the equilibrium consistent is expressed utilizing molar concentrations, i.e.,
. For this question,
way the same thing as
.The rIght-hand side of the equation ~ above top, left-hand next of the equation on the bottom.The square brackets present concentrations in
.The indices space the numbers in prior of every substance (or the coefficients) in the chemical equation.A heterogeneous balance is composed of an ext than one phase. Usual examples encompass reactions involving solids and also gases, or solids and also liquids. Substances that have the right to be had in formula K space substances through a gas phase (g) or aqueous phase (aq). Pure solids and also liquids room unincluded in the equilibrium consistent expression because they execute not influence the reactant amount in ~ equilibrium in the reaction, so they are disregarded and kept at 1.

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* The expression because that equilibrium constant in terms of concentration is provided below.


Equilibrium constant is defined as the proportion of concentration of commodities to the concentration of reaction each increased to the strength their stoichiometric coefficients. That is stood for by


For a basic chemical reaction:



is created as:

^a^b" alt="K_eq=\frac^c^d^a^b" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

The concentration that pure solid and also pure liquid room taken together 1 in equilibrium expression.

For the given chemical reaction:


The expression for

for the offered reaction follows:

^1^3" alt="K_c=\frac^2^1^1^3" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

Here, A and B both room pure solid and pure liquid respectively. Thus, their concentration are taken as 1.

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Thus, the expression becomes:


Hence, the expression for equilibrium constant in terms of concentration is given above.