What Is a Clause? (with Examples)

A i is a team of native that features as one component of speech and also that contains a subject and also a verb.

Interactive instances of Clauses

Here room some interactive examples to aid explain clauses. In these examples, the subjects room blue, and the verbs space green.

An Explanation of Clause

Look at this sentence: All cars stop as soon as they view a red flag.This sentence has actually two clauses:(1) "All cars stop"(The subject of this clause is "all cars," and also the verb is "stop." us have shown this i in bold because it is the key clause, called an live independence clause.)(2) "when they see a red flag"(The subject of this clause is "they," and also the verb is "see." We have not presented this one in bold due to the fact that it is a dependency clause. This i is functioning prefer an adverb. Compare the sentence come "All cars prevent immediately." This proves the "when they watch a red flag" is functioning together an adverb.)Remember that a clause features as one part of speech. Look in ~ this infographic:

Types that Clause

All clauses space categorized as among the following:(1) An independent Clause. One independent i (shown in bold throughout this lesson) functions like a complete sentence. Because that example: john eats eggs
.(2) A dependence Clause. A dependence clause attributes like one adjective, one adverb, or a noun. So, there room three varieties of dependent clause. Here is simple example of each:A clause functioning prefer an adjective: John eats eggs that his chickens lay. (Compare this to "John eats free-range eggs." This proves the i is functioning choose an adjective. The topic of the dependent i is "his chickens," and also the verb the the dependent i is "lay.")A clause functioning prefer an adverb: John eats eggs once his chicken lay them. (Compare this come "John eats eggs constantly." This proves the clause is functioning favor an adverb.)A clause functioning like a noun: John eats what his chicken lay. (Compare this to "John eats eggs." This proves the i is functioning prefer a noun. Notice that the noun clause is part of the independent clause.)

Clauses vs Phrases

A i contrasts v a phrase, i m sorry does no contain a subject and a verb. The difference between a clause and also a expression is clearer once you watch them side by side:
Anna sings...

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when she wakes up.This is a clause. It has a subject ("she") and a verb ("wakes up").
in the morning.This is a phrase. There is no subject and also no verb.
Here is an additional example:
The ravens lived...where the factory are.This is a clause. It has a topic ("the factories") and a verb ("are").
in the area that the new factories.This is a phrase. There is no subject and no verb.

A video clip Summary

Here is a short video summarizing this lesson on clauses.

More examples of Clauses

During the day, Vlad slept in a coffin
.(The subject of this i is "Vlad." The verb is "slept." "During the day" is a phrase because there is no verb.)When the Moon shone, he lurked in the shadows.(The topic of the an initial clause is "the Moon." The verb is "shone." The topic of the 2nd clause is "he." The verb is "lurked.")He stalked a quite milkmaid, who lived in the adjoining village.(The subject of the first clause is "He." The verb is "stalked." The topic of the 2nd clause is "who." The verb is "lived.")
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Real-Life examples of Clauses

Remember the there room two varieties of clause:(1) An live independence clause. An elevation clause deserve to stand alone together a sentence. (We have shown them every in bold.)(2) A dependence clause. A dependent clause is a supporting part of a sentence. (These are highlighted but not bold.)Here room three real-life quotations through the clauses explained. Even though ns made $800 million, i am tho grounded. (Boxer Floyd Mayweather)(The live independence clause can be a standalone sentence, however the dependent clause couldn"t.)After i die, I"ll it is in forgotten. (Anon)A computer system once to win me in ~ chess, yet it was no match for me at kick boxing. (Comedian luigi Hector Berlioz)(It is feasible to have a sentence v two independent clauses. This is called a compound sentence.)The opening words of the dependent clauses above ("even though" and "after") are dubbed subordinating conjunctions. Subordinating conjunctions connect a dependent clause to an elevation clause.

How space Dependent Clauses offered in Sentences?

Dependent clauses can play a selection of roles in sentences. A dependent i can function as one adjective, an adverb, or a noun.

(1) Adjective Clauses

My friend who lives in London looks choose Homer Simpson.(The dependent clause functions like an adjective. It could be changed with one adjective, e.g., "my London-based friend." an alert that it sit within the elevation clause.)You have to never make funny of something that a person can"t change about themselves. (YouTuber Phil Lester)(This dependent clause might be changed with an adjective, e.g., "unchangeable.")Read more about adjective clauses.

(2) adverb Clauses

He shed his twin chin after ~ he gave up chocolate.(The dependent clause features like one adverb. It could be changed with one adverb, e.g., "recently.")I am no afraid of the pen, the scaffold, or the sword. I will certainly tell the truth wherever i please. (Labour-rights campaigner mar Harris Jones aka "Mother Jones")(The an initial sentence go not have a dependent clause. In the 2nd sentence, the dependent clause might be replaced with one adverb, e.g., "there.")Read an ext about adverbial clauses.

(3) Noun Clauses

She can not remember what she said last night.(The dependent clause attributes like a noun. It might be changed with a noun, e.g., "her rant." notification that the noun i is part of the elevation clause. This is usual with noun clauses.)Now I know why many tigers eat your young. (Mobster Al Capone)(This dependency clause could be replaced with a noun, e.g., "the reason.")Read much more about noun clauses.

Why should I Care around Clauses?

Here room two good reasons to care around clauses. (For the remainder of this lesson, we have actually stopped bolding the live independence clauses.)

(1) expertise when to balance out an adjective clause with commas.

The adjective clauses in these 2 sentences are identical, other than one is balance out with commas and also one isn"t. They are both punctuated correctly. So, what"s going on?A boy who saw my college won the lottery. Michael Carroll, who saw my school, winner the lottery. Look in ~ the first example. As soon as an adjective clause is required to determine its noun (here, "boy"), climate it is not balance out with commas. (Put another way, the subject of the sentence is "A young who went to my school.")Look in ~ the 2nd example. As soon as an adjective i is just added information, climate it is balance out with commas. (Put one more way, the topic of the sentence is "Michael Carroll.") If you"d happily put brackets roughly the i or delete it, climate it should be counter with commas.Here space some an ext examples:You went with a phase when you dyed her hair purple. (There is no comma due to the fact that the clause is required to identify the phase. A i that"s crucial for to know is dubbed a border clause.)You went with a punk phase, as soon as you dyed your hair purple. (There is a comma since the step has already been established as the punk phase. The clause is just additional information. A i that"s just additional information is referred to as a non-restrictive clause.)You went v a mode phase, as soon as you began school, a punk phase as soon as you dyed your hair purple and a punk phase as soon as you dyed her hair green. (The an initial adjective i is just extr information (hence the commas), however the various other two are forced to identify the punk phases (hence no commas).) many writers paris by the seat of their pants when it concerns commas, and also mistakes v commas are extremely common. Therefore, this is a key point because that writers. It crops up all the moment (especially through "who" and "which"). That is spanned again indigenous slightly various perspectives in the entries on adjective clauses, adjective phrases, family member adverbs, relative pronouns, border clauses, and also non-restrictive clauses. Don"t concern though! It"s this idea every time:
The exact same Idea Every Time
If you"d happily placed your clause in brackets or delete it, then use commas because it need to be non-essential.

(2) expertise when to balance out an adverb clause with commas.

The adverbial rule in these 2 sentences space identical, other than one is balance out with a comma and also one isn"t. They space both punctuated correctly. Therefore what"s walking on?When the game has finished, the king and pawn go in the same box. (Italian Proverb)The king and also pawn go in the very same box once the video game has finished. once your adverbial i (or phrase for that matter) is at the former of a sentence (often called a "fronted adverbial"), it is great practice to usage a comma later on (as in the first sentence above). Once it"s in ~ the back, the comma has tendency to be omitted (as in the 2nd sentence).This "rule" functions well with many adverbial rule (which tend to be adverbs of time, place, or condition). Look at the commas after the fronted adverbials in this examples: Adverbial rule of Time
When girlfriend win, to speak nothing. When you lose, say less. (NFL coach Paul Brown)Say nothing as soon as you win. Say less when girlfriend lose. Adverbial rule of PlaceWhere there are too countless soldiers, there is no peace. Where there are too numerous lawyers, over there is no justice. (Chinese thinker Lin Yutang)There is no peace where there room too many soldiers. Over there is no justice whereby there are too countless lawyers. Adverbial rule of ConditionIf you think girlfriend can, you can. If girlfriend think girlfriend can"t, you"re right. (Businesswoman mar Kay Ash)You can if you think friend can. You"re ideal if friend think girlfriend can"t.

Key Points

If your clause is necessary to determine your noun, don"t offset it v commas.The only guy who never ever makes a wrong is the male who never does anything. (US president Theodore Roosevelt) If your i is just additional information the you"d happily put in brackets or delete, offset it with commas.My father, who had actually previously to be a polite engineer, died in the good influenza epidemic that 1918. (Physicist James Rainwater)If her adverbial i is fronted, usage a comma.Don"t use a comma if your adverbial i is at the back.
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