Matilda: 10 moment That room Funny Now however Scared us As children Matilda by Roald Dahl was adapted into a wonderful movie in 1996 — yet some moments were rather frightening as kids!

Mara Wilson as Matilda and also Embeth Davidtz as miss out on Honey in Matilda
directed by Danny DeVito and released in 1996, Matilda is may be the most famous adaptation that the exorbitant children’s books by Roald Dahl. The film has a cult complying with of millennials who thrived up city hall it and also still love it, regardless of being terrified by some of the scenes together children.

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Much the the terror forced upon the kids in the film deserve to be attributed come the brutish miss out on Agatha Trunchbull, who is just one of the scariest personalities in children’s literature. Keep reading to find out what 10 moments from Matilda are funny and iconic now, also though they had actually us terrified as children.

One Matilda scene the scared us as children, even though it"s funny to us now, is the moment when Matilda’s dad rips up her ‘Moby Dick’ book and also forces she to watch a television game present like the remainder of her family.

The means the Wormwoods act Matilda is enough to unsettle any small child, yet seeing Matilda reason the TV come explode making use of her magic powers to be even much more worrying. Together children, us didn’t understand quite what was going top top here, yet as adults, we deserve to see that Matilda is gaining power through which to take regulate of her very own life.

9 The Trunchbull’s Dart Board

Pam Ferris as miss out on Trunchbull in Matilda
Undoubtedly, the scariest personality in Matilda is miss Agatha Trunchbull, the evil headmistress the Matilda’s school. The Trunchball was not only brilliantly portrayed by Pam Ferris however was also made as much as look together intimidating as possible. To view such one outrageous personality doing together outrageous things may be laughable as soon as you’re one adult, but most kids are terrified of her.

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A stand-out Trunchbull moment that yes, really showcases how deep her hatred of youngsters runs is as soon as she’s in she office cram darts at images of the college kids. Worse, she even almost hits miss out on Honey v a dart.

Mara Wilson as Matilda and also Embeth Davidtz as miss out on Honey in Matilda v Roald Dahl portrait
few of the interactions between Miss Honey and the Trunchbull space funny, but when you look in ~ the complicated history between the 2 characters, it’s clear that their partnership is tragic.

The conversations between the two might make us laugh sometimes and also cry other times as adults, yet when miss out on Honey opens up up to Matilda about her childhood, we uncover out that the Trunchbull is not just her aunt but likewise likely murdered her father and took regulate of his house. This was an extremely frightening come watch as children!

7 The Trunchbull’s final Visit to Matilda’s Class

The climax of the movie takes ar when the Trunchbull access time Matilda’s class to teach Matilda a lesson because that sneaking to she house. By this time, the Trunchbull is no longer her i was sure self, having been shaken by Matilda’s strength the night before.

Now, the super entertain to view the Trunchbull obtain what’s coming to her. Yet Matilda being able to magically relocate the chalk and also imitate the voice of miss out on Honey’s dead dad is bound come disturb any child. Along with using the chalk to threaten the Trunchbull, Matilda also makes the blinds closeup of the door sporadically, resulting in eerie darkness in the room.

What was so scary around watching the escapades the the Trunchbull as youngsters was imagining the we can have been on the receiving end of several of her many brutal punishments. She is very harsh, to the allude of being violent, through several kids throughout the film. Among the many memorable moment takes place throughout a remind of what occurred to Julius Rottwinkle.

Hortensia tells Matilda just how Julius snuck in 2 M&Ms throughout the Trunchbull’s lesson, which turned the end to it is in a big mistake. In response, the Trunchbull picked him up and threw him the end the window.

5 Amanda Thripp and also The Trunchbull

Sadly, tiny Julius Rottwinkle didn’t also experience the worst the the Truncbull’s temper. Another haunting minute in the movie is as soon as the Trunchbull make the efforts to pressure Amanda Thripp to cut off her pigtails. Once she refuses, she take away the girl by she hair, swings she around, and also launches she over the fence.

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Watching the scene between Amanda and also the Trunchbull is entertain now due to the fact that we know exactly how ridiculous the is. Together children, though, this definitely left a mark. You might say that was virtually enough to placed us off pigtails for life.

Matilda no marketed together a thriller, but there space a couple of moments in the movie that have actually audiences ~ above the leaf of your seat. They greatly take place during the scene as soon as Matilda and Miss honey sneak right into the Trunchbull’s home in search of her doll. It’s hard enough to clock the two characters enter the house, however when the Trunchbull returns, it’s sufficient to make her heart stop.

An undeniably scary minute for youngsters watching takes place when the Trunchbull monitor Matilda to she kitchen. Matilda is hiding under the table through nowhere come go, climbing up the table legs just in time to avoid being caught by the sadistic headmistress.

3 Sneaking come The Trunchbull’s House

Matilda no re-enter the Trunchbull’s home after miss out on Honey renders her promise no to, however she does return to the grounds and steals a few items from inside using her telekinetic powers. This is an additional moment the most kids would find scary because of the truth that Matilda goes come the home at night. If the Trunchbull’s residence is fear-provoking during the day, it’s even worse in the dark.

Luckily, Matilda gets away there is no being captured by the Trunchbull. But she does leave behind a red ribbon, a clue the later offers her identification away.

few things deserve to terrify youngsters like the principle of the chokey. Maybe the Trunchbull’s cruelest punishment, the chokey is a hole in the wall surface that’s sealed behind a door. The headmistress locks kids inside, whereby they need to stand in a tight room with nails jabbing into them.

Heavily storage of the torture machine the stole maiden, i m sorry is thought to have actually been provided in the center Ages, the chokey haunted our dreams as children. Matilda is placed in the chokey once, however Miss Honey pertains to her rescue.

1 Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake

Bruce Bogtrotter’s cake punishment is now considered one that the many iconic scene of the movie. Bruce, who was bold sufficient to steal a item of the Trunchbull’s cake, is forced to consume a gigantic cacao cake in prior of the whole school. No matter how strong your sweet tooth is, this would certainly be an horrible punishment.

Children the town hall Matilda could be left wondering even if it is there really is a headmaster out there who acquire away v being so horrible and administering punishments choose the cake and the chokey. We certainly were.

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