Category NameModsDownloadsTotal sizeLast update
General Mods41,584Sep 16, 2021
Unofficial Patch1404Oct 09, 2021
Total / Partial Conversion Mods11,030Oct 09, 2021
All Mods63,0182.77 GBOct 09, 2021

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Unofficial AI and Difficulty Patch Mod

Posted over 2 years ago404 downloads

This Men of War: Assault Squad 2 mod is an unofficial patch that changes the AI and generic difficulty of the vanilla game.

Dark Rising Mod

Posted over 5 years ago1,030 downloads

This mod is more of an overhaul than a conversion. It adds tons of new weapons, armor, vehicles, etc. to the game.

Imperium Portucale

Posted almost 6 years ago219 downloads

This mod brings Portugal and Brasil into the fight in ww2.


Star Wars: The Clones of War Open Alpha v0.2.1b

Posted about 6 years ago346 downloads

Star Wars: Clones of War will add the vehicles and the soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Droid army of the Confederacy of Independant systems to Men of War.


Valour v22

Posted about 6 years ago886 downloads

This is a multiplayer mod. It adds new units, new time frames, new sides to play as and more.

Tanks of War 0.5.1

Posted over 7 years ago133 downloads

Focus mainly on the Cold War vehicles, this mod aims to make realistic tank vs tank combat by including high quality model ports and tweaked game mechanics.

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