Lately I've been thinking of the title of this episode, which i feel is an extremely apt. For the collection as a whole, i think this episode is Too lot (strong content to air) and also Too so late ( the collection for

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Too Much Too Late to be the only episode never aired through the network in the show’s original time-slot (because that material taken into consideration too “dark” for the time), so it is why it’s referred to as the “lost” episod



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I feel the this illustration should have actually perhaps have actually remained the "lost episode", lol. I can only cast a 2 because that this story. The really depicted the erosion that Rico and also Valerie"s relationship, and also her an excellent standing in his eyes.

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One of mine favourites indigenous the last season. It"s great to see Valerie back, the plot"s pretty mature, and also I love how everyone"s sort of had sufficient of the all. Great song by Tim Truman too.

Season 5 worked ideal when characters from early in the show"s background re-appeared -- Sonny"s ex-wife Caroline, Al Lombard, Castillo"s wife might Ying, and also Valerie. The last season so regularly felt like a various show to me, therefore those recurring characters grounded MV come its original concept, IMO. It"s straightforward to see why "Too Much, too Late" to be controversial for its time. I provide this one a 9 due to the fact that it"s really the de facto sequel come "Rites that Passage," even an ext than "Prodigal Son." It also plays less rushed 보다 "Freefall." This one has closure, for Tubbs, at least.I likewise love the Mink DeVille track they picked for this episode -- really reminiscent the Season 1. Sort of reminds me of waiting on a friend by the roll Stones. I"d have provided it a 10, actually, but can"t because it"s simply calling out for JH"s Tubbs and Valerie theme, which is sorely lacking in your scenes together. The same goes because that the episodes whereby Sonny is in therapy, i m sorry needed hints of Crockett"s Theme, too. In this instance, Tim Truman"s tracks simply don"t cut it for me here.