Lately I've been reasoning of the title of this episode, which I feel is incredibly apt. For the series as a whole, I think this episode is Too Much (solid content to air) AND Too Late ( the series for

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Too Much Too Late was the only episode never aired by the netjob-related in the show’s original time-slot (bereason of product taken into consideration too “dark” for the time), so that’s why it’s dubbed the “lost” episod



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I feel the this episode should have actually probably have actually remained the "lost episode", lol. I can only actors a 2 for this story. It really portrayed the erosion of Rico and Valerie"s relationship, and her excellent standing in his eyes.

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One of my favourites from the last seaboy. It"s great to check out Valerie ago, the plot"s pretty mature, and I love how everyone"s type of had actually enough of it all. Great song by Tim Truguy also.

Season 5 functioned finest as soon as personalities from early on in the show"s background re-showed up -- Sonny"s ex-wife Caroline, Al Lombard, Castillo"s wife May Ying, and also Valerie. The last seakid so frequently felt like a various show to me, so those recurring characters grounded MV to its original idea, IMO. It"s easy to watch why "Too Much, Too Late" was controversial for its time. I give this one a 9 bereason it"s really the de facto sequel to "Rites of Passage," even even more than "Prodigal Son." It likewise plays less rumelted than "Freefall." This one has actually closure, for Tubbs, at least.I additionally love the Mink DeVille song they picked for this episode -- exceptionally reminiscent of Season 1. Kind of reminds me of Waiting on a Friend by the Rolling Stones. I"d have given it a 10, actually, yet can not because it"s simply calling out for JH"s Tubbs and Valerie template, which is sodepend absent in their scenes together. The very same goes for the episodes wbelow Sonny is in treatment, which essential hints of Crockett"s Theme, as well. In this instance, Tim Truman"s tracks just do not cut it for me right here.