Michael Jackson suffered a horrible accident during the Michael Jackson and Friends concert in Munich in 1999.

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He plunged 50 feet (more than 15 metres, a height of 5-storey building!) come the ground during a communication collapse. The permanently damaged his spine, which at some point led come his painkiller addiction.Apparently the physician who did his autopsy claimed he can have damaged his backbone from that incident.


Michael to be headlining two advantage concerts because that the global Red Cross, Nelson Mandela"s Children"s Fund, and UNESCO. MICHAEL JACKSON and FRIENDS.

The roster that performers and also their entourage flew native Seoul, Korea whereby the an initial concert was held, to Munich ~ above a chartered plane.It was such a exorbitant flight since we were able to spend some time and also get to know everyone. There were performers from almost everywhere the world.We arrived on the Munich Olympic stadion in the afternoon on June 27, 1999 to prepare for Michael"s evening appearance.Michael presented Andrea Bocelli in the late afternoon.The sunlight was setting. The darkness adjusted the whole feeling the the arena. It to be a warm summer evening. The crowd had actually been enjoying performances by other artists all day: Luther Vandross, The Kelly Brothers, Ringo Starr... However it seemed the audience was wait for Michael. The excitement to be building.Magically, the phase was being changed with emerging walls the lights, screens and also equipment that had been produced for Michael"s show, that were surprise behind the other performances.Michael Jackson, Michael Bush and myself were utilizing the critical minutes to take treatment some details in the dressing room, just stage right. A long check list: Microphones, wires, wardrobe changes, towels, song list, ice, Gatorade, fans, grease paints, powder. Michael did part stretches to warmth up, together the lamp lowered in the house.I can feel the power of anticipation the crowd directed in the direction of us. Any hint that Michael"s appearance developed excited chaos in the crowd. He would certainly peek out at the audience indigenous behind the curtains. The band came up the earlier stairs. Michael met them because that the traditional prayer joining their hands.Everything was going perfectly.... The medley...Beat It...Black or White v Slash...Billie Jean.The regional performers for planet Song began filing ~ above stage. Planet Song began... Climate the bridge appeared, simply as it had done in Korea. The children and also adults gradually entered and filled the stage. The track builds.... Michael paris up the bridge and gyrates and also pounds his feet, twirls as the bridge lifts far from the braces. Smoke, explosions, bombard our eyes and ears...the leg continues higher and higher, however unlike rehearsals, and the critical show.... The didn"t stop at its pinnacle... Rather it came careening down acquiring speed through Michael strictly grasping the railings... Still singing. I started screaming, but I could not also hear my own voice over the pyro, music, and the audience. I started running out from behind the phase in horror as the bridge quickly disappeared listed below the front of the stage, slamming under on the concrete floor. Protection grabbed and stopped me, reasoning I to be going to destroy the performance.Backstage, there was crying and also screaming, only the crew and also performers knew there was something desperately wrong. From our vantage suggest we had actually lost vision of Michael, as the bridge had actually fallen listed below the prior of the stage. Mine heart quit beating, while in the strong arms that a perplexed security guard. Also though the show continued for anyone else, time stand still because that me as I might not imagine how Michael could have endured such a fall.But slowly, and also after what seemed prefer an eternity, as the music and applause continued, I witnessed one arm reach for the floor that the stage...then a long lean leg, one more arm, an additional leg...he to be up, facility stage... Finishing the end of earth Song! my mouth dropped open up in relieved amazement .Looking dazed, he made his method to our side of the stage. "Michael, sit down....""NO!" the demanded."Security... Please get him to the hospital!" ns was begging."NO!" He got the microphone and ran out to finish performing "You space Not Alone".I could not think what ns was witnessing. He perfect the song, took his last bow, and also returned when again come his stage dressing room and also then... Collapsed. Defense whisked him off to a hospital in Munich.Band members, dancers, Slash and crewmembers all shocked and also amazed in ~ what we had witnessed wrapped up the display with prayers in our hearts.Once ago in the hotel... I began making the call calls to find out how he was. I got the reports the nothing was broken, but he to be badly bruised, and his ago was an extremely badly strained. It had actually been a miracle. Being the performer he was, he knew how to land.The next day we were to leave for Paris for a picture shoot. This had been postponed until he to be better. I asked him..."Why did friend continue? i cannot believe you to be able to perform that.""You recognize Turkle, the only thing that ns heard in my head, to be my father"s voice saying to me, MICHEAL, DON"T disappointed THE AUDIENCE!"

Later, Karen Fayes aded via Twitter: "that left him with a back injury the effected him with the remainder of his career."

From 2013 CNN Article:

Michael Jackson"s pain to be real, doctor Dr. Van Valin testifies

Although he to be compelled come testify together a witness for AEG Live, Van Valin"s testimony increased the Jackson situation by showing that Jackson"s use of painkillers to be medically justified by chronic pain endured in a 1999 phase accident, Jackson lawyers said.

The doctor said Jackson verified the "classic symptom of lower back pain" and an MRI study confirmed a bulge in a key in his lower spine regular with whereby his pain was.

Dr. Valve Valin stated he never suspected Jackson was faking his ache to gain painkiller shots.

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"I tried to find that due to the fact that there are plenty of world that come in and shot to scam me, for this reason I"m always looking because that that," he testified.