Ray the paris Squirrel is a member that the Chaotix and also best friends with Mighty the Armadillo, having met the while both were organized prisoner by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The 2 teamed up v Sonic the Hedgehog during an to escape attempt, yet Ray ended up being trapped once he ordered the prison\"s Power rock energy resource and was recorded in a time warp. Year later, Mighty found and freed him, pass him back to point of view Island. Involvement the Chaotix, Ray ended up being a faithful if timid member, helping them confront various foes ~ above the island and then after that the surface as they battled Dr. Eggman together the freedom Fighters. Ray would later take increase residence in Knothole up until its destruction and also briefly continued to be in new Mobotropolis before the Chaotix resumed their place on point of view Island.Younger or standard Form: (He to be frozen and also stop aging in a time trap v the gem for 6 years due to the fact that Sonic and Mighty fail to conserve him and also Fiona indigenous Julian Robotnik)
Full Name:
Ray the paris SquirrelNickname:JittersVoice: Amy Palant (English)Hinako Yoshino (Japenese)Age: 16 (physically real period 10)Gender: MaleWeights: 6.3 stoneHeight: 56 marksFur: YellowSkin: TanEyes: BlueBirthPlace: MobiusHometown:MerciaNew MobotropolisFloating IslandSpecies: paris SquirrelAlignment: GoodStatus: AliveFavorite Food: UnknownLike:His friendsHelping othersSonicHelping othersMighty (best friend)the freedom FightersTailsKnucklesThe BaronMatildaDislike:EvilDr. RobotnikMetal Sonicbeing forgottenSkills:FlightBasic combatTail Grabbing

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Fighting Style:
Apart indigenous the natural flight power granted to every members that his species, beam possesses no special an abilities or magnified attributes such as Mighty\"s stamin or Sonic\"s speed. It must be detailed that he is apparently capable of flight even without extending his patagium. However, that is tho an superior combatant, more than a enhance for any typical member that the Dark Legion or among Eggman\"s weaker robots.Speed Info:AverageLevels that Mobian SpeedStrength/Power: He is comparable to Tails in strength powerPersonality:Though not overly brave, beam is very loyal friend and also a very courteous individual. As soon as he was recorded by Robotnik, he was huddling in his cell in a traumatized, fetal position. Despite his fears, that is always willing to carry out what it takes to assist his friends attain their goals, and also as time walk on he becomes much less timid and an ext eager to join the an excellent fight.Ray often stutters once he speaks, however doesn\"t let it protect against him indigenous asking inquiries or carry out what he has been taught to do.History:
:Mighty the Armadillo:Ray\"s friendship v Mighty the Armadillo has actually earned that a guardian point of view of kinds in the Armadillo, and Ray never ever need are afraid that hazard will befall him while Mighty is around-or the Mighty will certainly fail to avenge him should he autumn or it is in captured. This connection makes beam feel comfortable, and also the believed of Mighty going turn off without him or any other backup frightened ray so lot that that pleaded v Mighty to take him along.The pair considers each other adoptive brothers, though Ray\"s fearful nature led him to problem that your relationship could end once Mighty was rejoined with his sister.Matilda the Armadillo:Early on, beam feared to some degree that Matilda the Armadillo would cost him and also Mighty\"s nearby relationship when they found her, although that did not avoid him from helping Mighty. Ironically, it only Ray\"s heartfelt pleas to Matilda the Mighty would save her native a life the fear and also loneliness-as ray himself had experienced-that encouraged Matilda to accept her enlarge brother. Ray and Matilda additionally came to consider each various other siblings because of their connection to Mighty.Affiliation:Freedom FightersChaotix:Mobius Knuckles the Echidna (leader)Mobius Vector the Crocodile (de facto leader)Mobius Espio the ChameleonMobius Charmy BeeJulie-Su (imprisoned yet freed later on on)Mobius Mighty the ArmadilloMobius ray the paris Squirrel (himself)Saffron punishment (imprisoned yet freed later on on)Heavy and Bomb (formerly)Friends/allies:Chaotix:Mobius Mighty the Armadillo (best friend, close together brothers)Mobius Charmy BeeSaffron BeeMobius Knuckles the EchidnaMobius Vector the CrocodileMobius Espio the ChameleonJulie-SuKnothole liberty Fighters: (disbanded)Mobius Sonic the HedgehogMobius mile \"Tails\" ProwerMobius Amy RoseMobius Sally AcornMobius Bunnie D\"CooletteMobius Antoine D\"CooletteMobius Rotor WalrusMobius NicoleDownunda liberty FightersMercian flexibility Fighters:Bow SparrowThorn the LopFriar BuckAlan QuailMunch RatGreat Desert Dark Egg Legion:Beauregard RabbotMatilda the ArmadilloRemingtonEnemies:Robotnik Egg Empire:Dr. Julian Robot Robotnik/EggmanBadniks HordeDark Egg LegionDingoesGeneral Helmut Von StrykerMammoth MogulDoctor FinitevusIron DominionHunterLove Intrest:NoneTheme Song: NoneThis is the ray the paris Squirrel i follow, his personality is a linked from the Pre-SGW/Mobius TimelineRay the flying Squirrel and related Sonic stuff is very own by Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka (head the Sonic Team), Sega, and Sega of AmericaEnjoy the Bio
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The Chaotix (カオティクス Kaotikusu?) They room a trio the detectives consists of Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon and also Charmy Bee that run the Chaotix Detective Agency. They serve as occasional allies and annoyances come Sonic the Hedgehog and also his friends.Status: ActiveAlignment: GoodType: Detective agency\"In case you\"re wonderin\", Detective Vector\"s the name! I\"m a personal eye type of guy and the head that my very own detective agency! I may be lean, mean, and also green, however behind mine cool croc exterior, I\"m really just a huge ol\" softie. Just don\"t allow that gain around, you got me? I gained a reputatio