The Millennium Park Campus is the heart of Chicago. Locals and visitors alike gather here to picnic in the grass, cool off in the fountain, catch totally free concerts and also movie screenings, and therefore much an ext all transparent the year.

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There’s a near-endless list of points to see and also do here, and also there’s other for anyone — nature lovers, art and architecture aficionados, kids and also families, music buffs, fitness fiends, and also more. We’ve small it down to just 10 the the can’t-miss points to execute at Chicago’s Millennium Park Campus.

1. Splash roughly in Crown Fountain


It’s difficult not to autumn in love v Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean.”Forming a glistening archway into Millennium Park, visitors stroll under the monumental structure and gaze inquisitively upon their distorted reflections. No wonder the #1 for selfies!


Ok, it’s rare the I have actually time come grab my Kindle and escape into the worlds of fiction. Yet when i do, my walk to spot is beguiling Lurie Garden. Dotted through benched hideaways and also a serene 5-foot-wide canal along which to sit, bird life thrives in the center of the city, perching ~ above prairie grasses and patiently watching for random crumbs to fall from the lunches that unsuspecting visitors.

Opened in July 2004, the 2.5 acre (10,000 square meter) garden is written of perennials, bulbs, grasses, shrubs and trees that kind dense, shelter hedges and large expanses of vibrant movement.

Photo: Abel Arciniega

The an initial thing you will do it notice is rollerbladers (and ice-skaters in the winter) gliding under a quarter-of-a-mile (40 km) skating ribbon, that meanders v trees, lawns and a 3-acre play Garden – the type of location that fulfills every children wildest desires (think The Enchanted forest with upside trees, the slide Crater v a Tower leg to climb, and also The Harbor wherein full-sized play watercrafts nestle among the greenery).

However, my favorite features of Maggie Daley Park space the 2 40-foot rock-climbing walls. This is, in fact, Chicago’s first and just climbing park.

It yes, really doesn’t issue whether she an pure beginner or Spiderman-level skilled – if you’d like to climb, yes a surface that’s do just for you. The 19,000 square foot climbing area is divided into 3 climbing types: bouldering, lead-harnessed and top rope. Between 25 and also 100 climbers have the right to scale the walls at any one time. Best of all, it’s absolutely totally free … oh, and you get an excellent views the Lake Michigan and the Chicago city skyline from 40 feet up!

5. Grab having lunch at the Plaza at Park Grill


Seeing a show at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is an hypnotic experience. Over you floats a brushed stainless stole canopy the casts an artistic network that shadows throughout the pavilion’s an excellent Lawn. Created by significant architect candid Gehry, the acoustically perfect bandshell is encased in sheets the brushed steel the resemble one aerodynamic tiered headdress.


While the Jay Pritzker Pavilion hosts outdoor concerts, movies and shows, Harris Theater gives a jaw-dropping at home venue because that the performing arts. Seating about 1500 theater, music, and dance lovers, Harris regularly attributes acclaimed regional companies such as the Joffrey BalletHubbard Street dance Chicago, and Chicago Opera Theater. It’s additionally responsible because that hosting significant national and international performers, including the brand-new York City Ballet, which determined Harris theatre for its first visit to Chicago in much more than 25 years.


The Boeing Galleries consists a phibìc Gallery and a southern Gallery in i beg your pardon site-responsive, the end exhibitions take place throughout the year.

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Fittingly, you will do it come across the Boeing Galleries on her walk to the Nichols Bridgeway and #9 on my perform of favorite things.