Servant: Michelangelo, the well known renaissance artist whose finest known works include the ceiling the the Sistine Chapel, and also the celebrated statue of David.

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Pope: Ah. An extremely well...

Servant: In 1514 he returned to Florence and also de...

Pope: all right, that"s enough, that"s enough, they"ve obtained it now!

Servant: Oh.

Michelangelo: an excellent evening, her Holiness.

Pope: Evening, Michelangelo. I desire to have a word with you about this painting of yours, "The critical Supper."

Michelangelo: Oh, yeah?

Pope: I"m no happy around it.

Michelangelo: Oh, dear. It took me hours.

Pope: not happy at all.

Michelangelo: Is the the jello girlfriend don"t like?

Pope: No.

Michelangelo: Ah, no, i know, castle do have a little of colour, don"t they? Oh, i know, friend don"t choose the kangaroo?

Pope: What kangaroo?

Michelangelo: No problem, I"ll paint him out.

Pope: I never saw a kangaroo!

Michelangelo: Uuh...he"s appropriate in the back. I"ll repaint him out! No sweat, I"ll do him right into a disciple.

Pope: Aah.

Michelangelo: all right?

Pope: That"s the problem.

Michelangelo: What is?

Pope: The disciples.

Michelangelo: are they too Jewish? ns made Judas the most Jewish.

Pope: No, it"s just that there room twenty-eight that them.

Michelangelo: Oh, well, an additional one will never matter, I"ll make the kangaroo into one more one.

Pope: No, that"s not the point.

Michelangelo: all right. Well, I"ll lose the kangaroo. Be honest, ns wasn"t perfectly happy with it.

Pope: That"s not the point. There space twenty-eight disciples!

Michelangelo: too many?

Pope: Well, of food it"s too many!

Michelangelo: Yeah, I understand that, yet I wanted to provide the impression that a actual last supper. Friend know, no just any type of old last supper. Not like a last meal or a last snack. However you know, I wanted to offer the impression the a real mother of a blow-out, girlfriend know?

Pope: over there were only twelve disciples at the last supper.

Michelangelo: Well, probably some that the others ones come along afterw...

Pope: over there were only twelve altogether.

Michelangelo: Well, perhaps some of their friends come by, friend know.

Pope: Look! over there were simply twelve disciples and also our mr at the last supper. The Bible clearly says so.

Michelangelo: No friends?

Pope: No friends.

Michelangelo: Waiters?

Pope: No.

Michelangelo: Cabaret?

Pope: No!

Michelangelo: you see, I choose them, they aid to flesh out the scene, I could lose a few, you know I could...

Pope: Look! there were just twelve disciples at...

Michelangelo: I"ve gained it! I"ve acquired it! We"ll speak to it "The Last but One Supper"!

Pope: What?

Michelangelo: well there must have actually been one, if there to be a critical one there must have actually been a one before that, for this reason this, is the "Penultimate Supper"! The holy bible doesn"t say how many human being were there now, does it?

Pope: No, but...

Michelangelo: well there you are, then!

Pope: Look! The last supper is a significant event in the life of ours Lord, the penultimate supper to be not! even if they had actually a conjurer and a mariachi band. Now, a last supper I commissioned from you, and a critical supper i want! through twelve disciples and also one Christ!

Michelangelo: One?!

Pope: correctly one! currently will you please tell me what in God"s name possessed girlfriend to repaint this with 3 Christs in it?

Michelangelo: that works, mate!

Pope: Works?

Michelangelo: Yeah! that looks great! The fat one balances the two skinny ones.

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Pope: over there was only one Redeemer!

Michelangelo: Ah, I know that, us all understand that, what around a little bit of creative license?

Pope: fine one Messiah is what i want!

Michelangelo: I"ll tell friend what friend want, mate! You want a bloody photographer! That"s girlfriend want. No a bloody creative artist to crease girlfriend up...

Pope: I"ll tell you what ns want! I desire a last supper with one Christ, twelve disciples, no kangaroos, no trampoline acts, by Thursday lunch, or you don"t gain paid!

Michelangelo: Bloody fascist!

Pope: Look! I"m the bloody pope, i am! may not understand much around art, yet I recognize what i like!