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Aka the male who forgot the password and got shooting


Frederick Theodore Heyliger to be born June 23, 1916 to Bertha and also Theodore Heyliger. He came from a fairly large, netherlands family. He had actually 5 brothers and also one sister. His brothers were: johannes Almon (called Almon), Victor, Raymond, Howard, and Theodore. His sister was called Pauline and also she to be the eldest, if Moose to be the 4th born.

The household lives in Concord, Massachusetts whereby His father was a lawyer and also ran an asparagus farm as a side job. His family members stayed at the farm since his father believed it a farm was the finest place come raise boys. Moose would certainly layer refuse to eat asparagus together an adult, saying he ate enough in his childhood to last him his entire life. (Poor kid)

The children used come sleep 3 to a bed due to the fact that the family was very poor at first and couldn’t afford more. Your financial case did not continue to be this way and at some point the Heyligers had enough money because that Moose to attend a personal academy in high school.

He deserve the surname Moose in his childhood. One winter day, he grabbed Almon’s boots through mistake. The boots were too large for Moose and left substantial tracks in the snow. Among his brothers referred to as them moose tracks and the surname stuck forever.

Moose loved gift outdoors. The would collection traps and also check them everyday prior to school. He even went winter camping ~ above a beach. His brother claimed he had never to be so cold in his life yet Moose love it.


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Moose hated the walk from Toccoa to Atlanta and also said that “If Colonel Sink hadn’t been so drunk when he read that article around the Japanese Paratroopers marching, we never woulda had actually to do it.

Moose was among the largest of the paratroopers, he was 210 lbs and also stood 6 feet tall.

He married his very first wife, Evelyn Davis, when in he remained in service, top top December 20, 1941. They had actually one son together, Frederick Jr. Frederick Jr. Was born in 1943, ~ above the day Heyliger left ~ above the Samaria overseas. Moose obtained the news as he to be boarding the watercraft that that now had actually a son.

In his books, winter calls Fred Jr, “Little Moose”. That goes on to say that the news forced the rest of the men of Easy, to listen to Moose song songs every night lengthy in celebration.

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On October 9, Winters saw his last day of commanding Easy. That was advocated to executive officer and Heyliger was offered temporary command the Easy. He to be told the was short-term until Dike came back to i think the position. Winters and also Easy respect Heyliger. Winters defines him as calm and easy going.

On October 22, 1944, Moose, gift he was in command at the time, was preferred to command a rescue mission across the Rhine River through 24 other guys from Easy. The team rescued 138 British sixth Airborne Troops, 10 members the the netherlands resistance, and also 5 American pilots the were behind opponent lines. Colonel Sink commended Moose because that his planning and the reality his plan went by without any kind of injuries.


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Moose was in numerous hospitals after he to be shot. He was in hospitals in Scotland, new York, and also Atlantic City till he was lastly discharged in 1947.

Moose went back to college, however instead visited the university of Massachusetts. He graduated in 1950 with a level in ornamental horticulture.

The next year, ~ above October 18, 1951, Moose’s larger brother, Howard, was killed in north Korea. In a combat mission, his aircraft exploded and also Howard Heyliger died.

Moose operated as a salesman for landscape and agricultural chemical suppliers for 40 years. That loved being outdoors, together always, and also would do whatever he can do to walk outdoors. He did some of his side tasks for complimentary and assisted out his next-door neighbors with gardening and also landscaping.

His child Fred, defines him as a distant father, speak it was together if he to be unsure exactly how to progressive Fred and also his sisters Diane. But they still took pleasure in their father. Moose even took lock camping across the country to visit Bob Brewer, simple soldier. Part days he’d conference up the community kids and take them out on a winter day come a beach, much like he supplied to do.

Moose was likewise a young Scout leader and also would take it his youngsters up come the mountains each year for funny in the snow. He to be the chairman of the town’s recreation commission. He functioned hard because that the city to buy entertain land because that public use. He even knew the Latin and also normal names for every plant that flourished in those windy spaces.

Moose and also his mam divorced in the early 1960s. Fred to be 19 at the time of their divorce. The former spouses moved around 20 miles far from each other. (So not as well far, not too close)

Moose married his 2nd wife, Mary, in 1966. She had actually 4 children from a previous marriage. He had his 2. Together they had Jon that was their just child. Moose to be 49 when Jon to be born (around 1965).

His kid Jon explains his father together loving. He take it his brand-new adopted children and also his son plenty of places. That told castle a lot around plants, birds, and constellations and his kid admired him because that knowing and sharing all of that. The boys regularly took infant animals earlier home with them, just for Moose to revolve them right about and complimentary them.


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He was frequently making his boys occupational on weekend to settle up the residence they now lived in. But they believed he was really thoughtful and also wanted his kids to always have fun. However he did have actually one downside, he would certainly disappear at the very first sign the conflict.

Diane, Moose’s daughter native the very first marriage, suffered a cerebral aneurism while down in Florida as an practice jockey. She was taken to the hospital, and when Fred Jr and also his mommy went to visit her, she was level lining and they needed to decide whether to take her off life support. When little Moose’s mommy couldn’t do the decision alone and also told that to contact Moose. As soon as Fred Jr. Described what was going on, Moose couldn’t manage it and told Fred Jr. To take care of it. His daughter died in 1977.

Moose in his later years, became more involved through Easy. Moose would certainly visit rod Bain in Alaska, stopped by Johnny young name on the way, and also would frequently visit winter while in Pennsylvania. His youngsters knew Bob Brewer by Uncle Skim.

In the 1990s, Moose had actually some young stokes and also he became unstable ~ above his feet. The problem worsened in 1995, when he slipped in a restaurant and also broke a hip. He to be confined come a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

When tape of Brothers came out, Moose couldn’t ceiling to watch the an initial episode, since “they all die and I recognize it” but was convinced. He even attended the premiere with his son, whereby they largely smoked cigarette and toured Paris. Once he ultimately was put right into a VA hospital, the was well-known by all as among Band that Brothers.

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In so late October the 2001, Moose had a major stoke. He was put into the hospital, where as soon as his mam arrived, his very first words to she were “Hi, love.”

Moose passed away on November 2, 2001. After taking a revolve for the worst, the passed away. His critical word was “home”.