a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:66:”Mortimer Beckett and also the tricks of Spooky Manor tips & Tricks”;s:12:”section_body”;s:17535:”Mortimer Beckett and the secrets of Spooky Manor is a covert object game with a twist – not only are the parts concealed in the snapshot but they’re also broken right into several pieces. Mortimer must search his uncle’s manor to uncover all the lacking pieces to the Ghost an equipment Starter. Inspect out ours walkthrough for tips on just how to finish the game.

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General tips:

There is no time limit on the game, for this reason you have the right to take her time and find all the items.

On occasion, the last item of an item will not be clearly shows until other pieces the the puzzles have been put in place.

You will have an typical of 10 – 15 hints at the beginning of each level. This may sound like a lot yet when you room looking for fragmentized pieces they can be used faster than you think. Always leave the clues for last, until you really need them

Moving the mouse cursor over part spaces will indicate a hotspot. This is where you ar a completed item indigenous the inventory. The hotspot summary will additionally be shown on the condition bar.

Click the guide publication for hints on what to perform next

If you’re stuck on a level, usage the map to visit other rooms. You deserve to return come a room at any type of time even if it is it’s perfect or not.

The room that you find a completed piece in may not it is in the exact same room where you need to place it. Friend may have to uncover hot – clues in various other rooms in which to place your inventoried items

Clicking too many times will make ghosts show up on your display screen for a minimal amount the time. They space there to odor you and don’t really interfere through the game. If you store clicking, you will certainly see numerous ghosts on your screen (I saw as much as 5 in ~ one time.) If they annoy you, you have the right to go an additional room till the ghosts have actually disappeared.

SPOILER ALERT: execute NOT READ any kind of FURTHER IF friend DON’T want THE answer TO every THE PUZZLES.



Bottle goes come the tipsy ghost


Locked chest – skeleton an essential (a item of the ghost device starter will appear)

Boiler valves – valve

Magician’s kit – decision ball

Brush jar – paint brush



Chessboard – chess figures

Clock face – clock dial

Cozy fire – complete bucket that water (read the kitchen section listed below to discover out exactly how to get the complete bucket of water)

Torn photo – canvas piece

Chain – hacksaw

Wires – irradiate switch


Armchair – pillow

Gramophone – record

Hatless ghost – optimal hat (when you place the top hat ~ above the hatless ghost the last item of the hacksaw will appear)


Hungry ghost – piece of cake (once you give the hungry ghost the item of cake, the last item of the north bucket will show up next to her)

Empty vase – flowers

Tap water – north bucket

Plate shelf – plate

Take the empty bucket and place that under the madness water and the bucket will fill through water. Usage the bucket full of water ~ above the warm fire that is situated in the guest saloon room.

GUEST home



Watchmaker – jeweler’s loop

Clock – clock opener (once you place the clock opener ~ above the clock the last piece of the razor will appear)

Clock face – hour hand

Teddy bear – teddy bear


White equine – black color horse

Night pots – chamber pot

Pillow – knife (last item if the pincers will show up when you placed the knife ~ above the pillow)

Empty bottle – party ship

Bearded man – razor (part the the ghost device will appear)


Grass – grasshopper

Bird house – bird

Nailed plank – pincers (when you placed the pincers on the pond plank, the last piece of the home window hinge will appear where the plank was)


Closed home window – home window hinge

Umbrella holder – umbrella

Book – drawing

Dolls – doll




Bumper – patent plate

Old refrigerator – fridge door

Headlight spot – headlight

Oil drum – empty oil can

Candy machine – coin (part the the ghost an equipment starter will certainly be revealed). To fill the north oil have the right to on the oil drum (located in the garage) and also then use the full can of oil top top the broken sharpening stone (located ~ above the porch)

After the sharpening stone starts rolling use the blunt shears top top the stone to sharpen them. Climate take the sharp shears and place lock on the thorny roses (located in the backyard)


Piggy financial institution – hammer (a coin will show up once you break the piggy bank, use that coin ~ above the candy device that is situated in the garage)

Marbles – marbles

4 aces – ace

Hanging pond – mug


Broken cello – cello piece

Mama owl – infant owl

Thorny roses – spicy shears (read above to see exactly how you acquire the spicy shears)

Mailbox – letter


Broken sharpening rock – complete oil deserve to (read above to see exactly how you obtain the full oil can)

Old phone – earphone

House number – residence number

Barometer – barometer

Open pot – pot cover

EAST wing



Marble frostbite – marble nose

Cupboard – knob (the last item of the hammer will appear inside that the cupboard)

Chandelier – glass ornament

Blow torch – lighter (a component of the ghost device starter will certainly appear)


Right shoes – left shoe

Slippers – slipper puff

Clothesline – clothespin

Locked chest – small key (once you placed the small key in the locked chest, the last item of the lighter will appear inside the chest)


Toy automobile – driver figurine

Fan – strength cable (when the fan starts blow the last piece of the knob will show up on the height left edge where the roses were)

Violin – violin bow

Radio – frequency dial


Bricks – sledge hammer

Dartboard – dart

Sheet music stand – paper music

Scented candle – fragrant candle

WEST wing



Broken desk lamp – lampshade

Light bulb socket – irradiate bulb

Tuba – mouthpiece (once you location the mouthpiece ~ above the tuba, the last item of the old publication will fly out of the tuba)

Letter blocks – letter block


Nanny ghost – brooch (brooch will certainly be discovered once you put the "sabre" ~ above the "colonel ghost" the is situated in the indian room (hidden room)

Doll head – doll eye

Small drum – north sticks

Swimming ring – bodkin (once you break the swim ring the last item of the mouthpiece will appear)


Hunter ghost – shotgun

Mouse hole – cheese (part that the ghost device starter will appear)

Gnu antelope – gnu antler

Cuckoo clock – clock key (last item of the "drumsticks" will certainly appear)


Accordion – accordion key

Candlestick – candle

Writing pen – ink bottle

Bookshelf – old publication (this action unlocks the mystery room (Indian room)


Curtain – curtain piece

Sitar guitar – etc strings

Colonel ghost – sabre (the "brooch" will show up that go on the nanny ghost)

Banana bunch – banana

Elephant god – elephant stone




Loose snapshot – knife (safe box appears behind it. Usage the "safe lock" on the "safe box". Inside the safe box you will uncover last item for the matches)

Bed rest – bed ornament

Hat version – females hat


Fish key – clown fish

Mystery locker – vital word (open) *you will certainly unlock a piece of the ghost an equipment starter*

Bell tool – bell

Locked tool box – key (Use the vital that appears after you location the "tub plug" in the "tub" and some tools will show up that girlfriend will usage in the Corridor room ~ above the "stuck attic door"


Tub – tub plug (once you carry out this activity a an essential will appear that friend will usage in the "locked device box" that is situated in the study)

Soap holder – bar of soap

Bicycle – bicycle wheel

Bathrobe – ribbon

Towel holder – towel


Billiard player ghost – billiard chalk

Yin-yang – yin

Dusty winter – duster (the last piece of the tub plug will appear on the mirror)

Toy train – toy locomotive


Oil desk lamp – matches (once you carry out this action the last piece of "open" sign will appear)

Hamburger – french fries

Suit of armor – helmet

Stuck attic stairs – devices (read above, in the restroom section, where it speak you exactly how to unlock the "tools")

Hole in the door – plank




Screwdriver set – screwdriver

Bowl the flour – strainer (once you perform this action a crucial will appear)

Skeleton – skull

Balance scale – load (the last item of the watering can will show up on the bottom appropriate side that the scale)


Steam machine – pipe

Jewelry hand – diamond ring

Tarantula spider – insect jar (once you perform this action the last item of the scissors will certainly appear)

Shaving kit – cut brush


Deaf granny ghost – ear trumpet (the last item of the "secret code" will be revealed in this room, when all the parts have been placed)

Chandelier – chandelier bowl

Heavy lock – key (the key that shows up after you put the strainer in the bowl of flour)

Young plant – watering have the right to (the last piece of the strainer appears)

Curtains – scissors (the last piece of the pipe will certainly appear)

Place the pipe in the steam maker (located in the attic)

Go earlier to the Indian room (located in the West Wing) and click on the curtain that is ~ above the much left side of the screen, a battery will appear

Go come the east Tower and also place the vital (that appeared from sifting the flour) ~ above the hefty lock, this will unlock the Ghost device Room

GHOST an equipment ROOM:

After you have performed every the tasks over and every parts have been placed, proceed to the Ghost an equipment Room.

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Take the maker starter lock the end of inventory and also place it on the appropriate side the the machine, over the green and red wires.