Daryl Main, who grandson Austin plays for the hill House tiny League boy Blue Jays, throw the very first pitch to his nephew at the league’s opened day awareness on Saturday at main Community Park. He is flanked by san Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal and Oakland A’s mascot Stomper.

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Coach Todd Pace gives some batting advice to his team, the Grasshoppers, on the opened day of hill House small League top top Saturday at central Community Park.


The hill House small League Rookie division Mud Cats and also River Bandits reach for prizes thrown come the players throughout the league’s opened day ceremony.


Teams salute the flag throughout the nationwide anthem in ~ the mountain House tiny League opening day ceremony. Mountain residence Fire Department raised the flag ~ above its ladder truck because that the ceremony.


Teams gather around the baseball diamond at main Community Park for the opened day of hill House tiny League ~ above Saturday.

Mountain House small League is celebrating its 10th year that youth baseball in 2017 and opened the season Saturday, march 4, through ceremonies in ~ the baseball diamond in main Community Park.

The league now has 300 players ages 4 to 13 ~ above 28 groups in seven divisions: urine Wee, T-Ball, Rookie, Farm, Minor, significant and 50/70. The organization is component of tiny League ar 67 and also in the summer will enter its top teams in the ar Tournament of Champions and district all-star tournaments.

Guests at the ceremonies contained Manuel Moreno, a member the the ar Services ar board that directors, and also the Mountain home Fire Department, which elevated a 30-foot flag 75 feet high on the department’s ladder truck because that the national anthem.

Major league Baseball mascots Lou Seal indigenous the san Francisco Giants and also Stomper indigenous the Oakland A’s make an appearance. Additionally on hand to be the 501st Legion, golden Gate Garrison, which sent out Star wars stormtroopers and other personalities to fulfill with players and also hand out prizes.



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