The Diary the a Teenage Girl (2015) showed to be among the couple of coming age films in recent years come portray the expedition of sexuality in a smart, sensitive and also funny manner. In Marielle Heller’s debut movie sex is treated v stark honesty and originality. The character’s naivety, awkwardness and also enthusiasm all feel real.

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There is a plethora the movies that attempt to depict the teenage experience and all too frequently they succumb to cliché and cheesy sentimentality. However, there are countless films that offer adolescent anguish the best amount that attention and broach the topic of teenage sexuality v maturity and humor.

If you took pleasure in The Diary of a Teenage Girl, below are 5 movies that take a similar approach come adolescent exploration.

An Education (Lone Scherfig, 2009)

Carey Mulligan’s rest out role in An education and learning as 16-year-old Jenny sees her navigate the trepidations of growing up. But like The Diary the a Teenage Girl it treats the resulting age story through tact and a certain quaint romanticism.

As Jenny becomes affiliated with an enlarge gentleman she is enthralled by the possibilities the adult life. We journey together with her as she meet the complications the come v adult life and also makes decisions the will substantially shape she future.

It is brilliant portrait that a girl’s climb into womanhood that functions outstanding performances from Mulligan and also Peter Sarsgaard.


Palo Alto (Gia Coppola, 2013)

Teenage angst and aimlessness combine in this adaptation of James Franco’s short stories.

The movie is spearheaded by a convincing power from Emma Roberts, who is able come depict both the monotony and excitement of high college life. Together Robert’s April struggles with her attractions us delve right into the resides of the Palo Alto inhabitants.

The debut function length film from Gia Coppola depicts adolescent troubles alongside those of adults. There are instances of stereotypical teenage nihilism throughout but there is additionally a willingness come convey the worth and also importance of experimenting these typical adolescent experiences. Coppola treats the developmental experiences the her characters with sensitivity and neglects come trivialize their battles for purpose and affection.

The Spectacular Now (James Ponsoldt, 2013)

Shailene Woodley and Miles novelist star together an unlikely pair in this sensitive teenage romance the rejects typical romantic conventions. The pair, Sutter Kelly and Aimee Finecky, fulfill at time wherein both space contemplating what to carry out with your lives.

The film eschews the sentimentality that damages a the majority of coming-of-age films and also serves up a character propelled story that faces the difficulties of drinking, motivation and attraction.


Fish Tank (Andrea Arnold, 2009)

On an estate in Essex fifteen-year-old Mia drifts with life there is no purpose. After being expelled indigenous school, she life is offered new definition when she is motivated one day by her mother’s boyfriend to go after her interest in dancing.

With great performances indigenous Katie Jarvis and Michael Fassbender, Fish Tank provides a believed provoking and stark portrayal the adolescent struggles in Britain. The movie tackles themes the sex and also helplessness and also pulls no punches.

The To execute List (Maggie Carey, 2013)

As the pressure of college life impend eerily in the close to future, Brandy Klark decides to take it matters into her very own hands and confront her sexual inexperience.

Brandy, played by the comic oddity Aubrey Plaza, work herself with miscellaneous things to carry out so that she won’t make a stupid of herself when she goes come college. Hilarity ensues as she navigates the freshly uncomfortable human being of sex and also she begins to battle with feelings for one specific boy.

The To execute List is fresh and also quirky and generous with its moment of awkwardness and also humor. The is buoyed particularly by a an excellent performance native the ever-hilarious Aubrey Plaza.

Check them the end for yourself!

If these films appeal to you be sure to check them out. The course these are only a couple of of the movies that have properly tackled adolescent sex-related angst and also self-discovery. There a host an ext such together ‘Adventureland’ and ‘Young & Beautiful’ that room worth search out.

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