15 movies To watch If You loved Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless mental Make sure you examine out these various other strange and compelling movies if you love Eternal Sunshine the the Spotless Mind.

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Michelle Williams and also Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine, Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine the the Spotless Mind, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt in 500 job of Summer
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is among the many inventive romantic drama movie of recent memory, and effortlessly blends realistic relationship troubles with surreal and also impossible imagery. The movie"s creative exploration of the key character"s mind, not only offers the audience a far better understanding the the central romance yet the man himself.

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In addition to this, that is non-linear structure provides it one of the most memorable movies about relationships. These aspects are what characterized the movie and also made it work so well. If you"re a fan, below are 15 similar movie to check out.

Updated top top November 28th, 2020 by note Birrell: director Michel Gondry"s visual and comedic layouts blended therefore perfectly with the performances that the significant ensemble cast, and also the thoughtful work of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, that it"s no wonder why this movie has together a love fanbase. Together it continues to gather admirers in that journey v certifiable cult status, for this reason too has actually our list gathered with each other an extra 5 movies to clock if you like Eternal Sunshine that the Spotless Mind.

Charlie Kaufman recorded the fist of the movie human being for the first time with his first produced screenplay because that this thrilling, weird, and dark comedy about a struggling puppeteer that discovers a portal the leads right into the mind of actor john Malkovich.

Spike Jonze confirmed to be the perfect manager to debut Kaufman"s distinctly surreal concepts to audiences, developing a movie full of distinct humor and fearless performances from renowned actors.

14 Ruby Sparks (2012)

Zoe Kazan created the screenplay and also starred together the location character in this offbeat deconstruction of romantic comedy movie from director Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

The plot complies with a young writer, play by Paul Dano, who latest development suddenly shows up in the flesh to become his perfect lover, only for his ability to regulate the bizarre situation to slowly erode.

manager Spike Jonze tackled modern relationships native a sci-fi perspective with his very own bitterly sweet screenplay about a lonely male who falls in love v the AI routine that resides in his an individual devices.

Joaquin Phoenix shines in a bravely singular performance opposite Scarlett Johansson"s brilliant voice performance together the AI program, Samantha, and also a fan of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is sure to evaluate its own meditations ~ above love and loss.

12 safety and security Not guaranteed (2012)

prior to taking ~ above the Jurassic World series, director Colin Trevorrow earned a lot of indie movie cred through his writing partner Derek Connolly for this small-budget sci-fi rom-com hit about a team of journalists investigate a wanted ad seeking a companion to go back in time with.

An optimistic movie befitting its cast of sitcom favorite such together Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza, Safety no Guaranteed still has sufficient honest emotion in ~ its core to do it among the most standout romantic movie of recent years.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a lovestruck young guy who falls for the enigmatic Summer, play by Zooey Deschanel, and sinks right into a self-absorbed spiral the depression when things loss apart.

One the the many beloved contemporary breakup movies, 500 job of Summer may not have the quirks of Eternal Sunshine the the Spotless Mind but is nevertheless a satisfyingly alternate examination that love and relationships which plenty of movie fans have discovered to it is in hugely relatable.

10 Cold Souls (2009)

Paul Giamatti stars as Paul Giamatti in 2009"s Cold Souls. Much like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the movie is filled through strange imagery and also has an equally surreal concept.

Feeling unsatisfied Giamatti decides to exchange his souls via a professional company, yet things take it a rotate for the worse once he decides he desires it earlier and find it missing. The intriguing principles presented make this overlooked drama worth seeking the end for anyone looking to scratch that metaphysical itch.

points take a turn right into the surreal for a couple when they holidays to a strange legacy in an initiative to save their failing marriage. Starring note Duplass and Elizabeth Moss, The One i Love"s unique twist look at the rug pulled out from under the couple, and also the audience in the most unexpected way.

The sci-fi drama holds countless surprises and warrants being watched without its big twist gift spoiled. But rest assured that their stays will never ever be the same after their visit.

8 beat Drunk Love (2002)

Adam Sandler delivers among the best performances that his career in 2002"s Punch Drunk Love. The dark comedy-drama attribute Sandler play against kind in among his most facility and serious functions to date.

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After start a new relationship he quickly finds self in end his head as he is extorted by a phone-sex manager that he crosses. The movie effortlessly balances the couples blossoming relationship and the unanticipated trouble he"s found himself in. In enhancement to this, the dark and also realistic tone provides the romantic connection more complex and compelling.

native the director of Eternal Sunshine the the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry come The science of Sleep. The movie explores desires in a unique and inventive way, through a hefty dollop the quirkiness.

This may prove to it is in too lot for some viewers to handle, together the film"s lighter and more whimsical ton distinguishes the from that contemporaries. The film"s expedition of dreams and also their partnership to fact make this one of the most creative and visually exciting films of current memory.

6 Anomalisa (2015)

Written and also co-directed by Charlie Kaufman, 2015"s Anomalisa is just one of the most distinctive animated movies ever before made. The stop-motion drama aims to recreate the real civilization with a level the realism and detail never ever seen before. The film"s irony well-off plot sees a customer business expert who cannot attach with anyone.

When he finally does do a connection his view shifts, through unexpected results. In spite of the movie"s man nature, your blossoming relationship is shown realistically.

starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine provides a glimpse into the end of a failure relationship, that when was filled with possibilities. The movie employs a unique structure to interact this and jumps in between time-periods come flesh out the couple"s life together more fully.

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Much like Eternal Sunshine, the couple"s troubles are on full display and also it go not hold back, often coming uncomfortably close come reality. Together a counterpoint come this, it likewise gives the audience an ext than sufficient reasons to recognize why they once treatment for one another.

4 Stranger 보다 Fiction (2006)

Stranger 보다 Fiction sees a man"s civilization turned upside down when he starts to doubt that that is a character in a book. The high ide idea renders this among the most surreal comedy-dramas of recent memory and delivers many of laughs.

Starring will Ferrell it remains one his most amazing performances come date and sees him play against type as a boring I.R.S auditor. The movies unusual principle make the romantic relationship he starts more complex and sees him question his reality.

2008"s Synecdoche, new York stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as a theater director struggling to organize his life together, that then decides come recreate brand-new York inside a huge warehouse for his new play. The movie"s inaccessible qualities may put part viewers off, together it blurs the line between reality and also fiction, do it daunting to discern what is real.

The story, lot like Eternal Sunshine"s, offers an ext upon repeat viewings. The story spans decades and also presents a collection of facility and unorthodox relationships, putting each personality under the microscope and forcing them to re-examine themselves.

2 lost In translate into (2003)

Starring invoice Murray as a movie star having a mid-life crisis, alongside Scarlett Johansson together a university graduate unsure what to perform with she life, Lost in Translation is there is no a doubt one of the highlights of your esteemed careers.

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The unlikely couple forms a bond during their time together in Tokyo, despite their sizable period difference. The base nature the the movie renders it one of the many realistic romantic movies ever before made, together it flies it the confront of the timeless romantic stories, and adopts a an ext subtle approach. Parts of the movie are likewise widely taken into consideration to be autobiographical explorations of manager Sofia Coppola"s experience from as soon as she to be married to other director Spike Jonze, an especially during his manufacturing of Being man Malkovich.

an additional glimpse inside the psychic of Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation stars Nicolas Cage together Kaufman, and also his fictional twin brother, who battles to it is adapted a publication into a movie and quickly finds self in end his head.

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The strange concept of the movie is based on the writer"s actual experiences. Since of this, events quickly start to unravel native the ordinary and also into the human being of the weird, v unexpected results.