Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles . . .The Princess Bride is my favourite childhood movie. And also unlike every the other movies from mine childhood, ns never had to go diving because that the remote in horror as i tried come share it with my little kids (I’m looking in ~ YOU Ghostbusters).

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So imagine my pleasure when Betty announced that she wanted a Princess Bride date of birth party! and then mine dismay once she added that she’d like it to it is in a sleepover. But . . . A 10th date of birth is a big deal, and her friends are really sweet girls, and my defenses to be down because — Princess Bride! for this reason I claimed yes.

Disclaimer: It has actually been brought to my fist that I do not, together I formerly believed, throw “simple” birthday parties. Lock seem straightforward to me, because I enjoy doing this sort of thing. So, before you scroll down, just keep in mind the I liked doing this, that it’s mainly homemade, that several of it is wonky and also I’m okay v that, that we planned, prepped, and also partied together a family, and that we had fun on every of those steps.


I’m certain you can make all that tissue document stuff and also the flag banner pretty conveniently at home, but we didn’t. We got all the decorations at Party City. The flowers room from the yard. Betty was particularly excited around the goblets. Jack go the calligraphy for her. Gus mostly just stood about looking pleased v himself, as he is wont to do.

I published the posters using Publisher. However if I ever before get come redecorate a kids’ room, i really want to purchase this one:

from LittleOwlDesign

The various other was much more interactive:

by Nathan W Pyle

For dinner us made together You Wish personal Pizzas, i m sorry was really fun, yet required part attention, and also I forgot to take any type of pictures. Yet here are the girl saying grace while the pizzas cooked:

For breakfast in the morning we had actually popovers from mine grandfather’s recipe v strawberry butter, apologize butter, and loquat jam, lemonade, fruit, and also various breakfast meats:

The cake! Yay, the cake! This to be a really collaborative effort. Betty wanted it to be prefer a wedding cake (which I carry out not have actually the skill or tools to create, but that’s never ever stopped me before) and Anita said that it have actually them falling under the hill. Brilliant! So, that’s what i did.
It to be carrot cake inside and cream cheese frosting and it was super yummy. (Recipe here.) ns made the words and also figures v melting coco in a ziplock bag. The world are based on a t-shirt design.

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And over there was even actual sleeping at a reasonable hour, yet I didn’t take any pictures that that.