Though one OVA episode is already planned, this is the last TV episode of the series, for this reason some type of resolution to the Junichi/Yukana spat that developed last episode had to it is in delivered, and also that"s what almost the whole of the illustration turned out to be. The result is a largely satisfying resolution come their relationship troubles and suitable stopping point. This may have actually been one anime-original arc, however it played out better than the norm because that such things.

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The episode starts exactly where last episode left off, through Junichi relocating to face Yukana"s previous friend Dai ~ overhearing the jerk bad-mouthing her. That goes around as expected: Dai doesn"t take Junichi seriously at first, but insists on taking things outside when Junichi persists. Junichi quickly shows that in spite of his persistence, he isn"t maybe to complement Dai in a fight. Unsurprisingly, Ranko jumps to his defense, because he"s defending she love, and she"s a capable fighter. Junichi"s friends space less qualified (until Dai knocks end a tiny girl, which sends Minoru right into Ape Mode), however they still do their finest to rotate the birds of the fight. If it"s quite to view that backup, I perform question exactly how long it took them all to act. It"s not choose they weren"t watching every this take place in the restaurant, well past the suggest where it got violent. This is one situation where a delay for objectives of dramatic timing seems forced. Still, at least Dai it s okay the thrashing he deserves for being such a pig.

The more an important part of the episode is Junichi"s effort to win ago Yukana. Whether fairly or not, the takes every one of the reference on his shoulders because that being dishonest with Yukana about his factors for questioning her out. The was absolutely true, however I assumed Junichi had long since demonstrated the he had actually moved past that, and that wasn"t yes, really the issue behind their fight anyway. This additionally lets Yukana turn off the hook for her culpability in the incident, which may make Junichi look better by comparison, yet resolves points sufficiently enough for them to have actually a neat date afterwards. However, also though this results in a pretty an excellent scene, that still feels choose an unresolved issue. The way that anime romantic comedies go, ns don"t see the series ever managing this even if an ext material gets animated beyond the OVA. I"m also not sure around Yui"s motivations drifting in a an ext generic harem love attention direction either.

Those objections are much more personal nitpicks than greater an essential problems v the episode, though. More evident problems lie in the shaky artistic merits. The series continues to have trouble maintaining both Yukana and also Nene (whose bust size appears to be differing widely) on-model, do this one of the weakest episodes visually. The production compensates for this with its quieter tone, together if to emphasize the arc"s more serious aspects, which usually works. Going light on the crassness and also fanservice likewise helps.

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Overall, My an initial Girlfriend is a festival is by no means a memorable romantic comedy – it"s absolutely not ~ above the level the this season"s Gamers! or Tsuredure kids – yet it is a decent one that has actually its moments and played out much less trashy 보다 it might have. (Though I"ll be rather surprised if the OVA episode doesn"t go full-bore on the fan service.) Yukana gets several of the credit transaction for the by acting past the variety of a completely typical anime girl, though ns think over there was also room because that the collection to do more with her. Still, at the very least the series seemed to it is in trying.