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During the COVID-19 lockdowns, most world have actually been turning to digital riddles and puzzles to challenge themselves and also their friends. The latest riddle to go viral on social media is “a boy was playing via a book” riddle, periodically dubbed “my son was playing via a book.”

The riddle asks: A boy was playing through a book and also tore out the pages 7, 8, 100, 101, 222 and also 223. How many pperiods did he tear out?

This riddle has been trending on Facebook, Twitter and also Whatsapp. If you’re prepared to uncover out the answer, store reading.

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The Viral ‘A Boy Was Playing With a Book’ Riddle Answer & Explanation

The initially instinct would certainly be to assume that the boy tore out 6 various pperiods, however it’s a small more complex than that. In a book, there are actually 2 numbered pperiods on each sheet of paper. The peras are published on both sides, and each one has an odd and also an also number. The odd pages will certainly practically always be on the right hand also side while the even peras will certainly be on the left hand side. Thus, the first page in a book will actually be numbered 1-2 and also the second page will be numbered 3-4, on and on.

When analysis the riddle, we have the right to check out that the boy ripped out pages 7 and 8, which are actually both sides of the same page. He then ripped out 99-100 and 101-102 which are the second and also 3rd peras he ripped out. 221-222 is the fourth page the boy ripped out and also 223-224 is the fifth page. The answer is that the boy ripped out 5 pages.

The Riddle Has Caprovided a Lot of Confusion & Stumped Many type of People

While the majority of world think the answer is 6, which is wrong, some civilization think it’s 3. Due to the fact that tright here are three sets of sequential numbers, civilization have assumed that 7-8 is the exact same web page, 100-101 is the same web page and 222-223 is the exact same page. However, because a page has the odd number on the first side and the even number on the ago side, 100-101 cannot be on the same page, nor deserve to 222-223. Only 7-8 are actually on the same web page, which suggests the answer is 5.

It’s not the initially riddle to cause the majority of confusion. Many type of riddles have actually gone viral given that the COVID-19 lockdowns began. In one riddle, the question is: “At a 4 legged table, tbelow are 1 grandma, 2 moms, 2 daughters and also a granddaughter. How many kind of legs are under the table?”

This riddle has resulted in some confusion, with civilization saying the answer is 10 or 16. The correct answer is 10. Due to the fact that of the family dynamic of the human being at the table, tright here are actually just 3 people sitting there: a grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter. Those 3 world meet the criteria for the riddle, meaning there are just 3 people at the table, not 6.

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Those human being have actually 2 legs each, so there are 6 humale legs at the table. The 4 legged table additionally has four legs under the table, which implies there are a full of 10 legs under the table.