L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 19 | 6-answer surveysName something specific that has a lengthy neck.100GIRAFFE78SWAN3OSTRICH10A GLASS2BOTTLE/BEER BOTTLE4CRANE3Name miscellaneous you"d dislike to see as soon as you blow her nose.100BLOOD75PIECES OF mine BRAIN2BOOGERS/GREEN SNOT17FOOD/A CARROT2A BUG2HOLE IN TISSUE2Fill in the blank: The grandchildren have actually a video game where they shot to guess how plenty of ______s room on grandpa"s face.100WRINKLES/LINES48CRUMBS2SPOTS/FRECKLES24ZITS2HAIRS/WHISKERS22WARTS2If a stripper dubbed herself the Easter Bunny, name something she might use in her act.100BUNNY COSTUME39CANDY4EGG25A LIVE BUNNY2BIG OLE CARROT21A BASKET9We request 100 single women...If a male brings his dog along on a date, surname something it"d far better not do.100BITE ME36PUKE4WHIZ/LAUNCH LOGS36LICK ME/MY BOOBS2BARK/GROWL18CHEW/MY SHOE4Name other that should not be on her lap as soon as you"re driving.100BABY/CHILD25LOVER15DOG/PET21LAPTOP3FOOD/DRINK/COFFEE21CELL PHONE15We inquiry 100 women...Name a factor your male looks far better with clothing than without.99HE"S A FATTY69HE"S OLD/WRINKLY3FLATTER"G OUTFITS11BAD TAN LINE/PALE2SKINNY/BIRD LEGS9FURRY/HAIRY BACK5Name other a doctor provides you that could actually do you feeling worse.99A SHOT/MEDS68A LECTURE3AN ENEMA10A PROSTATE EXAM2THE BILL10DIAGNOSIS/THE CLAP6We asked 100 married men...Name something about your wife you"d never make fun of when she"s around.99BODY/SUMO BUTT64CLEANING SKILLS3HER COOKING15CLOTHES/FEATHER BRA3HAIR/BOYISH "DO11FACE/WONKY EYES3Name something human being don"t want their doctor to give them.99A SHOT/MEDS49A BILL4BAD NEWS22ADVICE2AN ENEMA13EXAM/BUTT PROBE9A woman"s warning come men: "Do no kiss me if you"ve got" what?99ILLNESS/THE HERPS48FOOD ON her FACE2BAD BREATH40SOMETHING IN MOUTH2A WIFE/SKANK4BEARD/PORN STACHE3We asked 100 married women...Name someone you don"t mind her husband kissing.99HIS MOM/MY MOM43GRANNY5OUR KIDS22ME!3HIS SISTER13THE DOG/PETS13We inquiry 100 married women...Fill in the blank and be specific: mine husband will never ever cheat top top me since he loves what?99ME41MY HOTTIE MCBODY8OUR FAMILY19MONEY/HIS 401K2MY COOKING16BREATHING/LIVING13Name something about a man"s bottom that"s various from a woman"s bottom.99BUSHY target HAIR33SMELLS/FARTS MORE4FLAT/SMALL31ROUGH/ZITTY SKIN3FIRM/HARD MUSCLE18BIGGER/WIDER10Name miscellaneous that guys do in publicly that ladies should be able to do also.98GO SHIRTLESS73SPIT2DRAIN THE LIZARD15BURP2DRIVE/PARALLEL PARK3CUSS/YELL3Name something a male cracks open.98BEER/CHAMPAGNE70HIS SKULL2NUTS/PEANUTS15A SODA2AN EGG5A COCONUT4Name something a wife can drop she dead cheating husband"s ashes down.98TOILET/PORTA-POTTY69RIVER/BODY the WATER4DRAIN/DISPOSAL10MOUNTAIN/VOLCANO3TRASH CHUTE6SEWER6Name something cold your lover might put on your body.98ICE/ICE PACK64ICE CREAM4THEIR FEET15THEIR HANDS3LOTION/OIL8WHIPPED CREAM4We inquiry 100 women...Name something you"d execute if you had a like on the new minister in church.98GO MORE/GET INVOLVED61NEW CHURCH/DON"T GO3PRAY/REPENT17DRESS prefer A HO2FLIRT/CHAT/ASK OUT11KEEP that SECRET4Name who a bride would be mad that her groom kissed a tiny too long at your wedding.98BRIDESMAID/HER BFF58HIS best MAN7HIS EX11HOT PASTOR2HER SISTER11HER MOM9Name a component of a woman that moves once she walks in a sexy way.98HER GLAZED HAMS57HAIR2HIPS28FLIRTY EYES2PINK-NOSED PUPPIES6LEGS3What could a wife do with Valentine"s day roses from she cheating husband?98TRASH "EM55RIP UP/MULCH "EM3THROW AT/HIT HIM27GIVE AWAY/2 her LOVER2BURN "EM8STICK the W/ THORN3We asked 100 women...You understand it"s going to it is in a poor date if, rather of a car, he arrives riding what?98BIKE/UNICYCLE54SKATEBOARD3MOTORCYCLE/MOPED24BEAT-UP TRUCK2BUS9HORSE6Name who a lonely man would not want to recognize that he own an inflatable doll.98HIS MOMMY52DATE/NEW PROSPECT9HIS BUDS12HIS PASTOR/RABBI4HIS WIFE/MATE11HIS BOSS/COWORKER10We inquiry 100 married women...What go your man do similar to a baby?98CRY/WHINE/FUSS43SNORE7SLEEP22FART/IN my LAP5POUT12EAT9Name other a woman deserve to hug with no fear of being dumped.98DOG/PET36TREE8STUFFED ANIMAL29FRIEND2BABY/CHILD15PILLOW8We inquiry 100 single women...Name a breed of dog whose confront looks choose some of the men you"ve dated.98BULLDOG31DOBERMAN11PIT BULL22PUG9GERMAN SHEPHERD13BOXER12Name a sound a burglar never wants to hear as soon as he"s robbing someone"s house.98ALARM27VOICE/"FREEZE SUCKA"10A DOG22DOOR OPENING3GUN COCK/SHOT19POLICE SIREN17Name miscellaneous on a man"s human body that might be soft choose a woman.98HANDS27SILKY LOCKS15PRETTY FACE/LIPS19D-CUP guy BOOBS3FRESHLY SHAVEN BUTT18BELLY16If dinosaurs were alive today, what perform you think people would do to them?97KILL/EAT "EM68MAKE "EM WORK3CAGE/ZOO/PARK9TAKE PIC/INSTAGRAM2RIDE/RACE "EM8KEEP together PETS7We inquiry 100 married women...Name miscellaneous in your bedroom you"d prefer to replace.97BED/MATTRESS51CURTAINS9CARPET14DRESSER2MY HUSBAND12CLOSETS9What might a wife uncover in she husband"s vehicle that would certainly make the say, "I have no idea exactly how that acquired there"?97PANTIES/CHICK DUDS47LIPSTICK5WIENERHOSEN22JEWELRY3PLAYBOY/PORN14WEED/DRUGS6We request 100 single men...Fill in the blank: I"d have actually an less complicated time meeting females if I had a what?97WAD that CASH46DRINK/OR FOUR3CAR/ROADSTER35DESIRE/FOR CHICKS2HOUSE/APT.8LOT that CONFIDENCE3We inquiry 100 single men...What would certainly you execute if you discovered a pregnancy test in her girlfriend"s purse?97TALK around IT45CLAP/BE HAPPY2FREAK/CRY42FAINT2RUN/DISAPPEAR4"WHO"S THE DADDY?"2We inquiry 100 men...Tell me other that can be sitting on your lap.97PET/GUINEA PIG43CELL PHONE2WOMAN/STRIPPER28TV REMOTE2KID/18-YR.-OLD SON12LAPTOP10Name miscellaneous of Steve Harvey"s you"d love to have actually if he ever gets worn down of it.97ALL the CHEDDA!41HIS WIT/TALENT4SUITS/TIES/DUDS21MUSTACHE/TRIMMINGS4HIS 9,000 JOBS15HIS WHEELS12Name miscellaneous edible that"s spreadable.97BUTTER/MARGARINE35CHOCOLATE2CHEESE23ICING2PEANUT BUTTER22JELLY/JAM13Ashes to ashes, dust come dust. Name something on a human being that a mortician could adjust.97FACE/MAKEUP33ARMS/HANDS5HAIR/WIG30HEAD POSITION4CLOTHES/TIE20JUNK/MASSIVE NADS5Name miscellaneous a man has that jiggles as soon as he walks.97GUT/FLABDOMEN33PERKY POOPER8KEYS19MAN BOOBS4CHANGE19NADS/"FROG EYES"14We request 100 men...Fill in the blank: The directions say, "To obtain your inflatable doll started, blow into her" what?97MOUTH32BELLY BUTTON9BOTTOM20NOZZLE/VALVE/TUBE7EAR15BOOBS14Name other you might see in a hot bathtub the morning after ~ a wild party.97CLOTHES/MY BIKINI31CUPS/GLASSES5BEER CANS/BOTTLES28PEE/FLOATING TURD3WIENERHOSEN23PUKE7Name a to add to functioning in a morgue.96QUIET/NO COMPLAINTS83ALWAYS have BUSINESS2FUNERAL DISCOUNTS4GOOD MONEY2MAKE DEAD look SEXY3WEAR WHAT ns WANT2Name other that makes a kiss tickle.96HAIR/HER BEARD76NOSES RUBBING2SLITHERING TONGUE10STATIC ELECTRICITY2LIPS3NERVES/NEW LOVE3Name miscellaneous a first-time parachuter could do ~ above the way down.96SCREAM/CUSS55CRY4PRAY20HURL3PEE/FLOAT A DOODY9FAINT5We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank: My date was great right up till he stated he had actually a what?96WIFE/BOYFRIEND54FOOT FETISH2STD/BLOODY COUGH21WIG ON2KID13PET SNAKE4We asked 100 women...Give me a complaint you might have if friend were date a caveman.96STINKY/BAD HYGIENE53HIS STUPID CLUB2TOO much HAIR25CAVE LIFE2DRAGS ME through HAIR10TOO CONTROLLING4No one turned up to your party. Why?96FORGOT to INVITE48I"M BUSY2I"M DISLIKED20NO FOOD2WRONG DAY18NO BOOZE/BAD BOOZE6Name miscellaneous the farmer"s pig can do to look much more like her idol, miss Piggy.96MAKEUP/MASCARA46SING/TALK4HAIRDO/BOW/WIG26SHAVE2WEAR DRESS/HAT11TAKE BATH/SHOWER7Name miscellaneous an elephant"s body has that you"re glad you don"t have.96TRUNK/BIG NOSE46WRINKLES6HUGE FLOPPY EARS22A TAIL4TUSKS10FAT/A broad BOOTY8We asked 100 married women...Fill in the blank: I have the right to honestly say ns have much more what 보다 my husband?96BRAINS/SENSE46COMPASSION7PATIENCE17"BALLS"5HAIR12MONEY9We asked 100 married men...Tell me something her wife might do that you"d far better notice.96DRESS UP/SEXY38COOK/FAVORITE DISH7GET HAIRCUT30REDECORATE5HINT at ANNIVERSARY8NEW MAKEUP8We asked 100 men...Name a place you would certainly hate to be once you realize you didn"t zip up your pants.96CHURCH36STORE/MALL4WORK/INTERVIEW33WEDDING3ON STAGE11SCHOOL9We asked 100 women...I"d walk roughly the home nude if i didn"t have actually what?96FAMILY/KIDS THERE33PETS/PERVY DOG5A negative BOD/FAT30A DRAFTY HOUSE2NEIGHBORS15WINDOWS11Name something that"s bouncy.95A BALL79HOT set OF KNOCKERS3MY SOFT shining HAIR5A BOUNCE HOUSE2A TRAMPOLINE3A BALLOON3Fill in the blank: If God didn"t desire women to attract men, that wouldn"t have given them what?95GLAND that MILK & HONEY68BRAINS4PRETTY FACES9PERSONALITIES2INVITING VA-JAYS6LICKABLE LEGS6If a man doesn"t desire a woman to gain the dorn idea, he"ll rest up v her before what day?95VALENTINE"S DAY64CHRISTMAS3BIRTHDAY11FRIDAY/WEEKEND3THEIR WEDDING DAY7THEIR ANNIVERSARY7We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank with a word start with the letter F: This dress makes me watch ______.95FAT57FANCY3FABULOUS21FRUMPY2FANTASTIC7FINE5We request 100 men...If the woman following door is a nudist, surname something you hope she go outdoors.95EXERCISE/DOWNW"D DOG48WASH THE CAR3SUNBATHE/OIL UP18HAVE SEX3YARD WORK/GARDEN16BEND OVER7Tell me a kids" breakfast grain character that can be a great name because that a male stripper.95TONY THE TIGER47TRIX RABBIT5CAP"N CRUNCH25COUNT CHOCULA3TOUCAN SAM8LUCKY THE LEPRECHAUN7If Santa went to a bar, who could be his wingman?95RUDOLPH46JACK FROST2STUDLY ELF35MRS. CLAUS/FOR 3-WAY2FROSTY THE SNOWMAN6EASTER BUNNY4To a bull, name the sexiest part of a cow.95THEM TEATIES!46HOT HORNS3FINE BEHIND26BEEFY LEGS/ANKLES3CUTE FACE/EYES11SWISHY TAIL6We asked 100 single men...If a girlfriend dumped you at 8 p.m., what would you it is in doing in ~ 9 p.m.?95BREWSKIS W/ BROS46CRYING2NEW CHICK/HER SIS23EAT"G/WHOLE PIZZA2WATCHING TV18SLEEPING4It"s bad if a mam finds one more woman"s panties. It"s worse if she find them where?95BED/HER PILLOW45IN A DRAWER5HUBBY"S BODY/ORIFICE28ON HERSELF!3CAR/GLOVE BOX8HUBBY"S POCKET6Name a specific way you deserve to tell your date thinks you"re a large bore.95YAWNS45CHECKS WATCH6LOOKS AROUND/IGNORES14LEAVES EARLY5ON PHONE/TEXTS13SLEEPS12Name other that"s straightforward to pick.95MY SNOTLOCKER43CLOTHES/SOCKS3FRUIT/FOOD39SIDES2FLOWERS5MY METH TEETH3We request 100 women...You desire an to apologize bottom. Yet instead, yours is shaped choose what fruit?95PEAR42PUMPKIN3MELON/WATERMELON26APRICOT2GRAPEFRUIT15BUNCH that GRAPES7We inquiry 100 solitary men...If you desire there to be a next time, surname something you shouldn"t execute while making love.95SAY not correct NAME42TALK/COMPLAIN8FALL ASLEEP20FART DURING big "O"3LAST 30 SECONDS11USE PHONE/INSTAGRAM11We inquiry 100 married women...If us promise no to tell her husband, surname a location you"d flirt with other men.95STORE/WALMART41THE GYM7WORK15CAFE/COFFEE SHOP5BAR/NIGHTCLUB15ONLINE/FACEBOOK12We request 100 married women...Name something friend don"t prefer to watch on her husband"s face.95FACIAL HAIR35GUILT5FROWN/ANGER20SNOT3FOOD/MAYO17LIPSTICK15Name miscellaneous a yes, really cheap guy can do at a restaurant therefore he doesn"t have to pay.95BAIL/HIT BATHROOM34HAVE WATER & BREAD5COMPLAIN/PLANT A BUG28TELL day TO PAY3"FORGET" WALLET16ACT ILL9Who might you have to share a bed with and also you hope they don"t sleep in the nude?95MOM/WELL-HUNG DAD33MY KIDS6BROTHER/SISTER24IN-LAWS4GRAMPS/GRANNY15A FRIEND13We inquiry 100 solitary women...When you accomplish your boyfriend"s mother, surname a inquiry she might ask that you"d refuse to answer.95# that DUDES BEFORE?32MAKE LOTSA MONEY?9BOINKING mine BOY?25WHAT U WEIGH, MISSY?8AGE/OVER 18?11PREGNANT YET?10We inquiry 100 single men...Fill in the blank: I"m looking for a woman with a really big what?95BANK ACCT./DOWRY29MELON BOOTY7HEART28PERSONALITY2PAIR the KNOCKERS21BRAIN/IQ8Name something that, if Steve Harvey want to give you, you would gladly accept.94$$$/100 MILLION77VACATION/WITH HIM2A TONGUE KISS/HUG5PAGEANT TITLE/CROWN2CAR/A ROLLS5HOUSE3Name something a man called big Daddy might have a lot of of.94MONEY65CARS3SIZE/FAT/HEIGHT13POWER/CHARISMA3CHICKS/BIG MAMAS6KIDS4Men favor women in lingerie. Ladies like guys in what?94SEXY DUDS/UNIFORM64BED2THE BUFF18HANDCUFFS2THE KITCHEN4NICE CARS/TESLAS4Name miscellaneous it would be weird because that twins come share.94SPOUSE/DATE56A an initial NAME4A TOOTHBRUSH18FOOD/BABY BOTTLE4UNDIES8A BED4No one ever before had to teach a baby exactly how to perform what?94CRY/SCREAM53SMILE/LAUGH4DUMP/SPRAY PEE19BREATHE2EAT/SUCKLE10CRAWL6Fill in the blank: The handyman"s wife believed he was having an affair due to the fact that she discovered lipstick ~ above his what?94SHIRT/COLLAR48TOOLBOX3HAMMER/TOOLS21UNDIES3NECK/BODY11TOOL BELT8When you to be a kid, name a particular place friend knew monsters were hiding.94UNDER BED45MOUNTAIN/WOODS2CLOSET36STAIRS/UNDER THEM2BASEMENT7ATTIC2Name other Powerball lottery winners probably issue about.94GREEDY "PALS"/KIN37LOSING TICKET4TAXES25SALESPEOPLE3THEFT/CRIME TARGET21LOSING ANONYMITY4We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank: My male is like a crate of chocolates. He"s what?94A SURPRISE/NEVER SAME33NUTTY2SWEET31DARK2SOFT on INSIDE15OH therefore YUMMY!11Fill in the blank: Uh-oh -- grandpa just put his hearing aid in his ______.94SNOT LOCKER32POCKET4MOUTH23DENTURE CLEANER3BUTT/BROWN RECLUSE19DRINK/COFFEE13Name something about a pig the the various other farm animals make fun of.94CURLY TAIL32OINK/SQUEAL/GRUNT8SNOUT/NOSE21NO HAIR/WIRY HAIR2MUDDY/STINKY16FAT/OVEREATER15Instead of hiring someone rather to perform it, name something a cheap dad might do in ~ his daughter"s wedding.94DJ/PLAY MUSIC25CATER/BAKE CAKE12TAKE PICS/VIDEO23DECORATE/SET UP5SING15BARTEND14Name miscellaneous the brand-new guy at a nudist camp hides behind.93BUSH/TREE/LEAF77DOOR/DOORJAMB2PERSON/FAT GUY6HIS HANDS2A SIGN3A CHAIR3Name a means insects are killed that would certainly be a horrible method for you come die.93SQUASHED/SWATTED73ZAPPED2POISONED7DISMEMBERED2HIT WINDSHIELD7BURNED/MAG. GLASS2Name something of grandpa"s that could end up in grandma"s bra when they make out.93HIS CHOMPERS64HIS FACE/MOUTH2HIS ARTHRITIC HAND20HALF-CHEWED FOOD2HAIR/FROM HIS EAR3HEARING AID2If Barbie could talk, name something she can complain about.93KEN/HAS NO WANG49DIETING/FOOD6HER BODY/STIFF19ALWAYS SMILING3HER CLOTHES/SHOES9HER HAIR7Name something you have actually that"s cuter than anyone else"s.93KIDS/GRANDKIDS33TUSH/ROSEBUD5PET/PUSSY CAT25PURSE2FACE/SMILE21SPOUSE/MATE7When a cheating husband dies, what can his wife literally perform over his dead body?93DANCE30CRY4LAUGH/SMILE29HAVE SEX top top IT4PEE/TAKE DUMP14SPIT/BIG LOOGIE12When you to be a kid, surname a place your parents would take girlfriend kicking and also screaming.92DOCTOR/DENTIST72SCHOOL2CHURCH9BATHROOM2POOL/SWIM LESSONS5BARBER/HAIR SALON2Name miscellaneous you could learn to carry out in elf school.92BUILD TOYS68FLY SLEIGH2WRAP GIFTS12SMILE/HAVE FUN2SEW/MAKE CLOTHES4SING CAROLS4Name someone a stripper would hate to see sitting in the audience.92DAD/MOM68HER EX4HER MAN/HUBBY8CELEB/R. KELLY3COP5CLERGY/PASTOR4Name other you deserve to honestly say you"ve never ever made love in while it"s moving.92CAR/TRUCK/RV57BOAT4AIRPLANE15ROLLER COASTER4TRAIN7BUS5Name a reason a really attractive woman can have a difficult time detect a boyfriend.92"TUDE/PERSONALITY53GOLD DIGGER/BROKE4TOO HOT/INTIMIDATES15HAS target BREATH4SHE"S DUMB together DIRT9SHE"S as well PICKY7Name miscellaneous an ugly guy gets that could turn him into a chick magnet.92MONEY/GREAT JOB52TRENDY HAIRCUT3SWEET CAR26STUDLY THREADS2CUTE DOG5HUMOR/PERSONALITY4Name something a wife can do behind her husband"s back.92SHOP/SPEND MONEY50FLIRT2SHAG/HIS DAD33SURPRISE PARTY2STICK TONGUE OUT3PIG OUT2We request 100 men...Name something you should do if you"re going as Steve Harvey because that Halloween.92SHAVE HEAD/BALD CAP33WHITEN mine TEETH9DRESS WELL/SUIT17BE FUNNY8GROW STACHE13BECOME BLACK12Name an inappropriate gift because that a guy to offer his brother"s wife.91LINGERIE/NIGHTIE61DOZEN RED ROSES2TOY/RUBBER WANG12PERFUME2CONDOMS9JEWELRY/DIAMOND RING5Name something a dog could do a lot much more of if it got into his owner"s stash that marijuana.91EAT/CHEETOS45ROLL AROUND3SLEEP/LIE AROUND33RUN/CHASE CATS3GET SICK/VISIT VET4LICK HIMSELF3What"s the first question someone might ask once they wake up up native a coma?91WHERE to be I?45WHAT HAPPENED?5WHAT DAY/YEAR?26WHO to be I?3HOW lengthy IN COMA?6WHO room YOU?6We inquiry 100 men...Name something an attractive woman tells girlfriend she has that can scare you off.91DISEASE/EVERY STD44MONEY/BIG JOB3KIDS/QUINTUPLETS22TOUGH/MOB FAMILY2A MAN/IN NFL116-INCH WANG9We request 100 men...Name other Popeye has that friend have, too.91BIG GUNS/MUSCLE39SPINACH8BABE15TATTOO7A PIPE13BALD HEAD9Name an animal with large breasts.91COW35ELEPHANT4GORILLA/APE28HUMAN/TUBBY HUBBY3TURKEY11CHICKEN10Fill in the blank: piece what?91STRIPTEASE24STRIP NAKED6STRIP POKER23STRIP SEARCH5STRIP CLUB19STRIP MALL14Name another famous bear that Yogi Bear can get right into a hit with.90SMOKEY BEAR65PADDINGTON BEAR2BOO-BOO BEAR10MAX BAER SR./JR.2WINNIE THE POOH9FOZZIE BEAR2In a pinch, what could you use toilet file for as well as its intended use?90BLOW/WIPE NOSE59TAKE turn off MAKEUP3CLEAN HOUSE/SPILLS19COFFEE FILTER2STOP BLEED"G/BANDAGE4AS NAPKINS3Name miscellaneous Pinocchio might use to give himself a sleep job.90SAW54FILE5SANDER/SANDPAPER11AXE4THE TRUTH/A LIE9KNIFE/WHITTLE7Name someone who could tell friend to take a deep breath.90DOCTOR54COACH/INSTRUCTOR7FRIEND8THERAPIST/SHRINK5MOM8SPOUSE/MATE8Name a location a man likes to go that"s no a great place for him to suggest marriage.90BAR/NIGHTCLUB41GYM2STRIP JOINT30RESTAURANT/HOOTERS2SPORTS VENUE/BOWL"G13BATHROOM/STALL2Name an animal that can provide the zookeeper an great hickey.90MONKEY/APE41LEECH6ANTEATER/AARDVARK20OCTOPUS3GIRAFFE11ELEPHANT9We request 100 single women...What carry out you asking a first date about which you desire to recognize the truth, the whole truth, and nothing yet the truth?90MARRIED/SINGLE?40DIG DUDES?5JOB/SALARY?17CHURCH?4KIDS/EVIL SPAWN?12AGE/BIRTHDAY?12Name a location that"s hard to sneak the end of once you"re there.90CHURCH37THEATER/CONCERT7POLICE STATION/JAIL21A WEDDING3WORK/BIZ MEETING12HOME/RELATIVE"S10We request 100 women...I wouldn"t day a man who refuses to wear what?90DEODORANT34PANTS5UNDERWEAR31CONDOM/PAPA STOPPA4ANY CLOTHES9SHOES/SANDALS7We asked 100 married people...Name miscellaneous you"ve caught your spouse doing in the center of sex.90TV/MAURY POVICH32YAWNING8SLEEPING22EATING5TEXT"G/CHECK CELL15SILENTLY FARTING8We inquiry 100 men...What would you carry out if you woke up tomorrow morning and also you were totally bald?90YELL/FREAK/CRY30TOSS HAIR STUFF7NOTHING/ROCK IT!27BUY A WIG6WEAR A HAT11CALL A DOCTOR9We asked 100 married men...Name something your wife calls you that makes you feel good.90BABY/BABE/BAE26STUD/MUFFIN14SEXY16SWEETHEART/SWEETIE3HONEY16HANDSOME15Name something that offers you a buzz.89ALCOHOL70HAPPINESS/JOY3CAFFEINE/SODA6MY BARBER2A FAT BLUNT5HOT BABE/MY BOO3A man could suspect his wife hates him once she housebreaks the dog on his what?89SHOES/CLOTHES53GOLF CLUBS3PILLOW/SIDE that BED13NEWSPAPER/MAGS2CHAIR/SOFA SEAT13CAR5Name other a nudist could want to warm up before using.89CHAIR45WATER/SHOWER5TOWEL/BLANKET19TOILET SEAT4HANDS/BODY9LOTION/SUNSCREEN7We asked 100 women...Name something you"d be happy with, yet your mommy thinks you can do better.89MY GUY/IN san QUENTIN43MY KIDS7MY WEIGHT12MY COOKING6MY HOUSEKEEPING11MY JOB10We asked 100 men...If you caught a mermaid, phone call me a reason you might throw her back.89FISHY SMELL29BLABS/NAGS7UGLY FACE20TOO YOUNG3NEEDS WATER to LIVE19NO COOCHIE11When the Jolly Green gigantic proposed to his lady love, instead of a diamond, the ring had actually one perfect what?88PEA53GREEN GEM/EMERALD5BEAN/GREEN BEAN14BROCCOLI FLORET3CARROT7CORN KERNEL6Name other Santa might do ideal after having a pot brownie in ~ Snoop Dogg"s house.88PIG OUT/CHUG MILK46DANCE/NAE NAE5SLEEP/PASS OUT20GET THE GIGGLES3RAP/JINGLE BELLS8FLY/CRASH SLEIGH6Name something that gets rolling out.88RED CARPET/RUG45"THE BARREL"2DOUGH/BREAD/PIE34A COT2A chop JOINT, YO!3TOILET PAPER2If a man might read his wife"s mind, what would he hate to discover she"s reasoning of doing?88LEAVING HIS ARSE36EAT"G/ENTIRE HAM2HOT STUD/SWIM TEAM28CLEANING2SHOP"G/SPEND"G14KILLING HIM6When a guy comes home, he"d dislike to view a note from his wife that claims "Gone to" where?88MALL/CAR DEALER32BED5MY FOLKS"/COME BY23BAR/NIGHTCLUB4MY BOYFRIEND"S/EX"S14VEGAS/VACATION10Name other a guy hates being forced to perform with his wife"s friends.88GO SHOPPING26DANCE6EAT/DINNER21PARTIES/BABY SHOWER6TALK/LISTEN TO20WATCH MOVIE/BEACHES9If a mermaid and a merman were obtaining married, name something that could ruin their one-of-a-kind day.88DROUGHT/LOW TIDE22TSUNAMI/TIDAL WAVE10HURRICANE/STORM22OIL/DIRTY WATER5A SHARK/FISH16FISHERMAN/HARPOON13Name a sport a man teaches a mrs so he"ll have actually an pardon to placed his arms approximately her.87GOLF55BASEBALL5TENNIS8WRESTLING4FOOTBALL8POOL/BILLIARDS7Name something even worse than a fly that you can find in your soup.87HAIR/SHORT & CURLY46BAND-AID4COCKROACH13SPIT/BIG LOOGIE3FINGER/FINGERNAIL12SPIDER9Name something actual or fictitious that has actually wings.87BIRD43AIRPLANE7ANGEL12UNICORN7PEGASUS10DRAGON8We inquiry 100 men...Name something details a woman demands that renders her also needy because that you.87MOOLAH39JEWELRY5ATTENTION/CHECK-INS28HUGS/SPOONING4PRAISE/VALIDAT"N6CLOTHES/SHOES5Fill in the blank: other than jail, ns wish I had actually a "Get out of ______" card.87WORK33HELL4DEBT/BILLS28CLEANING/LAUNDRY3MARRIAGE/RELA"SHIP10TROUBLE/DOGHOUSE9Fill in the blank: It could be fun for a work to it is in Mrs. Tom ______.87HANKS30JONES9CRUISE16THUMB8BRADY12SELLECK12We asked 100 married women...Name something her husband has actually that would certainly hurt his feel if girlfriend made funny of it.87A DINKY WINKY29AN ACCENT/FRENCH3HAIR ISSUES/BALD"G26HEIGHT/OF 5-YR. OLD2TOO SCRAWNY/FAT23CLOTHES/VELOUR SUIT4When a guy swims in cold water, his package shrinks native the size of zucchini to what vegetable?87BABY CARROT26PEPPER/JALAPENO5PICKLE/GHERKIN23CHERRY TOMATO4BEAN/LIMA BEAN15PEA/PEAPOD14Fill in the blank: before his big date, the teenage pirate asked, "Dad, deserve to I loaned your" what?86SHIP/DINGHY36HOOK7SWORD/CUTLASS14BOOZE/RUM3EYEPATCH14CARRRR, ARR12We asked 100 men...Fill in the blank: I"m the sexiest male in mine what?86HOME/BEDROOM35NEIGHBORHOOD4MIND/DREAMS32WORKPLACE3UGLY FAMILY8GENERATION4We inquiry 100 women...What would certainly you execute if your man wanted to weigh you every week?86DUMP THE SCHMUCK31WEIGH him TOO5SAY NO22TOSS/SABOTAGE SCALE4GET MAD/BEAT HIM19CRY5We request 100 men...Name a food that makes you think around sex.86BANANA31ICE CREAM5OYSTERS19CHOCOLATE3HOT DOG14CUCUMBER14In primary school school, name something tiny Dracula brought in because that show and tell.86BLOOD/TO DRINK30HIS COFFIN7CUTE pet BAT20MONSTER/FRANKENSTEIN4FANGS/HIS infant FANGS16HIS CAPE9Instead of a date of birth cake, the wife surprised the husband with a lit candle grounding in her what?86JUGS/GLAND CANYON24"PEACH COBBLER"8MOUTH23HAND4BELLY BUTTON17HERSHEY HIGHWAY10Name other you"d it is in shocked to find in the cookies grandma baked for you.85POT/DRUGS/LSD67HER TEETH3ALCOHOL/BRANDY4FRUIT/PRUNES3BUGS/MAGGOTS4HAIR/GRAY PUBE4Fill in the blank: A woman could get fired as a stripper if her ______ is also big.85GUT/WAIST47OUTFIT/UNDERWEAR4BOOTIOUS MAXIMUS21NOSE4CHEST/LEFT BOOB5EGO/ATTITUDE4Fill in the blank: two ______s are much better than one.85HEADS/MINDS43HANDS3DOLLARS/MILLIONS15DRINKS/BEERS3LOVERS14SERVINGS that FOOD7Fill in the blank: Tongue ______.85TONGUE-TIED33TONGUE DEPRESSOR7TONGUE-IN-CHEEK23TONGUE KISS4TONGUE TWISTER10TONGUE-LASHING8We inquiry 100 men...Fill in the blank: ______ women make guys nervous.85BEAUTIFUL/HOT31SMART6BIG/PUDGY21CRAZY/FREAKY3STRONG POWERFUL14AGGRESSIVE/PUSHY10Name something friend wouldn"t desire to it is in on once it starts to fall apart.85AIRPLANE29BUILDING/ROOF5AMUSEMENT RIDE26BICYCLE3BRIDGE13BOAT/SHIP9Name miscellaneous a secretary could put in her median boss"s coffee.85LAXATIVE/3 DOSES27HER heat WHIZ7SPIT21TOO much SUGAR5SALT18POISON7We asked 100 men...Name miscellaneous you need to never do once you"re kissing someone.85LET ONE RIP19PUKE/IN she MOUTH14SNEEZE/COUGH18OPEN EYES/OGLE BABE4TALK/RATE THE KISS15BURP15Name something a guy would dislike to loss out that his pants once he starts come dance.84WALLET/MONEY47TURD/BUTT GRAVY3DONG CORLEONE16UNDIES/HIS MOM"S3CONDOM/X-SMALL10CELL PHONE5Name a kind of company you"d it is in surprised her grandparents opened.84PORN/ADULT TOYS4675 & increase BROTHEL4BAR/NIGHTCLUB17STRIP JOINT4POT BIZ/METH LAB9BAKERY/RESTAURANT4We inquiry 100 women...Give me an S native that describes how your man would look at in a Speedo.84SEXY33SCARY4STUPID22SUPERB3SILLY16SWEET6Name something you"d dislike to be in the middle of doing when you acquire the hiccups.84FROST"G THE COOKIE31SURGERY/DENTAL4SPEAKING/PUBLIC20KISSING4EAT"G/DRINK"G18SING"G/AT THE MET7A girl could say, "I"m never dating that man again. He ______ed during the whole date."84TALKED/COMPLAINED29BURPED6FARTED/STANK24DRANK BOOZE3TEXTED/USED PHONE13SLEPT9Tell me a factor why you would instantly fail your driving test.84CAR ACCIDENT29HIT PERSON/TESTER7RUN LIGHT/STOP SIGN16FORGOT chair BELT6SHOW increase DRUNK13BAD EYES/BLIND13If a wife with quick hair find a lengthy hair on her husband, how might he explain it?84FROM DOG/ANIMAL27"VERY CAREFULLY"4HIS MOM"S/RELATIVE"S24BLEW IN THE WIND4SOMEONE in ~ WORK19HIS/GOT HAIRCUT6If you had a talk scale, name one specific word you wouldn"t want it to call you.83FAT/FATTY/FATSO67SKINNY3PIGGY/HOG4TUBBY/TUBS3WHALE3OBESE3Name other that some women never stop doing.83TALK"G/NAGGING55PUT"G top top MAKEUP5SHOP"G/SPEND"G9FIXING your HAIR4CARING/MOTHERING5WORRYING5Fill in the blank: Grandma states she"ll date any type of guy who"s obtained a what?83WAD O" DOUGH/401K30HOUSE/MANSION4CAR/OLDSMOBILE19SMILE/SET the TEETH3PULSE/HEARTBEAT18WOODY/VIAGRA9Fill in the blank: pop ______.83POP walk THE WEASEL28POP MUSIC4POP-TARTS28POPSICLE4POPCORN13POP ROCKS6Name a fun place a human plans to have actually his funeral so the will attract a large crowd.82THEME PARK/FAIR41CASINO5STADIUM/SPORT EVENT15CAFE/PIZZA HUT4BAR/NIGHTCLUB9BEACH/OCEAN8Name something a man might insist his mail-order bride has.82HOT BOD/MILK MAKERS38SMARTS/SENSE4LOOKS/HAIR/TEETH22FREE RETURNS/POSTAGE3MONEY/DOWRY10COOKING SKILLS5Name the very first thing a 100-year-old man could reach for as soon as he wakes up.82GLASSES37WOMAN4TEETH/DENTURES30BEER/BOOZE3CANE/WALKER4PILLS/VIAGRA4Name other a male would be horrified to realize his 2nd wife does similar to his first.82NAGS/ARGUES22SLEEPS/SNORES9FLIRTS/CHEATS18RIDES my BONY PONY7COOKS16SHOPS/SPENDS10Name something a multitasking wife does throughout sex.81MAKE LIST/SCHEDULE31CLEAN/MAKE BED6READ/TEXT/E-MAIL23PAY BILLS5CALL/HER MOM8HER NAILS8Name a sort of business you"d it is in shocked went topless.81REST./CHUCK E. CHEESE23BAR/CLUB9BANK14STORE/GROCERY8DOCTOR/DENTIST14CHURCH13What might a man do if his ex-wife was telling everyone the he has a teeny weenie?81SHE"S LYING/GET MAD22CONFRONT HER7IGNORE/LAUGH OFF19GET BUFF/WORK OUT6LIE/RUMOR around HER16SHOW it OFF/POST PIC11You"d really need to love someone in order come kiss them while they"re act what?80PEE/PLANTING CORN39HAVING SEX5EATING/CHEWING17BRUSH TEETH/FLOSS"G4HURLING9COUGH/SNEEZING6Name miscellaneous you hope doesn"t come out of girlfriend while you"re sleeping.80WARM gold RAIN/PEE33SNORE7DROOL18POO/DEUCE JUICE5AIR BISCUIT9WORDS/WRONG NAME8Name other a doctor can ask a patient to execute that you"d be surprised come hear a vet say come an animal.80TURN HEAD & COUGH23LIE BACK/RELAX6OPEN UP/SAY AHH18EAT WELL/GO VEGAN4UNDRESS/PUT GOWN ON16BEND OVER13We inquiry 100 women...Name something you"d love Steve Harvey to teach your man just how to perform better.79BE FUNNY/LAUGH34TREAT females NICELY7LISTEN/SHUT UP14DRESS/WEAR SUIT5MAKE MONEY11KISS/TONSIL HOCKEY8If Jane go on "The Bachelorette," she might say come Tarzan, "Will you accept this" what?79BANANA24RING7ROSE/FLOWER22MONKEY/APE5VINE/ROPE13LOINCLOTH/PELT8Name the first thing you"d perform if a UFO landed in her backyard.78TAKE PIC/VIDEO23"HI ALIENS! "SUP?"8RUN18GRAB A GUN6CALL 911/FBI12HIDE/LOCK DOORS11Name miscellaneous a baker can put within his sweet buns.78CINNAMON21CHOCOLATE/CHIPS8SUGAR/BROWN SUGAR18RAISINS/FRUIT6CREAM16JELLY/JAM9We request 100 women...Name something you"re an excellent at throwing.77A BALL28DISHES6A FIT/TANTRUM25TRASH4KISSES7INSULTS/WORDS7The Easter rabbit brings children candy. What can he bring to adults?76BOOZE/TEQUILA22EGGS7CANDY/EDIBLE UNDIES18PACK the TROJANS4MONEY16RABBIT VIBRATOR/TOY9Name miscellaneous you could be ready to fake her own fatality to gain out of.75JAIL/PRISON24BEING KILLED6DEBT/BILLS/TAXES23PUBLIC SPEECH4MARRIAGE/RELA"SHIP11JURY DUTY7Fill in the blank: A woman can say bald men are much more what?74SEXY/ATTRACTIVE53LOVING/ROMANTIC3FUN/EXCITING6CARING/KIND3SHINY5MATURE/EXPERIENCED4Name miscellaneous an insecure man could find ~ above the beach to stick in his Speedo.74SHELL/A CLAM32TOWEL/WASHCLOTH5DRIFTWOOD/STICK16EMPTY BOTTLE4ROCK9BANANA8Name a sexy dance you"d be surprised to check out your grandparents doing.74TANGO25THE TWIST7TWERKING14RUMBA5SALSA13LAMBADA10Name a well known horse the a well-endowed masculine stripper might contact himself.72MISTER ED19BLACK STALLION10SEABISCUIT15TRIGGER5SECRETARIAT13BLACK BEAUTY10Fill in the blank: Grandma shocked grandpa by saying she desires a what?72BABY17NEW CAR/HOT ROD8BOOB JOB/SURGERY15VIBRATOR/TOY8DIVORCE13NEW MATE/18-YR-OLD11Name a breakfast grain that defines you in the bedroom.71LUCKY CHARMS22CHEERIOS/HONEY NUT8TRIX15FROSTED FLAKES6FROOT LOOPS11RICE KRISPIES9Name something you hate but you"re stuck with it.70MY BOD/LOOKS/HAIR32RELATIVES/IN-LAWS6MY JOB13MY NAME6BILLS/DEBT7MY terrible SPOUSE6Name miscellaneous grandma wears to bed that just grandpa would think is sexy.70FLANNEL/GOWN/PJS27NADA!6FALSE TEETH17NIGHTCAP/BONNET5PANTIES/BLOOMERS8SOCKS/SUPPORT HOSE7Fill in the blank: Never ever before have i what?70GONE SKYDIVING25SURFED7USED DRUGS11DIED7KILLED ANYONE...YET11TRAVELED/ON CRUISE9Making love is favor dancing.

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For this reason what kind of dance reflects your lovemaking style?68SLOW DANCE20RUMBA7TANGO15CHA-CHA7WALTZ11SALSA8Name an "S" indigenous that describes your very very first romantic kiss.67SLOPPY26SOFT4SWEET22SLOW4SEXY/SEXUAL6SENSUAL5Fill in the blank: "Oh no," said the nudist, "I just sat on a" what?67NAIL/TACK/PIN25PINECONE6CACTUS/THORN16WANKER5BEE/BUG9STICK6Name a video game you would never ever play through Captain Hook.66TAG/MARCO POLO18WRESTLE/ARM WRESTLE5CARDS/SLAPJACK16VOLLEYBALL4PAT-A-CAKE12TWISTER11Name a talk display host you"d vote for because that president.64ELLEN DEGENERES19STEVEN COLBERT7OPRAH WINFREY13JIMMY FALLON6STEVE HARVEY11JON STEWART8Tell me a cocktail that reminds friend of her love life.62SEX ~ above THE BEACH29BLOODY MARY4MARTINI/DRY/DIRTY11TEQUILA/SUNRISE4MARGARITA9SCREWDRIVER5Name an occupation you think is full of males who cheat on their wives.61ATHLETE16ACTOR6SALESMAN14MALE STRIPPER6POLITICIAN10LAWYER9Fill in the blank: as soon as the Colonel ran the end of chicken, he began making Kentucky Fried what?60TURKEY17POTATO6BEEF/STEAK/BURGER16FISH6PORK/BACON8RAT/MOUSE7Name a task where you"d be bending over a lot.60CONSTRUCT"N/BUILDER16FARMER7GARDENER/LANDSCAPER11HOUSEKEEPER7GARBAGE MAN10PLUMBER9Give me the title of a scary movie civilization consider to be a classic.58THE EXORCIST21FRIDAY THE 13TH5PSYCHO14FRANKENSTEIN5HALLOWEEN8DRACULA5We inquiry 100 men...Name something you have two of the will never ever be exactly alike.58FEET15EYES6NADS/LOVE SPUDS14KIDS6HANDS/FINGERS10EARS7Name an animal you wouldn"t desire your lover to compare you to.56PIG/HOG13APE/MONKEY8COW10DONKEY/JACKASS7SKUNK9DOG/CHIHUAHUA9Name an pet that"s all brawn and also no brains.54BEAR16ELEPHANT6RHINOCEROS10MEN5DOG9BULL8If a man calls his wife"s bottom an excellent & Plenty, what candy does she speak to his package?54MR. GOODBAR11SNICKERS7TOOTSIE ROLL10PAYDAY7TWIZZLERS/LICORICE10BABY RUTH9Back come index