In this Onimusha Warlords Decoder Box areas Guide, we will overview you top top the locations of Decoder box in Onimusha Warlords. Girlfriend will need to find and solve all of these Decoder box if you want to unlock the Decrypter, Table because that One accomplishment or trophy because that the game. There are 4 Decoder Boxes and also finding lock is no your only task.

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Once you have located a Decoder Box, girlfriend will also need to solve it to open up it up. Also, another requirement for these Decoder box is the you will be required to find every one of the records required for the question as well if you want to deal with them. Without the files, you will certainly not have the ability to solve them. After ~ the files, girlfriend will merely need to answer the questions asked while opening the Decoder crate to open it.

Decoder box Locations guide – Onimusha Warlords

Our Onimusha Warlords Decoder crate Locations guide ensures the you can easily uncover all the decoder boxes and also solve castle easily. If you do not desire to uncover all papers for a decoder box, you deserve to simply find the answer to every Decoder crate below. We have comprehensive the locations and solutions that all 4 decoder boxes uncovered in the video game below.

Decoder crate #1 – Seiyru

This is the first Decoder crate that friend can uncover in the game. In ~ the basic of the Magic Mirror, girlfriend will pertained to the south Area ~ leaving the underground Temple. Here, as shortly as you leave the temple, girlfriend will find the Decoder Box. If you desire to uncover the answer because that this Decoder box yourself, you can uncover all the Seiryu documents which will aid you open up it up.

If you desire to skip the file collection and also want to open up the box best away, you can find the answer below. The question for this particular box is what clan has been subverted through the demons?’


Decoder box #2 – Suzaku

This is the second Decoder crate that you will certainly be forced to open up in the game. In the same, southern Area wherein you discovered the very first one, proceed making progress in the level until you with the dried moat. The 2nd Decoder crate is located here. This Decoder crate requires all of the Suzaku papers if you desire to find the price on her own.

If you want to merely skip the files and also open the box appropriate away, examine out the answer because that this Decoder box below. The question for this Decoder box is ‘Name the relic developed by the Ogres to damage the demons.’


Decoder box #3 – Byakko

The third Decoder crate is situated in the West Area. This is the very same base the the Magic Mirror and also you will come here before using the gold and silver plates to access the structure on fire. Girlfriend will require Kaede to access this Decoder Box.

In addition, if you want to discover the answer to this box yourself, collection all the Byakko documents otherwise you have the right to simply look at the answer below. The question for this specific Decoder box is ‘Name the mysterious ar where the Ogres gather’


Decoder crate #4 – Genbu

This is the final Decoder Box and you will find in the east Area of the same base the the Magic Mirror. Head past the waterfall and also look for the Decoder box in the room ahead. Just like the previous boxes, if you desire to uncover the answer for it yourself, girlfriend can discover all the Genbu Files.

If not, you deserve to simply look because that the answer image below. The inquiry for this Decoder crate is ‘What deserve to be magnified with souls from the gauntlet?’


Once you have located and opened all 4 Decoder Boxes, you will unlock the trophy/achievement Decrypter, Table because that One.

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This concludes our Onimusha Warlords Decoder Box places Guide. If you desire to add anything to this guide, feel cost-free to use the comments ar below.